From first to last!
From last to first!

I'll explain that later. Let see what happened in episode 6.

The teams received their first clue from a Nokia video phone. They had to travel to Kuwait and find the Kuwait towers. In India, like in Vietnam, air tickets must be purchased at a travel agency.

When they reached at Kuwait towers they had to take numbers and wait for the towers to open. The Cho brothers were the last team to grab a number. I am not so worried coz this the first task I know they would be able to catch up.

When the door opened at 11.00am they received their clue and found out a Roadblock and a Fast Foward. In Roadblock, one member of the team must climb a ladder to the ball near the top of the one of the Kuwait Towers and get a satchell filled with puzzle pieces and bring it down to the ground and assemble the puzzle. In Fast Forward, the team need to extract the clue from a cluebox right next to a simulated oil fire.

This is where the Cho Brothers helped Mary & David by pretending that they also wanted to go for the Fast Forward. It scared the queens off as they intent to go for the Fast Forward too. At one time, the brothers also helped the single moms in locating their clue. I like the way the brothers helping other team but they need to take care of themselves too. 3 more eliminations before the finals so I hope they concentrate their race.

David & Mary

As predicted, with the Fast Foward ticket, Mary & David reached first at the Pit Stop. This is what I meant, From last to First. They won a trip to Jamaica.

Detour on this leg was Manual or Automatic. In manual, teams had to fill ten bags of camel feeds and stack them up. In automatic, teams went to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club and had to use a walkie-talkie to make a voice activated robotic jockey whip a camel. They had to make the camel do one lap around a track.

Peter & Sarah

Peter & Sarah couldn't find their way in the deserts. This made them the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop. They didn't even complete the Detour as they were directed to the Pit Stop instead. This is what I meant, from First to Last.

Who will be eliminated next? I hope the queens leave the single moms alone. The Cho brothers I can see is trying to be in the final 3 with the single moms and Mary & David. If this happens, they have a good chance to win the Race. For the time being, let's put our fingers cross!

Stay tuned!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone
semoga bergembira bersama keluarga tercinta
makan sedap-sedap tu ingat-ingatlah saya di sini :)

Chocolate almond, Tat Nenas, Makmur, Ulat Bulu
among my favourites

Kuih Baulu pun ada
Sila lah jemput datang ke rumah saya
jemput makan kuih saja, nasi nggak ada muahaha

David & Mary

The first clue read "Fly to Chennai, India".

From Vietnam, the teams had to fly to India. I learnt something new and that is in Vietnam you cannot buy air tickets at the airport. Tickets must be purchased at a travel agency.

I don't think I like Godwin tactic by making a false call to book their tickets. His jokes gave other teams an idea! I hope the brothers concentrate their race and stop playing around.

Teams should use their intelligence when buying air tickets. Gamble or taking chances is a very dangerous game. Gamble is either you win or lose. And this happened to David and Mary. They gamble and they came last at the pit stop! I also don't like they way Mary taking control of all situations. Especially when they were doing the Detour. David was so patience and decided to keep quiet all the time. And this cost them a last spot!

This leg's Detour were Wild Things or Wild Rice. In Wild Things, teams had to go to Madras Crocodile Bank and help the workers wrangle a crocodile to move it to a new pit. In Wild Rice, teams had to use coloured powder made from rice to colour a floral design.

For the Roadblock, one team member had to take a driving test that would allow them to obtain an Indian driver's licence. "Don't drink and drive" and Rob asked "drink what?" Was he trying to be funny or he really didn't know?!
Peter & Sarah

This leg won by Peter and Sarah and they won themselves gym sets. And as expected, David & Mary arrived last at the pit stop. Luckily for them, it was a non-elimination leg of the race. That's the first good news and the other good news was they weren't stripped of their possessions & money. BUT, there was a new twist. David and Mary need to reach first in the next leg. Otherwise they would receive a 30 minute penalty. This is something new and tough!

Who will be eliminated next? Stay tuned on AXN to find out.


