• It's not good from the Malaysian teams. They were fourth and fifth place, in the last leg. Come on guys! Pull yourself together! I want to see at least one Malaysian team in the final three.

  • Was I mad when Pinoy team yielded the siblings? Nahh...That's the game should be. I definitely sure the siblings would do the same if they had the chance. At the same time, it was an honour to be yielded. At least you know that you are a threat to the other teams :)

  • Switching the tags on the clothes at the Detour was definitely childish! The Hong Kong team didn't have the guts to yield the siblings but they had the nerve to switch the tags. I am soooo 'disliking' them already!

  • Ok now, let's talk about the Roadblock. Team Singapore and Malaysia (Ida & Tania) didn't finish their climb as lightning streaks across the sky. They were advised not to proceed with their climb and were given the clues. My personal thoughts is, a penalty should be imposed. A 10-minute penalty, perhaps. You have to be fair. The task is not completed. Stick to the rules. Don't blame it to the act of God.

  • Before the teams could check-in at the Pit Stop, they had to do a final task, which is to arrange the 12 Chinese Zodiac accordingly. And I thought, being a Chinese, the Hong Kong team could finish them in no time. To my surprise, the Pinoy beat them for that. (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar)

  • Again, Ida & Tania arrived last. But to their delight, it was another a non-elimination leg and they can keep their cash. However, they must check in first in the next leg or otherwise, take a 30 minute penalty.

  • Somebody is definitely going home on Thursday! Stay tuned.


A very Happy Deepavali to all Malaysians
May we all live in peace and unity always!

  • Rift continued between the siblings and the divorcees. I hope this won't affect the siblings to continue the Race. Leave the divorcees for goodness sake! They are not worth it!
  • Ty had never changed a tyre before? Oh get a life!
  • I like to watch the Maori warriors but the task is a piece of cake. I'm getting tired already. To watch the teams untangle a rope, climbing a tall tower and to spot Gnomes using binoculars? Come on! Give me a break. They were not challenging at all :(
  • The siblings shouldn't abandon the Kiwi task. They lost much time switching a task and Starr got hurt and she cried like a little baby! Urgghh...
  • The Southern Belles lost their competing spirit. It was so boring to watch them. It's good to see them eliminated. So sorry to their fans.
  • With Fast Forward ticket, the Separated Couple won again! It's ok for me, as long as it wasn't Terence and Sarah hehehe
  • The best part of this leg of the Race is to see Phil's dad at the Pit Stop :)

  • What a huge lead by the Hong Kong team. Furthermore, their next destination was their hometown. I didn't surprise when they came first, again!
  • If the siblings chose the fortune cookies, they could leave the other teams too. Sometimes, they need to make a decision wisely. It doesn't mean you are a Chef and you must choose fish! Silly idea.
  • But I like it when Bernie forgot to give back the handbag during the Roadblock. Did she purposely forget or what? LoL.
  • A sweet escape for Ida and Tania. As expected, they were the last to arrive. But true to my instinct, it was a non-elimination leg. As usual, they need to surrender all their money.
  • Another non-elimination tonight? Let's watch and find out!

  • Not reading the clue properly cost the comic geeks of their elimination. A small but silly mistake!
  • I don't really like when siblings Nick & Starr make a rival with the divorcees. If I were them, I shouldn't entertain the girls. The Race is much important than making rivalry.
  • I admired Toni's determination. Considering her age she impressed me. They arrived second at the Pit Stop.
  • I hope the siblings will do better in the next race!

  • The task with the CDs looked like easy but actually it wasn't. I can feel their frustration. But what I couldn't understand is, why Oliver and Mai continued on doing the task. If they had the guts to take on the penalty, I would think they won't be eliminated in this leg. But again, I think they didn't want to continue the Race. They've given up that's why they were slowing down.
  • Lucky for Ida and Tania as they didn't give up with the CDs thing. But going on 'shopping' during the Race is not a good idea. And it wasn't a wise decision from both of them in the Detour either.
  • As for Geoff and Tisha, why didn't they just pay the taxi to lead them instead of asking the way to the coal mine in which they didn't even have a clue on where the place is. Were they ran out of money? Arguing with each other will take them nowhere too.
  • Sam, I hope karma doesn't hit you when you did something against your religion! I also hope that the reward to Santaburi Resort was worth it ;)
  • Nothing much with Henry and Bernie but I am glad they were the second team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Followed closely by the Singaporeans.
Five teams left. Which team is leaving next? But my instinct says, there will be no elimination in the next leg :D

Stay tuned on AXN!

  • I just couldn't understand why Anthony and Stephanie didn't get another taxi when they found out the taxi they got in were in trouble. There's no way I want to push a taxi to make it work. Unless it's a car given to you like what had happened to Henry and Bernie with their jeep. To this silly mistake, Anthony and Stephanie has been eliminated from the Race as they couldn't catch up the rest of the teams especially when they are stuck in the Roadblock as well.
  • The commotion Tina and the other teams made at the airport was just a waste of time which to me should be edited.
  • I found out at least two teams made mistakes during the Detour. Terence and Sarah didn't see the arrow to which should lead them where to take a cab. Kelly and Christy were digging in the sand to look for a container! The locals who were helping them earlier just smiled at them! I laughed! Hey, not only this, this team also made a mistake by not reading the clues properly. They let their taxi go even though it clearly stated in the clue that they should ask the taxi wait for them!
  • Oh and by the way, the Roadblock was a piece of cake! compared to what the TARA3 had. I would write all the names/phrase on the wall myself and read them all to the person who is holding the clues - as simple as that!

  • Ken and Tina each won an 'off road car' by reaching first at the Pit Stop! I hope the siblings can do better in the next leg. Stay tuned guys...

  • Malaysian teams like to get involved with Police LoL. The siblings made an illegal U-turn. In previous season, the Chong's sisters also had problem with the Police. Was it in Australia? I forgot already :D
  • Between the two tasks in Detour, Shoot it looked like simple but actually it was quite frustrating to see the team searched high and low for the clue. Where as in Shape it, AD & Fuzzie finished the puzzle in no time!
  • Fake alliance proposed by the Thai's team? Well, it's their strategy. Be it.
  • I don't know what's the problem with the siblings during the Braille thing. Other teams came and go but not the siblings. Huh!
  • I really give my respect to Ida for taking the tofu just like eating a pizza :D Not really. Not without tears. But it was worth it. They came first at the Pit Stop and some Nokia hp.
  • When it Henry's turn. I had good laugh. He was eating the tofu like he was eating some steak. I even screamed "oh come on Henry. Stop talking and finished your damn tofu"
  • I pitied the Indian teams right from the start. But that's how the game is. You won't know what's in store for you. Car problem is one of them. But why they didn't get any help from the locals? I've no idea. Maybe they are tired and frustrated and couldn't think of how to solve their problem.

Arthur & Anita
  • So far so good. My favourite team, siblings Nick & Starr arrived first at the first Pit Stop.
  • No Road Block in this leg.
  • I'm beginning to dislike Sarah & Terrence.
  • Nice to see Starr with Dallas. A romance on the way, perhaps?
  • Married beekeepers a.k.a. married hippies :) were eliminated. I think it's good for them. The Race is just too tough for them!
Nick & Starr won a trip to Belize!

Stay tuned and I'm expecting more adventures!

Linda Nanuwil & Ebi



Semua gambar di atas boleh didapati di Majalah Mangga keluaran 01 Oktober 2008 bersama-sama dengan cerita menarik mereka yang terkini. Jangan ketinggalan!