Teams now need to travel to Macau by ferry. Their next clue is located in Macau Tower. A Yield is ahead of them.

The Chas team being out of cash made a deal with the BQ that they would yield any team the BQ wanted in exchange of cash. The BQ agreed and the victim would be Eric & Danielle. It was a good strategy for both teams - one team in need of cash and the other team need to win!

The Roadblock of this leg was a Sky Jump. Teams had to jump 600 over feet from the Macau Tower. I admired Charla for doing this task. The Dating Couple pissed off when they found out that they've been yielded again!

Next was the Detour, a choice between Noodle and Dragon. The Chas team made a risky mistake by choosing Dragon. They got lost somewhere in town! And I had a good laugh watching the other teams doing the Noodle by using traditional methods.

Upon completing the Detour, teams must locate the Pit Stop by driving a mini car. The Cousins struggled with their car. Fortunately, they god help from passers-by and their taxi driver.

The BQ arrived first and won each of them a wave runner. Followed by the Dating Couple but they have to wait for another half an hour as they were marked for elimination and had to incur a 30 minutes penalty.

The Cousins arrived and Phil announced them as the second team to arrive. As the Chas team having difficulty to locate the Pit Stop, Eric & Danielle officially claimed the 3rd place. The Chas team arrived at last and was relieved to find out that it was another a non-elimination leg of the Race.

Personally, I can't see why the Producers made it another non-elimination - it was second in a row! How if Eric & Danielle came in last? Does it mean they are safe? Coz they were already marked for elimination. Ridiculous!

Oh whatever! Let's find out what happen next.

Ryan said, "how could we send someone home on charity night?" Ouch! nobody leave! Actually, I'm quite disappointed. It would means, I have to watch 6 of them (again!) to perform next week. I just want to get it over as soon as possible :)

Tonight's show was full of promotional clips. It is sad to watch the children in Africa. There was a boy who live with his sister. Their parents died. Both of them are so young to live alone. Not only them but thousands of the children are orphans. They need all the help they can get.

Back to the show. Of all the performance tonight, Il Divo and Josh Groban were the best. What happened to Kelly Clarkson? The dress? The body? The song? Is she pregnant? ouch! Everything wasn't right for her. Celine Dion was doing duet with Elvis Presley? Nice. It was one of the technology where they can create a hologram.

During the show, Ryan keep on announcing the result. Melinda was the first announced to be safe. Followed by Blake and then Phil and Lakisha. Ryan also keep on reminding us that it would be a shocking result. And I thought Jordin will be leaving being at the bottom two with Chris. Chris who opened the show last night with Jordin closing it - what a coincidence! But in the end - everybody is safe. No one was voted off. Not shocking enough!

Next week, American Idol will send home two contestants. Fair enough!

Chris opened the show with 'Change the World'. I like Eric Clapton's songs but I wasn't sure this one. I think Chris was in trouble singing this song.

Melinda - no comment.

Blake - love him. His 'Imagine' was smooth.

LaKisha - still shouting, yelling and screeching. Definitely in trouble this week.

Phil - so far so good. I think he will be safe another week.

Jordin - like LaKisha, another yelling voice. She started with a little crack here and there. She ended with pitch problem. I don't know why the judges said she was fantastic. Randy said the best vocal ever in six seasons. Are you sure Randy? I think Kelly Clarkson is still the best. And also Katharine McPhee.

Who will be in the bottom three? LaKisha, Chris & Jordin. And LaKisha will be going home.

I like the idea of 'Idol Gives Back'. Vote for charity. How I wish we can do like that here in Malaysia. Poverty is still a major problem in here. You don't believe? Believe me! See what happened to suicide victim, Donni John Duin. Think about it for a while.

I am not excited with the introduction - don't get me wrong, I love the kids but what I don't like is, it was like promoting Aznil's upcoming show which is to me shouldn't happen in concert!

I don't like the blue buttons - kalo perlu juga, press after the persembahan and NOT during the show! It would de-motivate the students.

I hate the ala-ala Penyampaian Anugerah! It bored me to death. Why give advice during the concert? Why not during their classes?

Salleh Yaacob's vt? What for? I didn't laugh a bit.

Rizal - despite his pronunciation, I think I like his performance - It could be because of the song :)

Shawal - masih lemah dalam kawalan suara

Heliza - gara-gara berlagak pandai, lenggok suara tidak kena. Terlalu banyak lenggok pulak tu, rosak lagu Misha

Aswad - biasalah, namapun dangdut

Candy - no doubt she has the voice but tarian agak kureng sikit, sakit mata tengok dia ke kiri ke kanan - but who cares with the tarian. This is a singing competition - suara lebih penting.

