B.U.S.Y. or L.A.Z.Y.?

I could say both. Yes. I was and I am busy and at the same time I am lazy to update my blog. I have many things to share but everytime I switched on my computer, I would log in into Facebook first. By the time I finished browsing all my added friends' FBs I was already tired and sleepy and in no mood updating my blog.

I hope there will be changes in 2010 ;) I hope I can update my blog regularly. I hope I'm less busy next year. But most important thing is, I hope I am not L.A.Z.Y. hehehe

In the meantime, a belated Christmas wish to all friends and may New Year bring many blessings to all of us.

Till next post!

USD1Million winner - Cheyne & Meghan

2nd place won by Sam & Dan

3rd placing - Brian & Ericka

Season 15 participants taking pictures during the finale

On my last note, it was a great Race except for the final task which was not challenging at all. I hope they are more creative the next time!

Ciao! and see you all in season 16!