The closing date was yesterday. I went to the Sabah State Museum to send my vote in. The box was full. Mine was also in an envelope but it can't go in. So what I did, I took out the forms from the envelope and put in the box one by one :)

Good to luck all and especially to Linda Nanuwil!

I'm sure all of you know by now who won the Amazing Race Asia season 3. I was upset that the Malaysian team didn't win. All because of wrong decision at the airport. They arrived early at the airport but I can't figure why they didn't take the earlier flight. Nevertheless, congrats to them for reaching the finals and won the third place. Malaysian teams so far, never fail to reach to the finals!

Now, I'm concentrating with the Amazing Race US version. Fortunately, the siblings are still in the race. They nearly became the victim of a lousy taxi driver. I hope it won't happen again. I want them to be in the finals together with Toni and Dallas and also, Ken and Tina.

The frat boys was saved by a non-elimination. They need to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg. I hope the other three teams will take this opportunity by going forward without looking back!

Oh and by the way, I won't forget the frat boys doing the parade match. Dan was out of rhythm. I laughed all the way! Let's find out what else in store for them in the next leg!

  • The best episode so far!
  • Actually, Sarah and Terrence are the biggest threat. They were consistent until greed consumed them. They knew Nick & Starr were ahead of them during the Fast Foward, but they still proceed. If they stayed for the Roadblock, I'm sure they are still in the Race by now.
  • Ok then. Maybe most of you will say, it's not wrong for Sarah and Terence to give it a try to get the Fast Foward because you won't know what will happen ahead. But as soon as they arrived at the restaurant, knowing that Terrence is a vegetarian, they should give up early rather than pushing themselves unnecessarily.
  • All teams except for Sarah and Terrence (I think) and Nick & Starr of course, made mistakes during the Detour. Their problem was "They don't read their clue properly!!!". I don't know whether I wanted to laugh or I want to bang their head, each one of them!
  • The frat boys even made the most stupid mistake to the Pit Stop. They were asked to go on foot but instead, for their leisurely, they took a cab. Fortunate for them, Sarah and Terrence were left way behind and couldn't catch up the rest of the teams.
  • Four teams left! Who is going home next? Another non-elimination maybe? Stay tuned on AXN!

Perhatian kepada para peminat Linda Nanuwil. Borang pengundian untuk Anugerah Pertisa 2008 sudah ada di New Sabah Times bermula 18 November 2008. Pengundian akan berlangsung sehingga 29 November 2008 dan akan tutup pada pukul 5.00 petang pada tarikh tutup.

Tunggu apa lagi, mari kita undi berhabisan demi Udui! Sekurang-kurangnya Udui menang satu anugerah tapi lebih bagus dan meriah kalo dia sapu ketiga-tiga kategori yang dia dicalonkan :)

Undi Linda Nanuwil. Contoh di atas telah diberikan. Jangan salah pangkah ahh..

  • I noticed that besides air flight, 'Operating Hours' too spoil the lead of a team.
  • And I must say that The Amazing Race both US and Asia versions likes to go to India. Why? Maybe because they like the craziness in India. The crowds and the transportation!
  • Now I know, Ghandi was born in 1869. Must try and buy 4D :) But Tisha made Ghandi younger, she keyed-in 1977!!
  • The Philippines team proved to be impatient. They kept on switching doing the task at the Detour.
  • At the Roadblock, it was shameful enough for the Hong Kong Team when Ida overtook Sam. Double shameful when Sam quit doing the task! Yikesss...
  • I don't know what the Singaporean team think when Fuzzie volunteered doing the task. I think it should be A.D doing it coz she's lighter.
  • Knowing the Hong Kong team has given up, and will be penalized for four hours by not completing the task, Fuzzie should push herself a little harder. At least for the sake of the US100k!!!
  • I really wanted the Singapore team to be in the final coz I am sure the Malaysians team can beat them any time ;) compare to the Hong Kong team. Urghh!!
  • Three teams are in the finals. Who will win the hundreds thousand dollars? I hope the Malaysians team will win and make a 2nd victory for all-girls team to win the Race! Look on how I arranged their pictures above. I want it that way at the final leg. 1st the Malaysians team, Hong Kong at second place and third, the Philippines team.
  • Stay tuned for the finale on Thursday, only on the Sexy AXN! awwww...