Ebi - again konsentrasi terganggu. Kali ini by the blue button. Before him, Candy dapat 4 blue buttons so bila Ebi nyanyi dia tidak nampak lampu biru. Only towards the end of his persembahan ada lampu biru but then it was too late already. Persembahan dia dah rosak.

Dafi - I can only credit him of his mandarin. The rest nothing much to say.

Aizat - Not really outstanding. Cuma dia diberi pujian because dia nyanyi a big song of Anuar Zain.

Mila - proud of her coz she nailed a song which carried by 3 orang. Just like Candy bawa lagu 3Diva.

Mila & Candy


Kehadiran pengkritik ke-4. Nangis pulak tu!

Gambar digali di ASTRO.

From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia teams now has to travel to Hong Kong. There was another airport chaos! Only the Cha-Cha team secured an early flight through China Airlines. The Beauty Queens and the Cousins took Malaysian Airlines. The dating couple wasted their time changing money at the RHB Bank which made them stuck on the latest flight.

In Hong Kong, the Chas team encountered the 2nd Fast Forward of the Race. If I were not mistaken, in previous Races, team who had taken the FF would not be allowed to take another FF. To me this rule is fair. But I think they've changed the rule when the Chas team went for the FF.

The Detour of this leg was a choice between Kung Fu Fighting and Lost in Translation. AGAIN! the Cousins made an unsure decision. Luckily Charla made a last minute decision to go for the Kung Fu Fighting. The Cousins also mistakenly instruct their taxi driver to take them to Hong Kong Island instead of taking a ferry TO Hong Kong Island!

Their Roadblock was 'Kick Down Doors'. Charla proven to us that she has strong legs - first climbing a Bamboo ladder at the Detour and then the kicking down doors.

Hong Kong Jockey Club was the Pit Stop for this leg. The Chas team - Oswald & Danny claimed the first place and won themselves a trip to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. The Beauty Queens - Dustin & Kandice came in second, followed by the Cousins - Charla & Mirna. The Dating Couple - Eric & Danielle arrived in last place but it turned out to be another non-elimination leg. They were marked for elimination in the next leg - meaning they have to arrive in first place otherwise they will incur a 30-minute penalty.

Preview for the next Race:
Somebody use the Yield! Who is the victim? We will find out tomorrow night.

My choice of final 3:
The Cha-Cha, The Beauty Queens & The Cousins

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America has something to talk about, indeed!

Wearing a shirt "Life is Beautiful", Sanjaya shed tears when Ryan told him, that's the end of the road for him. I only heard him saying, "I'm fine" as the audience noisily cheering for his exits? or could it be cheering for Lakisha who was safe of the elimination?

Sanjaya made history in American Idol. Everybody is talking about him including politicians and one of them is Hilary Clinton! He is also one of the most searched in Google!

Back to the result show. I was wondering why Blake was at the bottom 3? It should be Chris who tried to impress everybody by singing through his nose! Kalau di sini kita panggil 'sengau'. But again, it could be Chris saying of what had happened in Virginia Tech saved him. Nice tactics. And, did anyone noticed Lakisha's nervous expression? I think it would be a lesson for her not to show her ego. As we know, she never listened to her mentors' advice. Even Martina McBride questioned her choice of song "Jesus Take the Wheel". We will see what happen next. They will be doing an Inspirational Music - without Sanjaya Malakar of course :)

Oh yes. Fergie and Martina performed. I enjoyed them very much.

Tribute to Sanjaya Malakar.
Born in September 10, 1989. He is from Washington. He did his audition in Seattle, singing "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours". He performed in
Week 1 - Knocks Me Off My Feet - Stevie Wonder
Week 2 - Stepping Out with My Baby - Tony Bennet
Week 3 - Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer
Week 4 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye, Tammie Terrell & Diana Ross
Week 5 - You Really Got me - The Kinks
Week 6 - Bathwater - No Doubt
Week 7 - Cheek to Cheek - Fred Astaire
Week 8 - Besame Mucho - Consuelo Velazquez
Week 9 - Something to Talk About - Bonnie Raitt

It was country music night and all contestants were coached by one and only, Martina McBride.

I was not impressed or it could be I was so sleepy to watch them performed. I'm not feeling well. I have a bad cough and terrible headache. Saya terlelap masa Melinda buat persembahan :)

Nevertheless, my choice for the night was Jordin, Phil & Blake. Jordin's 'Broken Wing' was superb. I am still hoping that she can cruise to the final 2.

