The Williams sisters won the Women's Double in Melbourne

Too bad Jie Zheng and Li Na lost in semis. I really was hoping one of them cruised to the finals. Well, never mind. It's up to Serena Williams now. Hope she can defend her title in Melbourne.

Serena vs Justine today!

Andy Murray vs Roger Federer tomorrow

I'm gonna pick Serena and Andy to win ;)
Latest updates:
Serena Williams and Roger Federer won

Too bad, Andy Roddick was knocked out by by no. 14 from Croatia, Marin Cilic.

But at least Jie Zheng won!

Now, it would be between Venus Williams and Na Li. I am a fan of Venus but Na Li is from Asian and I'm supposed to be supporting her LoL. Well, whoever wins, I don't care and I don't mind. I hope they will show a good tennis, that's all...

I will put my fingers cross on Serena. Hope she will win!


Janell Wheeler

Last week's auditions were at Chicago and Orlando. I don't have favourite except for one and she is Janell Wheeler. She sang 'House of the Rising Sun'. She was only a few seconds on TV but I think she can sing.

Speaking of 'House of the Rising Sun', there was one guy, Andrew Fenlon who did the audition at Atlanta and sang the same song. And I thought he is good LoL. Watch the video below:

The ongoing Australian Open shows that all big names cruise to Quarter-finals. They are

Roger Federer
Novak Djokovic
Nikolay Devydenko
Andy Roddick
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Andy Roddick is schedule to play against Marin Cilic.

Venus Williams
Serena Williams
Na Li
Justine Henin

Jie Zheng is schedule to play against Maria Kirilenko.

I hope Na Li and Jie Zheng of China could make it to the next round. Andy Roddick too :D

Katie Stevens

Yes! It's American Idol again and it's season 9! I just watched the Atlanta audition and Boston's last night. And I can't wait the rest.

It's too early to predict but I have a few favourites already! And they are:

Boston's audition:
Maddy Curtis (16 yo)
Katie Stevens (16 yo)
Ashley Rodriguez
Joshua Blaylock (he got Andy Roddick's eyes hehehe)
Justin Williams

Atlanta's Audition:
Noel Reese (16 yo)
Mallorie Haley

I love to see young and fresh faces. I hope all the 16 years girls will pass through Hollywood week and make it to top 24. And I'm hoping a girl will win this year ;)

Until the next auditions ciao for now!


It's 2010!

So, what's up?
Tennis in Melbourne is coming up!

And I'm desperate to change my blog's template
but am still looking for the most suitable
hopefully it will be done soon..........

until next post
stay safe everyone!