It's almost 10pm and I'm tired and sleepy.  Again, I'll be brief.  12 songs performed tonight, so here it goes.

The first round was Queen's songs.

I love the opening performance. but nothing compared to what "Adam Lambert & Chris Allen done before.  Sue me for being bias hahaha

Jessica (Bohemian Rhapsody)
- I just love her voice.  Familiar song with good energy from Jessica.  I kinda like it.

Skylar (The Show Must Go On)
- It was like watching rehearsal!

Joshua (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)
- I'm beginning to get bored with him.  Same performance every week.

Elise (I Want It All)
- Honestly, when I heard they will doing Queen tonight, my thought goes to Elise.  Of all the six, I think she is the only one who really nailed it.

Phillip (Fat Bottomed Girls)
- Without his guitar again this time but, I don't know, I have mixed feelings with his performance.  Maybe Randy is right.

Hollie (Save Me)
- Not only during her performance but all of them, I noticed that the live band and the backup singers are too loud.  I nearly couldn't hear Hollie singing.  She was struggling!

Done with first round and I think the winner is Elise.  The judges gave a standing O to Joshua but JLO chose Skylar as the winner which was supported by Steven  Isn't that weird?

The 2nd round was the Idolettes' favourites.

Jessica (Dance With My Father Again)
- This is my first time listening to this song and guess what, she sang it like I heard it many times already!  Flawless.

Skylar (Tattoos on This Town)
- She tried it again with the guitar.  But no, it's not the same before.  I didn't like it.  I think I agree with Steven here.

Joshua (Ready for Love)
- I can't see why he always get standing ovation from the judges.  And he was given, the biggest promo from the judges.  Do they know what we didn't know?  Like, he always get less votes from the rest, perhaps?  He screeched too much!

Elise (Bold as Love)
- Do you agree with me if I said, she looks like Mariah Carey? :)  I still prefer her first performance than this one.

Phillip (The Stone)
- What was that??  Odd.  Weird.  If not of his popularity he can easily go home tomorrow.  And who was the girl Ryan pointed out?  Phillip's girlfriend?

Hollie (The Climb)
- ok. ok. she did well with this one but is it enough?

I pick Jessica to win this second round.

My bottom three are

(oh dear, did I just choose both guys? well, it's ok.  I think Elise might go.  Not because she was the weakest but because of less votes for her.  I hope not Jessica coz after Colton, she is the reason I watch American Idol.  She really can sing, and that's the reason me liking her)

My last note:
why did JLO given more time to criticize?  sometimes, when it was Randy's turn, she still keep on talking.  sometimes when Ryan asked Randy or Steven's opinion, it was she who do the talking!  Next time, we need judges who can really give critiques like Jimmy Iovine & Simon Cowell!  I had enough of the pretentious judges! 

Sue me now for saying America teenagers would vote for Colton! I know Colton was the weakest of all last night and I even predicted that he would land in bottom three but I thought, the girls would vote for him. They didn't obviously! Too bad. I thought Colton would be in the finals with Philip [don't get me wrong here, I mentioned Philip because the girls love him so I'm sure he would be in the finals].

After tonight, I am now very sure, American Idol is so desperate to have a girl to win this time. Look back guys. The last time a girl win this was in Season 6 and that was Jordin Sparks. So, how desperate they are?

Let's go to tonight's elimination show.

We heard Ryan announced 53 millions vote came in. That's a lot of money! Then the top 7 Idols sang "Dancing in The Streets". Urgh! never heard of this song. I am so way behind :)

Joshua and Hollie called first. It was easy to guess. Joshua is safe and Hollie is not.

Kris Allen [Kris who?] performed which introduced by another former winner of Idol, Taylor Hicks. While watching him singing, I'm still thinking, how and why this guy won the American Idol. Give me Adam Lambert!!!

Next, Ryan called Skylar and Elise. And again, it was easy to guess. Yes, you are right. Skylar is safe and Elise was sent to join Hollie.

And then, a tribute to Dick Clark. Oh please forgive me, I don't know him at all.

LMFAO performed 'Sorry for Party Rocking'. Did I hear them out of tune? Oh, never mind!

Let's continue with the result. The last three were called, Colton, Philip and Jessica. First, Jessica is safe. Leaving Colton and Philip, which to me they already planned it that way. They used to compare this two guys which Colton hated it. Philip is safe and for the first time, Colton landed in bottom three [what a way to land in bottom three and immediately sent home].

Oh dear Colton, why in the first place you took Lady Gaga's song?! I never like this so called Lady! There's a reason for that. I won't mention it here because it is too sensitive. But I give you a hint ~ Religion?

Hollie, Elise and Colton. Who is going home? Elise sent for safety. I think by looking at Hollie, she is so ready to leave. But no, it was not going to happen. America loves Colton so much and they can't wait till May for him to leave the American Idol. So, there you go America, Colton is all yours :)

To make amends for his 'sins' [for singing Lady Gaga's song last night], Colton dropped to his knees and sang his religious song, "Everything". You are forgiven Colton! Next time, don't take Lady Gaga's songs!