Oh my gosh! Lakisha was off key and I could see her struggling at the higher note and it made her like yelling! So did Chris. Sanjaya too! I pick the three of them to be at the bottom three. And Lakisha probably going home - she was that bad!

Let's find out the result on Star World tomorrow night with Martina McBride performs.

What?! Another live band mengiringi performance dia? Tak adil lah! Istimewa sangat kah dia ni? Apa-apapun, dunia ini maha adil :) Tau kenapa? Bila Rich@Estranged nyanyi intro, nampak sangat perbezaannya bila Aizat start nyanyi. Key Aizat telah diturunkan hahahaha Ketara sungguh tidak dapat menandingi suara Rich. Camana cakap better than Rich??

Dafi - Flat

Mila - Low note big problem

Aswad - Hancurrrrr

Heliza - Bosannn lah. Saya perbetulkan komen Hattan. Sebenarnya koreografi adalah idea Heliza.

Ebi - Konsentrasi hilang. Mungkin terlalu happy nampak mama dia ada di sana.

Candy - Vokal mantap tapi music arrangement teruk - macam jamming saja. Hattan pun komen - mic dry, reverb kena tambah sikit. Itu semua masalah teknikal dan bukan problem Candy.

Rizal - I think dia better concentrate on acting. Singing wise tak akan ke mana. Sama seperti Atie (AF1). Don't waste time on something you're not capable of doing.

Dekna - I like her husky voice. Memang kena dengan lagu 'Unfaithful'. But as Ogy said she didn't take the opportunity.

Shawal - Dangdut? Of course lah lagu ni meriah. Orang ramai suka. He was lucky dapat lagu ni.



Pemergian Dekna. Sedih tengok dia melangkah pergi. I also like the way she joked "Abang Hattan, tak boleh peluk". Cikgu Syafi nangis? ooh yes, she cried indeed.

The Amazing Race All Stars were in Malaysia! As Malaysian, I am so proud that they chose Malaysia as one of their destinations. I might be prouder if they came to Sabah :) and have the opportunity to meet or at least seem them doing all the Detour & Roadblock. How I wish! TAR season 4 came to Sabah. To be more specific, they came to Penampang! Yeah! I won't forget them. Reichen & Chip, you rawk!

And what a leg! Uchenna & Joyce were eliminated in my country! To both of you - I don't hate you guys, I just want to see other teams win the Race like you did in Season 7. Give other people a chance to win the million dollars.

A piece of advice to future Racers - don't play-play with airports! Go if you are really sure. Don't be too 'greedy' to go first when risk is waiting for you. I just don't understand why the married couple took such a huge risk. It was only 45 minutes difference of time arrival from the flight that other teams took (connecting through Paris). Well you guys, as Eric said, "you are braver".

I admired the cousins although they were a little bit unhelpful to Eric & Danielle. With two of them working on two computers, their strategy paid off. The managed to book a flight, which landed earlier in Kuala Lumpur. Later on, the cousins told in an interview that they met some locals in the same flight as theirs and managed to get information how to locate Batu Caves. But what made the cousins came behind from the BQ was because of their unsure doing which Detour, between Artistic Expression or Cookie Confection. And they like to abandon their unfinished task in the very last minutes just like the tuning of the piano task in the previous leg.

A Yield! Who said the cousins were bad? If they were, they could have yielded any team. But then, the BQ had the right decision to yield Eric & Danielle coz this team is very strong. I can see Eric pissed off.

The Roadblock of the Race was collecting "surat-khabar lama!" from the residents in Taman Sri Hartamas. I have plenty of those at home :) I am glad that some locals were willing to help the cousins. The cousins were surprised to learn that they have fans here in Malaysia. I am a fan too! Upon completing the roadblock, we heard Mirna giving advice to the locals "Stay out of drugs. Go to school. Be a professional" Mirna is a lawyer herself!

The Pit Stop was at Caracosa Seri Negara with the BQ arriving first and won themselves a pair of retro scooters. The cousins came in second. As for married couple, Uchenna & Joyce, they were asked to go directly to the Pit Stop where Phil announced they had been eliminated from the Race.

Four more teams left. One more team has to go. Who will be in the final 3? Let's find out on AXN tomorrow night!

