• I think Natalie sabotaged the game. Feeling tired and declared she's giving up during previous leg, I was surprised to see when she volunteered doing the Roadblock. Pailin shouldn't allow her. Looking at her walking slowly and with no heart of completing the roadblock, pissed me off! She didn't try hard like the rest of the teams. Ida is 100% much better compared to her! I pitied Pailin especially during the change of tire and oil. Why join TARA if you are scared of being dirty or break your fingernails? Urgghhhh! Never mind, they are gone for good!
  • What a bad luck for the siblings. First, they got into a bus without air-cond with full of groceries. Secondly, the bus had flat tire on their way to Hue. Then, their jeep always breaks down. They had to push the jeep everytime, to make it works! Actually, this is the real challenge for them!
  • Geoff with his temper again! You can see it when he was doing the stalks. He even scolded Tisha for slowing down. He should encouraged his partner, not yelling at her! It reminds me of another Pinoy team previous season. Henry and his wife (oops forgot her name already)
  • What's with the team looking for a clue box? The clue isn't always in a clue box my dear friends :) Their clue was actually sitting nicely on the tri-cycle LoL
  • The siblings had an accident. I thought Bernie fainted after she was thrown out from the tri-cycle. Fortunately, both of them are fine.
  • The siblings arrived first again! And they won a cam-corder each. Nice!
  • Ida and Tania came in third. Good performance from team Malaysia. Go Malaysia!

The latest season of the Amazing Race is premiering tonight at 9pm on AXN. The eleven teams has been released by CBS. They are:

Aja and Ty [Long Distance Couple] & [Andrew and Dan - Frat Boys]

Anita and Arthur [Married Beekeepers] & Anthony and Stephanie [Dating Couple]

Kelly and Christy [Divorcees] & Ken and Tina [Separated]

Marisa and Brooke [Southern Belles] & Mark and Bill [Bestfriends]

Nick and Starr [Brother and Sister] & Terence and Sarah [Newly Dating]

Toni and Dallas [Mother and Son]

I am so looking forward for this Race. Although I'm still hoping for both girls team to win the Race, but at this point, I think I'm gonna follow the brother and sister team (Nick & Starr) just like Henry and Bernie of Malaysia ;)

Stay tuned!
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As we all know, fuel is reduced to RM2.45 per litre, which is 10 sen cheaper from the current price beginning from Thursday. Isn't that great? :)

And the second good news is, Sabah civil servants will get their half month bonus this weekend. The other half will be paid in December. I had received mine early this month and it was all spent for raya cookies.

Anyone wants to belanja me? Ritt or TS, perhaps? If not, hubby is always there hehehe

Good job Malaysian's teams! Bernie & Henry arrived first and received a year supply of petrol. Bestnya! I also respect Bernie's determination during the Roadblock.

The Korean brothers has been eliminated from the Race. It's tough indeed. Two teams are now out of the competition. Who will be next? Stay tuned on AXN.

My Findings:
  • Never ever assumed that you are in the right track. This is what had happened to Oliver and Mai. They postponed their trip to the Gibbon Park which made them the last team to arrive at the park. Pailin has a good instinct though.
  • The road block is tough! It hurts some of the teams including Bernie when they were hit by a sniper!
  • Airport chaos must be handled professionally by the teams. Once you make a wrong decision then, you are gone! Kudos to the Malaysian teams for making a wise decision.
  • A Beauty Queen couldn't sleep at the airport! Why did she sign up for the Race in the f irst place anyway?? Lucky enough they have good airport to sleep in!!
  • Unless it's a Roadblock, never ever try your luck in dealing with sampan especially when you have no experience. Fortunately, the Malaysian siblings chose the right detour.
  • Why did Mai cry over the chicken?? No idea!!
  • Silly idea from Henry when he tried to abandon their chickens and try to locate the market. Bernie with brains save the situation.
  • Tania chose smaller chickens so that it won't burden them. Good idea Tania!
  • Geoff is very rude, don't u think so? I was shocked to see him blowing his whistle to get a cab, gosh!!! He has no respect to the locals too. He just grabbed one man and asked him to drive them! But I had a good laugh to see Geoff and his girlfriend carrying the groceries at the market. Karma returns to him! Padan muka!

Remember Shanel? A Sabahan who joined a reality show called Audition @NTV7. Yes, that's her. I was wondering what happened to her after the show. Then, one fine day, Mr Dasenson @ TanakWagu invited me to chat with Shanel. Oh Yes, I did chat with her. Nice young lady and very friendly.

Shanel is getting married today! Congratulations to you dear Shanel. And good luck in everything you do.

Please visit Shanel at her newly set up blog. Click here peeps!

Today is the day to remember when Malaysia is formed
A very Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians wherever you are...

