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Everyone should by now knows who the winner of American Idol Season 11 is.  I was still disappointed with the result hence the late of posting.

By watching the performance at the finale, especially the duet with Jennifer Holliday, Jessica Sanchez by far is much qualified to be the winner.  But 135 millions votes came in and it favored to Phillip Phillips.  Whatever!

Let's see how it goes next season.

In the mean time, enjoy Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday performing "And I am Telling You I'm Not Going"

Two finalists took the Nokia Theater's stage.  With 7000 live fans cheering for their idols.  I was as nervous as the contestants :)

Jessica Sanchez (16) and Phillip Phillips (21) performed three songs each.  The first songs chosen by Simon Fuller, the second songs were the idols' favourites and the third songs were original songs written for them.

Round One

Jessica (I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston)
- I have no idea why Fuller chose this song.  This song has been done over and over again in Idol.  But Jessica nailed it, no doubt.

Phillip (Stand By Me by Ben E. King)
- Ridiculous!  Fuller chose a hard song for Jessica and a simple song for Phillip.  But never mind.  This song sounds boring by Phillip.  He was done less than two minutes!

WINNER : Jessica

Round Two

Jessica (The Prayer by Celine Dion)
- I almost forgot that this song belongs to Celine Dion!  This means, how good Jessica is.  Flawless!

Phillip (Moving Out by Billy Joel)
- If I'm telling you the truth, I am done with Phillip with his guitar!  I can't even remember how he sounded.  All I know is, he was performing with his guitar with gray or brown or black shirts.

WINNER : Jessica

Round Three

Jessica (Change Nothing)
- There's nothing wrong with this song!  I like it.  Of course when we first heard it as it is the first time performed live, it sounds weird but I tell you, in no time, everyone will like it. By the way, they didn't reveal who wrote this song, or did they?

Phillip (Home)
- I know why they give this song to him.  They probably predict him to win this competition and next year, this song would become the contestants goodbye song.  But like I said, there was nothing change in his performance.  Same old Phillip!  

WINNER : Jessica

There you go.  Am I bias? No.  Look again their performances and you will agree with me.  Jessica won it all.  BUT, I know they love Phillip ~ the producers, the judges, the mentor.

Fingers crossed, hopefully, I won't get disappointed again this year.  I'm done with contestants who depend too much with their guitar (David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McNeery to name a few).  And one of the most disappointing finale was in season 8.  It should be won by Adam Lambert!

So, once and for all, let it be a GIRL this time, please.  And that would be JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

My last note
I hope the producers forbid the judges to make a standing ovation during the finale next time.  It doesn't seem right.  They should forbid the judges to make prediction too.  I hate it.

Joshua is the first called by Ryan.  Iovine agreed with me.  There shouldn't be a standing ovation to his first performance.

Then, we saw a segment of Ice Age.  Followed by a boring performance from Lisa Marie Presley.  

Jessica is the next one.  Iovine admitted her first and third song were a mistake.  And who picked them?  The very professional people themselves!

Adam performed his new song, "Never Close Our Eyes".  A superb performance.  Can't get enough.  How nice if he sang two songs just like Coldplay did before.  I was very much disappointed too coz Ryan didn't interview him!

It was Phillip's turn being called to the centre stage.  Jimmy liked his own song choice for Phillip.  That lullaby song??  Oh no!

After the commercial break, it was time for the result.  I don't care who the other one, but all I want is Jessica.  And what a relieved when Ryan announced Jessica is in the final!  The other one is Phillip.  Not so surprising coz I know the girls love him.

There you are, the results revealed.  It would be Jessica versus Phillip.

I am hoping for an entertaining finale!

Round 1 (Judges Selections)

Joshua (I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James - picked by Randy)
- Surprise! Surprise!  He got another standing ovation from the judges.  I saw JLo reluctant to stand though.  To me, it was just okay.  Nothing to wow about.