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bottom 3

Oopppss...only Haley went home pulak. I thought both of them had been eliminated hahaha. Diorang berdua ni saja selalu menduduki di bottom. After Haley, maybe akan tiba giliran Phil. Then mungkin Sanjaya. Lepas tu tidak tau lagi siapa yang akan menghuni kedudukan tercorot. Mungkin Chris, mungkin juga LaKisha. It's anyone game sekarang ni. Melinda pun boleh out juga bah hehehe. How I wish to see Blake & Jordin di final 2.

bottom 2

When Ryan called Phil & Haley to go to the centre stage. I was not surprised. They deserved to be at the bottom. Chris hanya penyeri beberapa minit sebelum disuruh beredar.


The result was put off for a few minutes to make way for J-Lo!. I was waiting patiently for her performance. Not bad but I was expecting more from her. Tidak puas pula sebab J-Lo tidak berapa menari as usual. Macam saya enjoy pula tinguk performance si Akon :) Oh well - never mind. I was still entertained anyway.

goodbye Haley!

After that Ryan announced Phil was safe. Tidak apalah bah tu. Akan sampai juga giliran dia pulang.

Next week diorang akan buat country songs. Martina McBride would coach them. I hope somebody will pick Shania Twain punya lagu. Apa-apapun, see it first on Star World!

More pics & info click HERE

Latino! Latino! & I just love J-Lo!

After watching the show just now - I have a good and a bad news.

The good news is - all contestants chose 'big' songs - coincidentally all my favourite songs! Sway, Conga, Smooth, Turn the Beat Around, Maria-Maria, Rhythm is Gonna Get You, I need to know & Besame Mucho.

The bad news is - the first 6 contestants were all boring to me. I don't know what went wrong but I didn't enjoy them. Gosh! I had to wait for Blake to give me the real meaning of a good performance! He was the best for the night.

What more? Sanjaya rounded up the show with his best performance (so far). Forgive me to say this but I enjoyed his show!

I'll put Lakisha, Haley & Phil at the bottom 3. Let me see - 8 contestants left. They can't have bottom 3. Maybe Ryan will give us bottom 2 tomorrow night. If that's the case, I'll pick Haley & Phil. Whoever is going home - I just don't care! They can send both of them home for all I care!

Can't wait to see J-Lo performed her latest single "Que Hiciste". See it first on Star World!

video credit : mrc77


The Lord is Risen!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Happy Easter
to all my family, relatives & friends

Another airport problem! I am not sure whether this is fair. I'm beginning to question the purpose of this Race and their credibility.

Lucky for Joe & Bill coz it was another a non-elimination leg but then they were marked for elimination. Due to time difference between them and the rest of the teams, at last they were eliminated from the Race.

It was a special extended show. The first leg won by the Beauty Queens and won themselves a holiday trip to Puerto Rico. In the next leg, the BQ began their their Race while Eric & Danielle and the Guidos just landed in Warsaw. But to the BQ dismay, they found out an Intersection was waiting for them. They had to wait for few hours for the next teams to arrive.

The Chas teamed up with Uchenna & Joyce to do the Fast Foward. Both teams arrived together at the Pit Stop. I just don't understand why the Chas team gave up the holiday trip to St. Lucia, to Uchenna & Joyce. Are they too confident to win the Race? If I were them, I'll let Phil to decide :)

Who will be eliminated next? Stay tuned on AXN!
Spoilers: teams would be coming to Malaysia!

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To tell you the truth hanya persembahan Candy dan Ebi yang saya tunggu-tunggu. Tidak hairan sementara menunggu giliran diorang nyanyi saya terlelap (cam habit pulak :p) Maybe becoz terpaksa menunggu 13 persembahan!! American Idol semasa top 24 pun diorang split boys and girls supaya penonton tidak keboringan. Tapi kalo persembahan semuanya bagus-bagus mungkin lain cerita tapi ada persembahan yang membosankan - that's the reason saya terlelap.

Usually first performer akan dilupakan atau kita terlupa sebab show terlalu lama. Astro should buat re-cap in the end of the show just like the AI supaya otak kita refreshed by their performance.

Since banyak kali saya terlelap so, it's not fair for me bagi komen. Saya hanya akan komen persembahan yang saya sempat tonton.

