• Am so relief to see Adrian and Collin arrived first at the Pit Stop. It's all about Adrian's idea to check the internet and found out that there was an indirect train to Budapest but it leaves early. They took the chance and it all worth it!
  • When the rest of the teams knew the Singaporeans were far ahead, I laughed to hear Rovilson said "they are in Season 3 now"
  • I noticed that all teams except the Filipinos had difficulty in manual cars.
  • Nice move for the Chong's sisters when they chose Pull in the Detour. I think they might have problem with Pitch. But still they were last.
  • All teams except the Filipinos got it wrong on the Roadblock. I just couldn't understand why a very simple calculations they got it incorrect.
  • Ann made a huge mistakes this time. She left with the car and Diane couldn't start her task coz her team mate gone missing. It's against the rules. Marc and Rovi overtook them then.
  • Now I'm getting phobia every time the Chong's sisters doing a Roadblock. I just want Pam to do the task and luckily she volunteered doing it. She did it twice but at least just the 2 times. How if Vanessa did it? I'm sure it would be another breakdown for her.
  • Lucky for Adrian and Collin that they were leading coz they screwed it up on locating the Pit Stop. They had ample time to find the way to the Salamon Tower.
  • Even though they were the last team to leave from the Roadblock, I admired the Chong's sisters' good navigation. Well, it's Pam holding the map so I am so confident with her. At one time Vanessa tried to persuade her to take the wheel but I was like pleeeease...don't let Vanessa do the navigating. Luckily they didn't switch and managed to arrive third at the Pit Stop even though they too had the wrong entrance to the tower.
  • I think the teams must from now on read their clues properly. There's no room for mistakes anymore.

  • Paula and Natasha were the last one to arrive but they were spared from elimination as it was another a non-elimination leg. But they need to come first in the next Race or else they will incur a 30 minute penalty.

I was attending a surprise birthday of my cousin, Ojit. I totally forgot of the Anugerah Juara Lagu. Well, family comes first, that's why. After a quick makan and chatted with my aunties, uncles and cousins, giving reason of going to work early tomorrow, I announced my departure. Apa lagi, kelam kabut bah my aunty pi tapau the delicious carrot-cheese cake. Tiada masa cari tupperware, taruh dalam pinggan saja lah :lol:

When I reached home, Mawi was performing. Luckily I managed to watch Estranged performed. Pity, I missed Siti.
Persembahan Estranged penuh bersemangat. Vokal Rich ada sedikit tergelincir tapi saya masih terhibur. Saya tidak menaruh harapan Estranged akan memenangi apa-apa hadiah coz saingan diorang bukan calang-calang. Semua ada nama. I just want to see they performed and enjoying their song. To my surprised, diorang buat sedikit kelainan ke atas lagu 'Itu Kamu' which is quite refreshing.

So the result are:

Vokal Terbaik : Jaclyn Victor & Lah (first time dimenangi oleh dua orang)
Persembahan Terbaik : Mawi (seperti yang dijangka sebab undian melalui SMS)
Etnik Kreatif : Samudera - Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Nora
Pop Rock : Itu Kamu - Estranged/Rich L. Gimbang/Estranged
Balada : Izinkan Ku Pergi - Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Sahri
Juara Keseluruhan : Itu Kamu (Estranged)

Tahniah to all winners and especially to Estranged! Well done boys. Your first entry and terus menang besar pulak tu. Good luck to Rich and his team. Itu kamu bah! Aramaiii Tii....

The youngest champion, Novak Djokovic of Serbia proudly lifted his trophy

Before the final match

The new winner of Australian Open Men's Singles and runner up Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, from France.
Novak won 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 7-6

I am so very happy to watch Linda on AC Di Sini. It was so long long ago she didn't make any appearance on TV.

She sang her own composition "Kau Pergi Saja". Strong voice and nice presentation. Then, together with Khai of AF1 and Mas AF2 they were being interviewed with AC. Like usual, the same old questions she was asked. Fortunately, Linda answered all questions maturely and jokingly :)

Berita baik untuk para peminat Linda, beliau dalam perancangan untuk mengeluarkan album baru. Maybe dalam pengumpulan material. Tapi mengikut Linda, beliau akan tampil dengan sebuah single terlebih dahulu. Nice move Linda! That should be the way, supaya orang tidak melupakan Linda.

Untuk tengok temuramah AC dengan Linda sila ke blog dBos-FM. Persembahan Linda di Padang Merdeka KK pun ada.