Huhuhu...sia hepi sehepi hepinya. Kelmarin sia dpt panggilan telefon from Avon. Dia bilang "congratulations! you won a hamper". Sia terus terbangun (time tu sedang rehat2 di ofis). I won! I won! hehehe. I was supposed to collect the hamper yesterday tapi jammed betul after office hour. By the time I reached Donggongon it was already 6pm. Malas sudah singgah sana Avon. Lagipun ada tamu, Donggongon pun jammed.

So today, I went there. Tinggal satu lagi tu hamper ampai2. Ada 8 hamper bah tu utk dimenangi. Tidak sangka pula saya menang. Thank you to Avon!

** Sia ampai tu hamper dekat PC sia. Kalo tu pic clear you should be able to see yg sia sedang berYM sama my miring frend, TS =)). Another window on my PC was Linda Nanuwil's official website. Sia sedang ber'shout' sama TS. Aduii..tahap kronik sudah kami ni sama Udui ;))


Happy Deepavali to all those celebrating this festive
and enjoy the holiday to all fellow Malaysians!


Look at the jammed! This pic was taken at around 4.30pm on Friday 20th October. There were supposed to be traffic lights but motorists 'langgar' saja lah. I was a bit surprised sbb tiada polis traffik kelihatan mengawal keadaan. Sedangkan tempat ini hanya lebih kurang 100 meter dari balai polis.

Apa2pun to those who drive utk balik kampung, please drive carefully. Your loved ones is waiting for you at home!


A very Happy Birthday to:

Lilly (12.10.06)
Cintakita (17.10.06)
Dorin (26.10.06)
David (26.10.06)
David Jr. (26.10.06)
Dylla (30.10.06)

Live your life to the fullest!

Rob & Kimberly

It's been a while saya tidak buat posting. Ndak berapa sihat bah and furthermore I was so busy. I surf the net occassionaly dan singgah sekejap to check my blog. Tapi tiada masa mo posting.

I would like to review the AR episode 4. Well, the show is getting more exciting. From 12 teams sekarang tinggal 7 teams. Kalo tiada perubahan, 4 more teams to go then we will find out which teams will be in the final 3. Since my favourite team had been eliminated in episode 3 now I'm routing for the Cho Brothers :)

Ok let's check it out what happened in the last episode of AR 10.

The teams were still in Vietnam. From Hanoi they moved on to Ha Long Bay. But first, they stop by at a garden in Hanoi. This time, they need to listen for their next clue. The voice through a loud speaker was not very clear. I think models Tyler and James was the first team made a smart move by asking their driver to listen for the clue. If I'm not mistaken, the models team also the first team figured out how to lay bricks in one detour in China. This team need to be watched out as they really know how to use their brains :)

This leg's roadblock was to do a rock climbing. I was a little bit surprised when Sarah wanted to do the roadblock especially when they've read the clue 'who has strong legs?' I think Peter should easily do the task. Did Sarah want to prove something? Isn't this game is about winning? Mary of the Coalminer and wife team, sprained her leg. She'll rely a lot on her husband to do every tasks. Is that allowed?

The Detour was Over or Under. In Over, teams had to make deliveries to a floating village. The single moms was the only team who did the deliveries. In Under, teams had to row their sampan to an oyster farm and grab 30 baskets under the sea. All teams had difficulties in controlling their sampan. They do not know how to row! I was so 'tired' watching them!

Rob & Kimberly, who argued most of the time, stepped in first. They each won a jet ski. Erwin and Godwin came in fourth which is still good and I hope they can do better in the next race.

Terry & Tom

Boyfriend Tom & Terry who failed to control their sampan became the last team to arrive and been eliminated from the Race -- which is a relief for me hehehe

Bah! stay tune on AXN every monday at 9.00pm.

Godwin & Erwin

From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia the teams proceeded to Hanoi, Vietnam. But first they need to purchase their plane tickets at a travel agency. When the teams land in Hanoi, father and daughter team made a mistake by hiring a woman to guide them to Hoa Lo Prison. They wasted so much time and they were short of cash too which made things worst.

