The Amazing Race is coming back
and this time - it is their 15th season
my Monday night won't be boring anymore!!

I am yet to decide which team I'm gonna follow...
let's wait and see

Stay tuned!!

I am sure everyone by now knew the US Open 2009 results. Kim Clijsters of Belgium took the Women's Singles title and Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina took home the Men's Singles. Congratulations to both of them.

In the meantime, HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY! to all MALAYSIANS out there!


I almost forgot that I do have a blog *LoL*

Well actually, I'm not into blogging at this moment coz I am so very busy doing farming! Oh yes! I am an ardent farmer now. You don't believe? Well, go and find me at FB! You will see me there so hard-working on my farm!

Nevertheless, I still do watch the ongoing tennis US Open. I am quite disappointed actually when Roddick, Ivanovic, the Williams Sisters and Li Na didn't make it to the stage that I'm hoping for. The new US star, Melanie Oudin also fell during quarter-finals.

But what make it sad more is when Serena Williams was penalized a point and that made Kim Clitjers wins the semi-finals match. It was all because some [unnecessary] remarks she made to the line judge.

19 year old Dane, Caroline Wozniacki will now take
a will card entry Kim Clitjers of Belgium

I was a fan of Kim before she announced her retirement last time. And I think, I am still a fan of her. But it's good to see a new face like Caroline to win the US Open. Whoever it will be, let's just hope to watch a good tennis match!