You Tube di atas : credit to dBos. Thank you so much Bos!

The new champion - Maria Sharapova showed off her championship trophy

Before the match

The champion and runner up Ana Ivanovic. Maria won 7-6, 6-3

Mengikut sumber yang boleh dipercayai, Linda Nanuwil akan menjadi tetamu AC di Sini secara live di Astro Ria @104, esok, 25 Januari 2008 jam 6.00 petang.

So, para peminat Linda semua, jangan ketinggalan menyaksikannya, okey! Difahamkan juga ramai die hard fan Linda akan berada di studio itu nanti semata-mata untuk memberi sokongan kepada beliau. How I wish I am there too!

Ryan Seacrest said, they had selected 30 contestants in San Diego, California's audition of the American Idol 7, to go to the Hollywood. But I didn't see them all coz it's only a one hour show compared to last week's two hour. So I watched only a few.

This young boy, 16 years old of age has a unique voice. He received a 3 yes-es and we will see him again in Hollywood's audition.

And this very 'perasan' lady was so confident during the interview. I said perasan, coz she thinks she looks like Mariah Carey. And I thought she really can sing like Mariah. Well, she did try but gosh her voice ke laut :lol: The best Idol Reject so far!

  • Ron and his daughter Chris took the early lead but then Chris freaked out during the Roadblock and took the second place. Maybe this is karma. Actually I'm not in favour of Chris asking the ticketing clerk at Japan telling lies to Nat and Jen.
  • But what I like this father and daughter team is they supported each other. I like the way Chris encouraged her father doing every task. She kept on saying "Good job, dad" which is so good to hear.
  • Nic and his grandpa Don took the third spot. Phil also announced that Don is the oldest racer to ever reach the final 3. This team made a huge mistake on their Detour by leaving their bag (utensils) behind.
  • TK said in an interview, nice guy would be rewarded and that's why they always try to be nice throughout the Race. They proved it and it paid off! So, it's a lesson to all future Racers. Be good, communicate well, control your temper and support each other will definitely help to win the Race.
  • Ron said, "it's not over till it's over". But The Amazing Race 12 is definitely over. We wait for the next Race. If there is another all-stars race, I love to see Chris in it. I just love her :)

  • I don't think it's fair for the Dancing Moms to use the internet to search for the steps at the Observation Tower. But since it's allowable then why not. It's one of their strategies!
  • During the Intersection, I think Pam & Van had made a wise decision by teaming up with the Dancing Moms. It's a game. Take the very first opportunity you have. This is not about alliance or pact you had made earlier.
  • But during the Detour, it's a nightmare for the sisters. It seemed that the Dancing Moms make all the decisions. They chose Snap which went wrong. They couldn't even locate the first spot. Luckily the sisters had guts to ask them to switch task.
  • I noticed that Terri and Henry didn't fight or argue when they teamed up with Paula and Natasha. And the result of communicating well was they easily completed the tasks!
  • But once they were on their own again, they started yelling and that made them the last team to arrive and eliminated from the Race. Goodbye to 'Thierry Henry'!
  • I got scared on their Roadblock when suddenly Vanessa lost her memory. I commented the way she jumped into the pool which she did it wrong. True to my observation, Van had a cut on her lips and she was bleeding. Not only that, Van had a 'mental blocked' for a while. I think it was due to exhaustion and stressed they were in. Sometimes you just went blank. I've been there, so don't worry, it will go away :lol:

  • I admired the determination of Paula and Nat. Though they fell far behind, their will was so strong to get to the next Pit Stop. I just hope they won't mad at the Chong's sisters for not choosing them at the Intersection.
Stay tuned for the next TARA on AXN, Thursday at 9.00pm

Nathan and Jennifer continue arguing. And it cost them a one million opportunity. They missed their chance to be in the final three.

And these are the final three. My favourite, a father and daughter team - Ronald & Christina. Dating team - TK & Rachel. And also, another favourite team of mine, a Grandson and Grandfather team - Nicolas & Donald.

Which of this team will win the million dollars? Let's find out tomorrow night on AXN.


American Idol 7 continued their audition at Dallas. They selected 24 contestants in Dallas to proceed to Hollywood. Well, they didn't show all the contestants but I made my own pick.

