Even though I did mention that Casey James and Michael Lynche would be gone before the finals but watching their performance tonight made me a little bit guilty. Yes, they did superb performances. I just can't pick one who would be heading home.

But let's back to reality. This is indeed a reality show. They are voted to stay on. One of them will leave Idol. I can only guess that it's either Casey or Big Mike. Coz I really want to see Lee and Crystal in the finals.

After the elimination tomorrow night, the top 3 as usual will be going home. But what I've been waiting for is, their songs will be chosen by the judges. The only thing puzzle me is, there are 3 contestants and 4 judges. So who is who giving song to the contestants? Stay tuned to find out!

To all The Amazing Race fans out there, don't forget our date tonight. It's the finale! All I want is the Cowboys to win, the dating models runner up and brothers Dan and Jordan second runner up! I hope the tasks are more interesting too than the previous season, ie. season 15.

See you at 8pm only on AXN! But before that, let's entertain ourselves with Australia's Biggest Loser at Hallmark Channel, at 7pm. I'm hooked with this biggest loser thing :D

Oh no! Aaron's "Fly Me to the Moon" became "Fly Me to Pennsylvania". He was knocked out from Idol season 9. And what surprised me was Casey James was not even in bottom two! Oh crap! But never mind, it's either this week or next week or next next week, Casey will be gone together with big Mike :D

I would love to see Lee and Cyrstal in the finals!

After Siobhan Magnus, who will be the next?

The top 5 were doing Frank Sinatra's last night. Like Randy said, it was a little bit sleepy. But thanks to Lee Dewyze for saving the night. Thanks to Harry Connick Jr too for his superb music arrangement.

So, who is going home? I'm predicting, it's time for Casey James to go home.
I am also predicting, these two will be in the finals.

But whatevery may happen. Let's just wait and watch!