Why oh why the cowboys took a risky move? They took a later flight from the other teams which is to me is real gamble. I hope they don't do it again as the next leg, somebody will be definitely going home.

In this leg, Zev and Justin became the first team to arrive won themselves each a 2012 Ford Focus!! Now I'm jealous!

Mallory and her dad arrived last and lucky for them as it was another a non-elimination leg. But they have to perform a Speed Bump in the next leg. And I hope this will give advantage to the cowboys to do some catch up.

Because of trusting the information given, the cowboys nearly couldn't make it. The cowboys brothers are the only team who took a different flight to Delhi, India and were left far behind by the rest of the teams.

In a Roadblock, I was so disappointed with Ron. He lost his way to search for the Holy Men. I'm sure the cameraman following him swore on him! Even the cowboy who was one hour late passed him.

Their Detour was a choice between making fuel patties made from buffalo manure or delivering hays to a designated place. Lucky for the cowboys to choose the delivering hays. They did it in no time reached the Pit Stop before the Goths and father and daughter team, Ron and Christina.

Ron and Christina was the last team to arrive and had been eliminated. Sigh!

I didn't watch but I listened to Stefano's singing tonight. All I can say is, he will be safe. Either because of he was good or because of out of pity. And James Durbin is the BOMB tonight! Who would take the risk like James did? Heavy metal, anyone? Though I'm not a rocker or metal type of a person, I enjoyed James' performance. Hopefully, America will vote for him more!

Let's see how they did tonight:

Paul - I would vote for the sax girl :) Means? I'm not buying Paul's performance tonight. The same performance every week. There's no improvement at all.

Lauren - Is she really good than Miley? I don't think so. She was okay but there's nothing to shout about.

Stefano - I like the 'Stefano' tonight. He proved that he is as good as Pia. And there's no reason for them to boo him again.

Scotty - Okay fine. He is a country singer. No point for him to stay longer in the Idol. He can leave now and make a country album.

Casey - What? Another standing ovation for him from the judges? Oh I know why. The judges wanted to tell America to vote for the person whom they save. The judges are scared that their decision to save him is actually wrong. Well, for me Casey was a little bit shaky in the beginning. But the bass guitar thing cover his 'mistakes'.

Haley - This is, I agree with Randy. It was just a karaoke for me.

Jacob - He is getting weirder and weirder every week. Another boring performance. As I look at him every week, macam pondan bah dia ni kan oppps!

James - Finally! The most awaited 'concert'! I enjoyed his every moves including the one he went on top of the judges' table. And what's more? Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist backing up his performance? That's awesome! The most memorable performance so far in this season.

Who I want to be in the bottom three?


Ryan will send Haley to safety first. And it would be between Paul and Jacob. I really want to send Jacob home but with the praise he received from the judges tonight, so I think It's time to say goodbye to Paul.

I was pissed off! No, not because of Pia was sent home but because of the audience booing and listening to the judges comments. Who cares about Pia's elimination. Sooner or later, she will go! Although she has a good voice, I'm still bored watching her performance. That's why I am never a fan of her.

I am not a Stefano fan but I feel sorry for him and I was more concerned on him. It was like the booing was meant for him. Luckily James was there for him. Hey! It wasn't Stefano's fault by the way. America decided to keep him and sent Pia home.

We hear J-Lo says "I have no idea what happened here. I'm shocked, I'm angry. I don't even know what to say".

What is this? Don't tell me that you don't know that this is a reality show. Somebody must go every week, so what? What would J-Lo say if it was Stefano who is eliminated?

Randy blamed America for not picking up their phone?! Was that a marketing strategy or what? I know why Pia was sent home. It was because her fans taking for granted that she is safe especially when Christian Slater's daughter is a fan of her. So everybody thought there is no way she is going home. To Pia's fan and also to the judges "suck it up!"

I was wondering now, are the judges feel that they shouldn't have use their safe vote for Casey? I am laughing out loud now! You can see Pia's reaction that night. When Ryan announced her name, she was immediately looking at the judges and was like pleading silently "please save me!" LoL!

After the double eliminations last week, the remaining contestants did a rock and roll tonight. But frankly, I wasn't moved. I found them boring. I found it even more boring when the judges were all in praise to all the contestant. Judges, are you sure you did the right thing?

Let's see what I saw and heard:

Jacob - I don't think this is the best for Jacob. But singing 'Man in the Mirror' is not easy either. So much so, I still think he won't go far. And telling to America of being in bottom three is not a wise idea at all.

Haley - I think she over-done the growling thing. Am still not a fan.

Casey - Not a memorable performance. I think my brother in law's version of 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain' is much better than him ;)

Lauren - Bad moves on choosing Aretha Franklin song. To sing her song, you must have big voice like Kelly Clarkson. Lauren is still immature to me. Oh please grow up!

James - He knows his game very well. When other contestants doing up-tempo songs, he chose a ballard-rock from the Beatles and he nailed it. I've been waiting for him to do other than fast number and he did it tonight!

Scotty - A Weird impersonation of Elvis and very corny too.

Pia - Relatively she rocked tonight. Vocal wise yes she nailed it but her performance wise, she did nothing. She made a safe move. I was expecting for her to move like James did in previous shows.

Stefano - "When a Man Loves a Woman" is one of my favourite songs. But I can't connect this song with Stefano. Something is missing. He is in danger unless of course all the teenage girls will vote for him like mad!

Paul - Jerky, Cocky, Corny and Crazy. But I think America loves him.

J-Lo & Steven - I'm getting tired of your 'amazing' and 'beautiful' comments. Get an idea!

My bottom three will be:


with Stefano leaving the Idol. I really wanted to choose Haley to go home but if this is happen, then we only have two females left and we don't want that to happen, yet!

Whatever it is, let's see who is going home tomorrow night.

Margie and her son, Luke were eliminated from the Race. It was all because of tea. Luke became desperate to find the right tea in a Roadblock. I can feel his desperation but if he push himself a little bit more I'm sure he could finish the task in no time.

Mallory and her dad won this leg and won themselves a million rupees! which is equivalent to USD20,000.00.

My favourite, the cowboy brothers, Jet and Cord and also father and daughter team, Ron and Christina took second and third place respectively.