And they never fail to produce weird contestant. Like this fellow below, he was so determined and never give up. But he has a strange voice :lol:

And this gentleman here loves Simon very much :) He is over 40 years old. I'm sure he didn't turn up to be auditioned. He merely came to entertain us :lol: And guess what? Cowell loves him too!

My picked for Philly's audition

the weirdest contestant so far

The American Idol season 7 premiered last night. It was a two hours audition done in Philadelphia. I had picked one or two contestants who has the potential. But even so, I'll wait for the other auditions. They had given 29 tickets to Hollywood on this audition. Can't wait for the next one!

I didn't concentrate watching the American Idol coz Andy Roddick was playing against Michael Berrer of Germany on the other channel of the Australian Open 2008. Of course I stayed on this channel and watched Roddick's game. He won 6-2, 6-2, 6-4. And he is the leader of serve speed on day 2 when he served a 235km/h. He will meet another German player, Philipp Kohlschreiber (29) in third round.

In Women's singles, Henin, Sharapova, Serena, Amelie, Sugiyama to name a few cruise to the third round.

  • Trust the Amazing Race Asia for having non-elimination twice in a row. It's not fair especially when the same team arrive last. Last season was also like that. If I'm not mistaken, the US version of Amazing Race had never done this. (Ziah, if you are reading this, correct me if I'm wrong)
  • If not for the non-elimination, Henry and Terri had long gone and I could have my peace watching TARA :)
  • I got surprised, the teams got surprised! They went to Frankfurt! Now I'm jealous!
  • Luckily Pam didn't listen to Van's idea by considering an option to get a connecting flight to Germany. If not, they would ended like TK & Rachel in the Amazing Race 12.
  • Ann and Diane telling a lot of lies during the Race. It was always an emergency for them. Well, it's a Race, it's their game and it's their strategy!
  • Rovilson went for pole dancing? I don't think I'm that desperate!
  • I was so mad at Marc when he hid the clues deeper in the hole. Other teams especially the Chong's sisters wasted several hours locating the clues.
  • It made me wonder, is there any chance the cameramen or the crews tell the teams where the clues were?? Because it wasn't their fault they couldn't find it. It was a wrongdoing done by one team!!
  • I thought it would be Vince on the Chong's sisters videophone. Instead, it was their mom. She gave them a very encouraging message though.
  • Who is going home tomorrow night? Whoever it might be, I hope it's not Pam & Van. Pleaseeeeeee......!

  • I'm so glad to see Chris and her dad won this leg of the Race. Thanks to her fluency in Japanese. That's help a lot.
  • Jen & Nate continue arguing. If they don't settle their communication & relationship, they will be in a big trouble.
  • Nick & Don came in third place after 'battling' the robots using hand phones in the Detour. It's a very advance invention by the Japanese.
  • TK & Rachel made a bad decision on their flight to Osaka, Japan. It made them the last team to arrive but lucky for them it was a non-elimination leg. But, they will face a Speed Bump, a new task they introduce this season, in the next race. Can they catch up after being a few hours behind of the other teams? Let's find out tonight on AXN at 9.00pm
  • Who will be going home? And who will be in the final 3? I hope Chris and her dad, Ron can make it! I love to see them in the finals and who knows, will win the million dollars!

For the first time I watched OIAM last night :p In fact I nearly forgot to watch. Blame it to the workload I have nowadays - I easily got tired and sleepy.

When I switched on 8TV they were in a process of eliminating Iz - belum sempat mengenali dia ni sudah pun terkeluar. What made me stick to this program was when Marion & Awal announced that in the end of the show, they have a 'Star' special appearance. From their clue I guessed it was Che'nelle. Never seen her on TV yet so I stayed on this channel and watched. Opps..balik-balik pula kamera fokus si Justin Siap (Shone's cousin). Satu kampung diorang sana hehehe

So while waiting for Che'nelle saya layan the 8 remaining contestants giving out their best. Saya tertidur pula in the middle of the show and I missed Shila's & Mark's performance adoiii! Kalo ikut pemerhatian saya, Joni who sang the Belaian Jiwa should go home. Her performance was like they always say "bolehlah kalo kampung-kampung" hehehe. Last night best performance was Ayu. She really gave me goosebumps! Ab & Shone - I think both of them was just average but definitely not boring like Moss said!!

Good luck to all the Sabahans!

  • Three police cars escorted Marc & Rovi to their Roadblock. Huh! how lucky! It's not surprising to see this team became first for the fifth time.