When they reached at the prison, brothers Erwin & Godwin didn't mind to be the last as they made their respect. Then their clue was given and it happened to be their Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one member had to sell flowers on a bicycle. It was a real chaos. I can't just follow what they were doing :) But I was just happy for Duke & Lauren as they kept their earned money which was allowed.

Next, they boarded a bus to a place called Vac and find a Buddhist Temple. When they reached at Vac, they had to walk to reach that temple and were forbidden to ride on a motorcycle for their safety reasons. Once again, Erwin & Godwin came first and stayed a few minutes to watch the dragon dance (was it a dance, i've no idea :p)

Given the clue for their Detour, teams had to choose between Fuel and Fowl. In Fuel, they had to form a coal into bricks and in Fowl they had to make a birdcage. Finishing the Detour, the teams then raced to a nearby 'sawah padi', the Pit Stop of this leg race.

As expected, Erwin & Godwin reached first at the Pit Stop and won themselves a home theater system. Boyfriends, Tom & Terry was penalised 30 minutes for disobeying the rules where they rode a motorcycle.

Duke & Lauren

The last team to arrive was my chosen team uhuk uhuk uhuk - Duke & Lauren (Father & Daughter team). Arggghhhh...malas ohh mcm ni..last time pun kalah juga.

Apa-apapun, I can't wait for the next race. Stay tune on AXN!


The phone bill was exceptionally high and the man of the house called a family meeting.

Dad :
People, this is unacceptable. You have to limit the use of the phone. I do not use this phone, I use the one at the office.

Mom :
Same here, I hardly use this home telephone as I use my work's telephone.

Son :
Me too, I never use the home phone. I always use my company's mobile.

Maid :
So what is the problem? We all use the telephone at our work place!

muahahaha.......lawan tokey nampak hehehehe

Peter & Sarah

From Beijing the teams now had to travel to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. But first the teams need to race to a bus station to sign up for the earliest bus, either 12.00am or 2.00am. The bus would bring them to a train station then with a cab they proceed to Choijin Lama Temple to observe a ceremony before receiving their next clue.

Upon receiving their clue, the teams need to drive an old jeep to a village called Terelj. The models' team encountered a flat tyre and their jack failed. At this point I remembered BJ & Tyler (AR 9 Winner). They would stop and helped the models if they were there because they were kind. Except for Rob and Kimberly, the other teams didn't stop at all. Everybody wants to win. Don't you think it was too early to be selfish? Well, in the end, a good samaritan passed by and helped them with their tyre.

When they reached at Terelj they rode horses to claim their next clue which happened to be the Detour. It was between 'Take it Down' which the teams had to take down canvass, fold and pack them onto a camel or 'Fill it Up' where teams had to take a cart pulled by a hynik to nearby river to fetch some water then returned to fill the water in a barrel. Once the tasks completed, a nomad handed them their next clue. I was so restless to watch Peter & Sarah couple. They were shouting to each other like they were unable to control the situation. They were in stressed indeed but I don't think they have to argue all the time. They should concentrate on one task and forget about other teams. After their first attempt on canvass failed they proceed with the other task that was to fetch water. But their hynik was not cooperating which made them to go back to first task.

Once they completed the task, they received their clue and they had to ride the same horses to where they parked their jeep. Then they proceeded to Hotel Mongolia to find their next clue. It was Roadblock where a member of the team had to use a bow to shoot a flaming arrow to ignite a target. From there, they raced to the Pit Stop on a hill where Phil as usual patiently waiting for the teams to arrive.

Kellie & Jamie

It was Peter & Sarah, first stepped on the mat and won a trip to which they will enjoy after the Race. Kellie & Jamie who took the wrong side of the road became the last team to arrive at the Roadblock. After trying so many times Kellie couldn't hit the target she decided to quit and became the third team to be eliminated from the Race.

Stay tuned on AXN my favourite channel to watch the next episode of AR tomorrow at 9.00pm!