Candy - I think I'm getting to like this girl. I just love her vocal. She already has the vocal tinggal lagi mo di-polish. Her voice mengingatkan saya kepada Linda Nanuwil (Oh how I miss her!). Ramai yang condemn Candy for forgetting her words but when I listen to it, actually she only missed one word i.e. "Inikah" So what? Dekna last time forgot one sentence. In AI pun ramai yang terlupa lirik. But who cares? But I do agree with Professor Khairil though, high note Candy terlalu nyaring. Itu adalah kebolehan semulajadi Candy sebenarnya, cuma dia perlu smoothen her high note. Apa yang menghairankan saya, semasa Candy buat latihan suara dia ok tapi bila buat persembahan di konsert, tiba-tiba ternyaring pula. Kalo tidak percaya, listen Candy at dBos. Apa-apapun hopefully Candy teruskan belajar selagi masih berada di Akademi.

Farha - Memang tidak bernasib baik sebab dapat lagu yang tiada umphh. Persembahan pun ala2 band boy gitu. Sebutan definitely tidak jelas. I think he concentrate more on his steps than his vocals.

Heliza - Matilah kaluuu! Low note dia hancusss. Melody pun lari banyak. Jgn memain 'Torn' pernah menjadi kegemaran saya time dulu-dulu so saya tahu lenggok sebenar lagu ini :)

Aizat - In the beginning of his show, saya memang mengantuk tapi bila tengok persembahan dia yang bertenaga, saya terus terbangun. Actually, persembahan dia ni diselamatkan oleh live music (okestra tentera darat ka tu? - I missed Aznil's interview with them). Lucky for Aizat sebab diiringi dengan live musicians. The rest of the students, arrangement muzik diorang tidak best. Bosan tahap cipan!

Noni - Kesian Noni. Berhempas pulas menyanyikan lagu 'Pastikan'. She was the worst. Nampak dlm Diari dia macam bersungguh-sungguh tapi akhirnya tiada perubahan dan peningkatan.

Ebi - Wow! Full of energy beb! I think the first ever happened in AF (correct me if I'm wrong) pelajar 'terjun' dari stage. It was a kejutan for me and I kinda like it. I think para penonton di dewan pun suka. Tidak hairan dia mendapat 43% undi.

Nasib baik Aznil tidak banyak membebel this time. It should be that way. I still miss Aznil masa AF2. Happening gila!

Ebi & Aizat

Noni & Heliza (oppss Noni memang terkeluar pun)

Penyingkiran 3 pelajar (bagus juga sbb terlalu ramailah beb! bikin buang duit utk mengundi saja)

Gambar digali di ASTRO

Migraine! Migraine!

After watching the result show of American Idol last nite saya terus mengampai. Kepala otak saya sakit tahap gaban! Michael Buble pun tidak mampu mengubatnya :) Bila Gina diumumkan terkeluar daripada saingan AI6 bertambah sakit denyutan kepala saya.

My bottom 3 prediction almost 100% betul. I was just surprised to see Gina in the group. When Ryan asked Phil to take his seat, I said, Oh dear, it must be Haley then. I got shocked when Ryan finally revealed the result. Was this her punishment of replying Simon's comment?

Well, I won't say more, coz this is a reality show. I accept the result as it is. Sudah menjadi perkara biasa dalam mana-mana reality show yang memerlukan undian daripada para penonton.

Smile Gina Glocksen, whatever it takes!

Next week, would be an interesting show. The contestants will be doing Latin Music and Jennifer Lopez will act as their mentor. Wow! can't wait. See it first on Star World!

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Tough! Everyone performed well. I just can't picked who is my favourite.

Contestants were doing American Classic under the coach of Tony Bennett. Well, a little bit dull but that's how classic sounds :)

I have no comments of their performance coz they improved week by week. Except for one or two but still I consider them good. But frankly, I am still irritated with Melinda's fake look urgh! When people compliment just say an honest thank you - and not that "oh! you are praising me?" look! Grow up woman!

I love the new look of Gina. Tidier and neater :p And also, I like the way she answered back to Simon. Take that Simon! Lakisha? She's a bit too confident. I hope this confident doesn't 'kill' her.

Not bad Sanjaya! I know the genre was your favourite. I couldn't find any fault. You are an entertainer. Even Simon gave up on you hahaha

Who will be at the bottom 2 or 3? My guess will be - Phil, Haley & Chris. Maybe Phil is going home. Oh I don't know. Just wait for the result tomorrow. See it first on Star World!

Kurang asam. Saya terkena April Fool. Malas mo cerita panjang. Siapa yg rajin baca dan ingin tahu camana saya kena 'fool' - Klik di sini!