  • It was the third straight win for the siblings! I hope they maintain their lead.
  • Lucky for the siblings when they arrived first at the Holi Festival. It is because the locals didn't throw much coloured powder in the beginning. Came the 2nd and 3rd team, the Indians became crazier.
  • How I love to watch the foolishness of the Divorcees team LoL. Kelly who did the Roadblock just grab the envelope randomly instead of finding the marked one hence the several trips to the ladder.
  • The Divorcees second mistake was they didn't ask their driver to wait for them! At this point, how I wanted so much they become the last team.
  • The next best thing was when Sarah looked for the clue in a bird's food. Yikes!
  • Love to watch the siblings and the mother and son team worked together in the Detour. They arrived first and second respectively, where the siblings won a vacation at Kauai.
  • The frat boys offered to work with the Divorcees but was rejected. Served the Divorcees right! Because of their stubbornness they became the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and was eliminated from the Race.
  • But the most laughable here was when the Divorcees hide their numbers from Ken & Tina LoL!!
  • Tina and Ken told the frat boys what to look for at the Detour which to me was not a good idea at all!
  • Five teams left. Who is the next to leave? Stay tuned!

  • Sometimes it's good to take a cab rather than a rent-car. The Malaysian's team did a good job at the airport, by taking a cab to take them to a stadium.
  • I like the Pheta thing but it's not a challenging task at all.
  • And the telling joke thing was a repetition from the previous Race. Kering idea sudah mengkali ;)
  • I don't know what went wrong with the Malaysian's team on Detour. They were leading then out of nowhere, the Hong Kong team arrived first at the Pit Stop.
  • And it's a shame they didn't take the U-Turn. It was because they didn't bring their picture with them. How could this happened? This is a Race. They should be ready at all time. Lame...
  • If the Malaysian's team U-turned the Philippines, the Singapore team would be the third team arrived. The idea is, the Philippines would be the last team to depart in the next leg. Between the two teams, the Malaysians could easily beat the Singaporeans. But it was too late to regret!
  • Who will be in the final 3? Stay tuned!

  • I was so glad the siblings was first again!
  • Luckily they did the ironing task.
  • And their gloves really helped. So guys, next time if you do join The Amazing Race, bring your gloves!
  • Ken and Tina were so lost. This happened when you get a suck driver!
  • Fortunately, it was a non-elimination leg. Ken and Tina would face a Speed Bump task in the next race as their penalty.
  • What I love most is, there's a love in the air between Dallas and Starr. I hope their friendship continues ;)
  • Who will be eliminated next? Somebody is definitely going home on Monday. Hopefully it's not the siblings and the mother and son.


Bah! Para peminat siri Heroes, jangan lupa malam ini. Tayangan perdana musim ke-3 di Channel Star World, pukul 10.00 malam. Selepas tengok The Amazing Race Asia 3, boleh terus alihkan channel anda ke @711 :)

Siapa-siapa yang mengikuti siri ini dari musim pertama hingga kedua mesti tidak mahu ketinggalan untuk menontonnya kecuali lah ada yang sudah awal-awal download. Ceh! tidak aci kan!

Stay tuned!

I've been watching and following closely the USA Presidential election. I've done so many readings and watched so many YouTubes. And I have a lot to say but I just can't put them here.

I can only wish and pray "May God Bless America"
How about Malaysia?

Well, "May God Bless Malaysia too"

  • I was Upset!
  • I was disappointed!
  • I was frustrated!
  • It was all because of a wrong decision on air flight. I don't know what made them to take flight via Singapore!
  • They were arguing at the warehouse! What method?! Just concentrate looking for the clue lah!! Why making a big fuss about method!
  • Wrong decision again at the Detour. They should have choose fish. Don't they like fish??!
  • What everlah! What done is done.
  • Good luck to the remaining Malaysia team. Make us proud! So far, Malaysians never fail to be in the top 3.
  • But I think, there will be no elimination this Thursday. Let's find out!

  • It's very rude for the divorcees whispering and giggling when looking at Dallas and his mother. And especially when they said, Dallas hair-style is like a teen-wolf! Do they think they are so beautiful themselves when they gave comment like that??!! I hope they will out soon!
  • Fortunately, the divorcees didn't disturb the siblings this time around!
  • Oh and by the way, the divorcees were looking for a clue box in a toilet!!! Bodos!
  • And again, the divorcees started to do a task in the Detour before taking their clue! Double Bodos!
  • Well done to Nick and Starr! They won this leg. Their second win. I hope they will win again in the next leg. Please don't let me down. I'm already disappointed with the elimination of Henry and Bernie (TARA3) and I don't want Nick and Starr to follow their fate.
  • There's no way Aja & Ty can catch the other teams coz they were left far behind. And I already expect them to be the last team to arrive. A non-elimination could save them but sadly, it was not. On my personal opinion, this team is forgetable. I could forget them in no time. They don't have the X-factor LoL. So, it's a goodbye to them.
ps. I miss Udui hehehe