Jessica (My All by Mariah Carey - picked by JLo)
- I think JLo is trying to murder her by choosing this song for her.  I heard Jessica out of breath and she was munching her words.

Phillip (Beggin' by Madcon - picked by Steven)
- Not bad at all.

Round 2 (Idols Own Choice)

Joshua (Imagine by John Lennon)
- I prefer David Archuleta's.

Jessica (I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith)
- She got standing ovation from Steven himself.  It means, she did well.  

Phillip (Disease by Matchbox Twenty)
- I can't differentiate between the first song and this one.  It's the same to me.  But this one is boring.

Round 3 (Jimmy Iovine's Choice)

Joshua (No More Drama by Mary J. Blige)
- He had fun means he went all out with this song.  He should get standing ovation for this one and not the first song!

Jessica (I'll Be There by Jackson 5)
- Poor Jessica.  I didn't like it especially the low note.  Oh Jimmy, you really let me down.  Why oh why did you choose this song for her.  First, JLo with her choice and now Jimmy!  Is there no justice?  Or is this conspiracy??

Phillip (We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger)
- I agree with JLo.  It was a lullaby song and truthfully, I dozed off.  I was so nervous looking for him rubbing his leg.  Weird!  Is he so nervous??  

So, who is going to the finale?  Do you want a girl to win this time?  Then it would be Jessica.  Do you want another David Cook, Kris Allen or Scotty McCreery?  Then it would be Phillip. Or do you want another Taylor Hicks?  Then it would be Joshua.

My predictions is Joshua and Jessica.  Phillip can leave the competition anytime as they always say, many records would sign him up.

Tomorrow, we have Adam Lambert.  Oh yeah!  Go Adam!

So happy for couple, Dave and Rachel Brown.  They won the title of The Amazing Race 20 and of course the USD 1million!

It began when they traveled from India to Japan.  I was almost certain that they won't be in the final three when they missed the earlier ferry to an island.  But lucky for them, the teams won't get the clue until sunrise.  After they did the Roadblock and Detour, Dave and Rachel arrived at the pit stop first.  It was their seventh wins!  It means, they tied records made by teams in Seasons 13 & 15.  Vanessa and Ralph were eliminated.

The final three continued their race to Hawaii.  Dave and Rachel almost messed up their chances.  They arrived at the pit stop without doing the Roadblock.  Phil asked them to go back and finished their tasks first.  I think they were the first team who arrived at the final pit stop who didn't complete their tasks!  But somehow or rather, they went back and over took Art and JJ at the Roadblock.  After completing all the tasks they proceeded to the pit stop and announced by Phil as the official winner of The Amazing Race season 20!  This win made them the first team holds most win in this race which is, eight!

Art and JJ finished second and Brendon & Rachel came third.  

Bring it on ~ The Amazing Race Season 21!!

Almost 70 millions voted.  Crazy!

Ryan called the remaining four one by one to the centre of the stage.  First, it was Phillips.  Jimmy Iovine was all in praise of him.  He was sent back to the couch which Phillips misunderstood for a while.  He thought he was already safe but actually not.  Ryan, your game is sucks!

Then, it was Hollie's turn.  Iovine said, she was crashed and burned!

David Cook performed "The Last Song I'll Write for You".  Funny, Ryan didn't interview him.

After Cook's performance, Ryan called Joshua.  Iovine didn't like his first song but thought his second song was something special.

Finally, Ryan called Jessica.  Again, Iovine didn't like her first song but said it was flawless and she murdered it on her second song.

JLO performed "Dance Again".  Did you all see her toy boy?  Trying to be romantic eh?

And then, the results.  Top three will be going home as hero and one is going home for good.  The first one who is safe is Jessica, followed by Joshua and Phillips.  That's the end of the road for Hollie.

We would be able to watch the top three homecoming.  I like this part.  And if they still using the same method, the three judges will choose songs for the top three to perform.  Let's see what would they be.