Next week, two guys left and four girls to perform.

I attended a course on Corruption, Fraud and Integrity today and I'm officially tired! But still I managed to catch the American Idol Top 7 performances and truly, I was not enjoying them :( Except for a few, the rest were just 'shouting' to me and they were giving me more headaches! Since I'm tired and sleepy, I'll be very brief on my opinion tonight's performances.

The 1st round:

Hollie (Rolling in The Deep by Adele)
- Ok. I was entertained :)

Colton (Bad Romance by Lady Gaga)
- I disconnected from him.

Elise (No One by Alicia Keys)
- Good job.

Phillips (You Got It Bad by Usher )
- B o r i n g! (Furthermore, I changed channel to watch Justin Bieber in 'The Voice', giving us a glimpse of her 'Boyfriend' video clip.

Jessica (Falling by Alicia Keys)
- OK because I familiar with the song.

Skylar (Born This Way by Lady Gaga)
- I missed her performance because I was watching Blake Shelton in 'The Voice' choosing on one of his teams to the semifinals. But again, I'm sure Skylar was doing good.

Joshua (I Believe by Fantasia)
- I missed the earlier part because I was still on AXN. But I saw the judges gave him a standing O, so he probably did well.

The 2nd round:

Hollie (Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield)
- Average.

Colton (September by Earth, Wind & Fire)
- Better than the first song.

Elise (Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye)
- Trying so hard!

Phillip (In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett)
- This is I want from Phillip. Disconnect from his guitar! I like it.

Jessica (Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding)
- She was pushing too hard!

Skylar (I Heard it Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye)
- I almost doze off at this time - because I'm so damn tired. I was not concentrating. All I can say is, come on. Finish it. I wanna go and take my shower!

Joshua (A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke)
- I like the beginning of the song but when he stretched his vocals , I said, oh no, not again! I have enough headache already :(

My bottom three are:


But I'm sure America is loving Colton, so it could be Hollie. Though Joshua gets TWO standing O from the judges, I have this feeling that he will land on bottom 3 again. It's not because you were good but it's about, do the fans voted for you?

Anyway I have this freaky feeling that Jessica will go home tomorrow night.

It was all dramatized. It was chaos!

The judges said, “America got it all wrong!”

And I said, “No, America didn’t get it wrong. America wanted this girl out”. There is no way this girl can survive to the final, what’s more to win the American Idol. This is “AMERICAN IDOL” remember? It’s not ASIAN IDOL or PHILIPPINES IDOL or SPANISH IDOL! A little bit of racist? Maybe :)

Let’s recap what happened during the Top 7 elimination.

First, Ryan called Hollie and Jessica. After all the comments where we heard Jimmy Iovine agreed with me :) Ryan sent Hollie to the left of the stage to form a group and Jessica on the right.

The next duo called out was, Phillip and Elise. Happy to hear Jimmy’s comment on Phillip. He is getting boring every week. If not because of his looks, I think he has long gone. Phillip was sent to join Hollie and Elise to Jessica.

Ryan then called Colton and Joshua. Ryan asked Colton when could he get a standing ovation from the judges which Colton answered, “I really don’t know!” True enough, it was only him who didn’t get a standing o from the judges. But believe me, standing o is nothing. What important is the fans’ votes for you! After we heard all the comments, Ryan sent Colton to Phillip and Hollie’s group and Joshua to Elise and Jessica's group.

Skylar was the last one called. As I already predicted Ryan's game, Skylar was safe and was asked to choose which group should she join. I think this game is already outdated. Nobody is playing with Ryan's game. In the end, Ryan guided Skylar to the safe group and that was Hollie, Philip and Colton's group.

The bottom three were Joshua, Elise and Jessica. When asked by Ryan, Steven Tyler revealed, "we are definitely will use our save vote tonight" Bummer! At this time, I suspected that everything is all planned before hand. Then, Joshua was sent for safety. It was now between Elise and Jessica.

When Ryan announced Jessica is about to leave the competition, everybody seemed genuinely shocked except for the judges though. They were all acting! When Jessica asked to sing for her dear life, the judges stopped her and Randy announced they will use their save vote for her. Chaos happened after that.

Of all the six Idols, Skylar seemed unhappy. The rest were all smiling and happy for Jessica except Skylar. I'm not sure whether I'm the only one who sees that but I'm very sure, she was not happy at all. I hope she would go next before Jessica. Oh yes, I'm very sure Jessica won't make it to the finals. America will vote for truly and genuinely American even though Randy beg them to vote for the best. This is not about the best anymore. This is about America. Whatever!

James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson at least cool me down that night :)

Tonight, the Idols sang songs from year 2010 til now. Let's see how did they do, in my opinion.