  • One thing I learn - all the road signs in Korea are in Korean. I'll bear that it mind. If I have the chance to go there, I'll make sure I go with tourist guide!

  • In a task which has something to do with patience - it will always be Pam. Which is good. The last time Vanessa doing a task in Japan, I became frustrated. But with Pam doing it, I have the confidence in her.

  • I don't know whether their clue is misleading but Diane definitely was so excited digging the soya jar with her hands!!

  • Do you know what silly mistake is? It was like Natasha and Paula forgot to un-tie their craft from the jetty. Yes, that's a silly mistake of course.

  • Between Pam and Van, I think is Pam more sensible. I thought I heard Pam told Van to keep straight but stay in the left lane. I don't know what was Van thinking by turning to the right with a reason - she's avoiding the jammed! It's infuriates Pam and to me also. In the end, Van keep on apologizing to Pam but I do agree with what Pam says "apalogizing can't change things" We forgive but it was still a mistake.

  • In the Detour, Pam managed to toss all three sticks into the cylinder and none from Van (sigh). Pam is so determined to do the task. With completing them, the Chong's sisters arrived third at the Pitstop. I'm sure Pam is good in navigating the map which made them arrived at the Olympic ahead from the rest.

  • Ok now, I purposely not to mention Terri and Henry from the beginning. Why? Because there are nothing much to tell, really. From what I saw and heard from this two or at least from Terri, is only yelling, shouting and more yelling! This team is not communicating well, they only know how to yell. From the interview, we heard Henry has had it and burst into tears. Terri said, that's her personality. If she doesn't act like she did, she most probably long gone by now. But on my personal opinion, even though it's your nature, at least give some respect to your husband! Listen to him, help him, encourage him and most of all - TALK to him! I hope there'll be improvement on this team as they were the last team to arrive in this leg.
  • From my observation, it's good to see the team work of Collin and Adrian. They never argue! This is one truly GOD's work. You know what I meant!

  • Nobody is eliminated but I'm sure somebody is going home tomorrow night!

Sudah masuk hari ke-8 di tahun baru. Adakah saya sudah terlambat ucap 'Happy New Year' kepada semua rakan taulan. Noey bilang, hari ke-5 kira lambat sudah adehhh. Apa-apapun, saya ingin mengucapkan kepada semua pelawat blog ini, selamat menempuh tahun baru ini. Siapa-siapa yang suka tanam azam, jangan tanam terus nanti tidak menjadi pula azam tu. Saya seperti biasa tidak akan buat azam. Bagi saya, semua yang bakal mendatang harus dihadapi. I am praying for peace, love and unity of all nations.

So, apa yang ada di tahun 2008? Besides waiting for the winner of The Amazing Race 12 and The Amazing Race Asia 2, I'm also so patiently waiting for my favourite shows, such as American Idol Season 7 (every Wednesday & Thursday, begins on 16th of this month, 6 pm @ Star World. Heroes Season 2 also premiers on 22nd January at 9pm @ Star World.

Local reality show such as One in a Million season 2 sedang berlangsung and the four Sabahans (Ayu, Ab, Mark & Shone) are still in the competition. OIAM had so far eliminated Ronny, Rina and Tiara. OIAM is on 8TV every friday at 9.30pm.

Akademi Fantasia season 6 juga akan diadakan this year. Astro had announced Ramli MS as the Pengetua for this season. Can't wait, really! Coz to me, AF2 is the best AF so far and Ramli MS was the person who responsible for that! The audition for Sabah is on the 17th of this month. I don't know where's the place but whoever is interested just check with Astro.

TV3's Gang Starz juga sedang giat buat audition for season 2. Anugerah Juara Lagu juga this month. If not mistaken, it will be on the 27th January. Rich of Estranged is one of them. Wow! Semuanya entertainment.

Luckily for me, I am a tennis die hard fan. Sekurang-kurangnya saya dapat mengalihkan perhatian saya kepada sukan. Asyik hiburan saja minda pun nanti blok! The Australian Open akan memulakan siri tennis tahun ini. Bermula pada 14 Januari hingga 27 Januari 2008. Watch them on Star Sports.

Wah! banyaknya mo di tunggu. Sabar sajalah! Oops hampir terlupa, Yeh Yeh Tour Radio HotFM akan berada di Centre Point this saturday. Siapa yang suka berhibur tu, pigilah nanti miss pulak nanti :)