3 hari lewat. Tapi orang bilang, better late than never. Ada hati ni mo posting pasal konsert ke-3 AF5 hehehe

(I'm listening to Vince - Percayalah Sayang, on HotFM - best jugak lagu ni)

Konsert bermula at 1.30pm. I hope and pray, no more concert on sundays. Mengantuk gila. Imagine, semasa Heliza perform, saya terlelap a few seconds towards the end of her song. Alih2 Ogy dah hentam budak ni - amik kau! dush dush dush. Adoi sian budak ni. Peserta pertama buat persembahan amat penting untuk memastikan kejayaan konsert tersebut. Remember Konsert ke-2? Candy did well. Dan peserta seterusnya semua mendapat pujian. Astro should take note on this. Siapa2 yg akan menyanyi 'killer song' bagi dia nyanyi dulu.

Ekspresi muka Farha amat menakutkan. Forgive me coz I didn't 'gali' the lyrics. So I didn't know the meaning of his song :P

Masa Aswad, Mila & Dafi nyanyi saya berada di dapur sbb saya kebuluran. Bila kita dengar diorang menyanyi dari jauh maka kedengaranlah suara2 sumbang diorang.

Dekna, Rizal and Shawal kurang bermaya. Boleh tengok reaksi muka diorang. Keletihan dan macam kurang tidur. Fatin, Noni and Aizat boleh tahan. Boleh up lagi!

Candy and Ebi dapat killer songs so tidak hairan performance dioranglah yang dinanti2kan. They nailed their songs.

Who cares about penghayatan? We have seen many singers performed. Camana nak tau diorang tu nyanyi dgn penuh penghayatan? To me, what's important is their persembahan - vocally and presentation. Nyanyi best, baju best, tarian best dah cukup. Buat apa mo gali?

Aznil - another boring props. Adoi Aznil, pasal kaulah aku mengantuk2. You should stick interviewing the students. No more puisi or sajak please!

Candy & Ebi
Tiada penyingkiran

gambar di atas tu, saya gali di Astro

MIAMI - Serena Williams fought off two match points on her way to an epic 0-6 7-5 6-3 comeback win over world number one Justine Henin to claim her fourth Sony Ericsson Open title on today.

Read More:

Chris Sligh was voted out. His wish to go home early at last fulfilled. Chris was considering to drop out from the show but he was told that he won't be participating the Idol Tour if he is not in top 10. So he stayed on until the third week.

In week 3, contestants did songs by No Doubt or songs from singers who inspired Gwen Stefani who act as their mentor. I picked Gina as the best performer for the night. Her 'I'll Stand by You' was awesome. Sanjaya wan't bad. Lakisha and Melinda as usual I've got nothing much to say. Blake and Chris R were doing just ok. Jordin did well but I just don't like her choice of fashion.

I chose Phil and Haley as my bottom 2. But Chris S was the one who said goodbye. Well it's ok for me. In fact I don't like people who give up before trying. Just like Zana in AF5. But I do agree with Chris S comments during his press conference "Really the judges never commented on my voice, which I think was a little bit frustrating for me. At least say, 'You have great vocals, but I didn't like the arrangement.' It was never that"

Wake up judges! Give an honest comment please!

pic taken from Idol

I missed many of my favourite TV programs. I just came back from Tenom, attending a relative's funeral.

I watched the repeat of TAR-All Stars. Teams left Mozambique and flew to Tanzania. Charla & Mirna took a huge risk when they decided to take the 7.00am flight to Johannesburg even though the connecting flight was fully booked. But I think luck was with them all the way. They managed to get seats on the connecting flight.

Watching the other teams to get their flight was very tiring. Airport sometimes can create a chaos for the teams. Which sometimes I feel not fair to the teams.
When the cousins (Charla & Mirna) arrived at the ferry terminal, they found out that their dhow wouldn't leave until 5.30 the next morning. They were told it was because of a stormy weather. But I don't think it was the weather. I think the producers were waiting for the other teams :)

The Detour of this leg was to choose between Solve It or Schlep It. I think the cousins and the Chas Team made a wise decision to go for the puzzle solving. Upon completing their Detour, both teams received their clue and were asked to proceed to a small village of Kikungwi. On their way, the Chas team stopped to buy some fresh fruit which gave a lead to the cousins.

Their Roadblock was to throw a weapon to a target which contained their next clue. The cousins arrived first and won a pair of Catamarans. The last team to arrive was Teri & Ian and they had been eliminated from the Race. Again I'm saying the airport problem was beyond the racers control. The producers should look onto this matter. This leg should be a non-elimination. But since leg 5 was already a non-elimination I think the producers had no choice.

Next race would be an extended - a two hour shows. Watch The Amazing Race only on AXN!

More info and pic at CBS