Skylar (Didn't You Know How Much I Love You by Kellie Pickler)
- As we know she is so into Country so she has no trouble at all delivering Pickler's song.

Colton (Love The Way You Lie by Skylar Gray)
- Everytime he performed with the piano, he did well. I like the way he bring this song.

Jessica (Stuttering by Jazmine Sullivan)
- No doubt she has big and flawless voice. But I was distracted when she always looked down. She forgot the camera/audience especially audience at home. She almost missed the piano when she sat down to end her performance so, another distraction for me.

Joshua (Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars)
- Bruno Mars is one of my favourite singer this era and I love all his songs. I think Joshua was having fun and he did good. But a standing ovation from the judges? Ridiculous!

Hollie (Perfect by Pink)
- At first she was doing alright. But when she hit the high note, I can sense big trouble. And for the first time, the audience didn't make a noise even when Randy gave his criticism. Randy said, it was weird when everybody is so quiet :)

Phillip (Give a Little More by Maroon 5)
- He was the weakest among all. I tell you, nothing change. If not for the teenagers voting for him, he could go home tomorrow night!

Elise (You and I by Lady Gaga)
- A copy cat performance from Gaga. She did well but nothing to wow about. It was just like watching Gaga performed in Elise body LOL!

The Duet

Phillip & Elise (Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye)
- I like the song even though Phillip doesn't like it :)

Colton & Skylar (Don't You Want to Stay by Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson)
- Colton is 'buried' by Skylar! And I tell you, Skylar will be in trouble due to the gossip that these two is dating. Colton's fans won't like, that's for sure!

Joshua, Hollie & Jessica (What's Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger by Kelly Clarkson)
- The weakest duet! I can't believe it when their pitch were all over. No chemistry at all!

My bottom three (if they do bottom three tomorrow night)


By the way, James Durbin and Jennifer Hudson are performing tomorrow! Can't wait for James :p

American Idol is so desperate to have a girl as a winner because the guy is sent home one by one and the judges had no interest to save them. Now we have four girls versus three boys.

Let's see what happened during the elimination night:

Firstly, we were told that Joshua is not feeling well. Then, another promo from one of the judges. A new video from JLo. All I can say is, too much flesh!

Ryan this time called the Idols in pair. Joshua and Jessica were called to the centre stage. Both are safe. A group called The Wanted performed. Not bad.

Next, Colton and Skylar were called. But before Ryan announced who is safe and who isn't, he called another pair, DeAndre and Hollie. DeAndre was sent to the bottom three and Hollie joined him after that. Colton and Skylar are safe.

Former Idol, Kellie Pickler took the stage. She looks matured but I was never a fan of her.

Lastly, Phillip and Elise were called. As predicted, Phillip is safe and Elise joined the other two in bottom three. But soon after that Ryan sent Hollie for safety.

When asked by Ryan on the bottom two, JLo said, America had been half right! How biased she sounded. I was waiting who ever eliminated, whether the judges would use the save vote. It was DeAndre and they didn't save him. Meaning, DeAndre is the half right and Elise is the half wrong. The judges are sucks! How could they give comments like that. And I already know that if Elise landed in the bottom again, the judges will save her!

I managed to catch the Idols performances on Youtube. And this is my brief opinion.

DeAndre Brackensick (I Like It by Debarge)
- I love it.

Elise Testone (I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner)
- Struggling.

Phillip Phillips (That's All by Genesis)
- Boring. The guitar, the gray shirts and the performance)

Joshua Ledet (If You Don't Know Me By Now by Simply Red)
- Predictable.

Jessica Sanchez (How Will I know by Whitney Houston)
- I tend to compare her with Whitney and she has a lot work to do. But nice try though.

Hollie Cavanagh (What a Feeling by Irene Cara)
- Pitch issue.

Colton (Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper)
- Rough and I didn't like it.

Skylar Laine (Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler)
- She was trying hard but no, she isn't there yet.

My bottom three should be

and Hollie should go home. But America has decided to send DeAndre home first.

Who is next? Will the judges use their save vote next week? Let's find out.

Blessed Good Friday to everyone! It's Paschal Triduum.

There would be no review from me on Top 8 performance because I didn't have the chance to watch it last night. As much as I like to watch American Idol, but I won't trade my faith with this show.

Yes, last night I was observing Maundy Thursday. I attended Mass of the Lord's Supper. And today, I will be attending Good Friday service at 3pm. It's our remembrance of the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus, our Saviour! This morning at 7.30am, we had done our Station of the Cross.

Tomorrow is Holy Saturday, our commemoration of Jesus, that lay in His tomb.

Day after tomorrow would be Easter Sunday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

God bless us always..

I can't get enough of this. This is Heejun singing for his life during the elimination. This version is much much better than him singing during the performance. I really can feel him. Flawless!