  • Dubbed as the toughest race ever - no doubt about that. Eating bugs and scorpions? No way. I couldn't have done it.
  • I'm happy for Henry and Bernie a.k.a the siblings, by finishing first in eating the bugs but then, their taxi driver screwed their lead.
  • The siblings arrived second last in the next task but again, they finished first. Cleaning the huge bus was not an easy job to do. They were the first team to check in the chartered bus.
  • It was already dark when the teams reached Chiang Mai. This gave problem to the siblings to locate their clues. They are the only team hopped-in the second bus.
  • In Detour, the siblings chose Rice where they got to pound some rice and make rice ball. They did well in this Detour. They arrived third at the first pit-stop.
  • The other Malaysian team - Ida & Tania finished fifth. So far so good for the Malaysian Teams - Good luck guys!
  • The last team who arrived at the pit-stop was cousins, Neena and Amit. They were eliminated from the race. And I thought, this would be a non-elimination leg of the race. Well, it's ok. The lesser the better :lol:
My findings

I wouldn't share my taxi with other teams especially when you are heading to the pit-stop. Geoff and Tisha should learn from their mistake. They were actually the first team (they came together) arrived at the pit-stop. Although Oliver was already there but his team mate, Mai was far behind. This cost Geoff and Tisha US$5000!!

It's good to see Paula Taylor (TARA2) with Allan Wu welcoming the teams. I hope they can do the same when/if they come to Malaysia. I wanted to see the Chong's sisters again!

OK lah. Time's up. Teka-teki telah ditutup. Tidak aci bah. Yang menjawab adalah orang-orang yang sudah tahu jawapan hehehe. Kepada yang tidak tahu, jawapannya ialah, tengok gambar di atas. Dia lah empunya kek yang tidak habis itu. Kena paksa makan, ada saja alasan dia hahaha. Sori kio Linda, gurau-gurau saja bah...

Akhirnya! Saya dapat ambil gambar masa Linda sign autograph. Yang ini pun, terpaksa berebut-rebut tempat. Kena cari angle yang ngam bah. Kalo tidak, ambil gambar rambut saja :)

Apa-apapun, ini gambar peberet saya. Candid bah ni. Tidak tau apa Linda buat. Cuba kamu teka, apa Linda sedang buat :)

Linda makan kek sebiji pun tidak habis. Cuba tengok apa saya order. Gerenti naik 5kg selepas makan ini.

Yang ini, makanan itu geng duduk sebelah saya. Saya kurang pasti dia dapat habiskan atau tidak. Yang saya dengar, itu sambal pedas dia bilang hehehe. Pedas itu lah yang sedap bah...

Ini pula, peminat-peminat Linda yang bertapuk. Diorang mau keluar bah tu tapi takut sama itu boss diorang hehehe. Tapi kamu lah juga yang paling sporting!

Akhir kata, jutaan terima kasih kepada Udui yang sudi beramah-mesra dengan kami walaupun dikhabarkan dia sibuk. Biar hujan lebat, kilat sabung-menyabung dan jalanraya sesak, tapi demi Udui yang hanya dapat meluangkan masa pada hari itu, terpaksalah saya tempuhi. Wah! macam puitis lah pula hehehe.

Harap dapat berjumpa lagi kio Udui....You are the best!

I am so happy for Serena. She won the championship and immediately became World No. 1. I also enjoyed watching her game against Jankovic. She teach us to never easily give up!

As for Men's singles. Federer won for the fifth time but he is still No. 2 behind Nadal. Men's final was quite boring. As if, Murray lost his confidence. How I wish, it was Nadal playing against Federer in the final.

Until next year!


Jelena Jankovic vs Serena Williams

Who is gonna win? Both of them has the chance to become the new world no. 1 after this tournament. I hope Serena will win. The last time she won the US Open title was in 2002. It's time for Serena to show the quality of playing tennis. Good luck Serena!


Racers of The Amazing Race Asia season 3 had been revealed last Thursday. By the look of it, they are ready to RACE! I think I'm gonna root Malaysian's team, Bernie and Henry Chan ;)

Last but not least, a quiz to all my faithful readers :)

Who do you think ate this cake and didn't finish it even after so much persuasion? Do you need a hint? Well ok, the hint is : a singer!

First and foremost, a big apology to all SciaS faithful readers for I was not able to update my blog. My modem & CPU broke down due to a thunderstorms in my area, last Saturday :(

I've bought a new one complete with a Wi-Fi. And my CPU sent for repair. Since it's still under warranty, I was told, I can only collect it in one month's time *blur*

But what matter most is I can blog again *glad*

Latest updates on Tennis US Open 2008:

Roger Federer is waiting for either Novak Djokovic or Andy Roddick in the semis. And I HOPE it would be Roddick :)

Stay tuned.
pic credits : Julie Jacobson_AP & Nick Laham_Getty Images