Barcelona defeated Manchester United 2-0 to claim the Champions League title. Am I disappointed? Of course I am. ManU is almost there but yet so far. Nevertheless, congrats to Barca.

But what make me so geram at this moment is when my brothers and cousins ejek-ejek saya atas kekalahan ManU. To me, diorang ni sebenarnya jealous sebab team kegemaran diorang, Liverpool ntah ke mana. At least, ManU dapat juga sampai ke final. Where is Liverpool? Where is Chelsea? Where is Arsenal? Kenapa tidak berabis untuk ke final? Shame on you!! Ke final pun tidak, pandai-pandai pula mengejek orang. Memang dasar pendengki!!

Sekurang-kurangnya ManU claimed the EPL title. Kamu dapat apa? Toi langot pun ndak dapat [amik kau!!] hahahaha

Go Red Devils!

pic credits : ((AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia))

To all Linda Nanuwil's fans, don't forget our date on the 29th May 2009 @ 12.30pm at TV2. Please take leave to those who are working and please 'ponteng' class to all students LoL. There might no repeat so don't blame me or yourself for not catching up this telemovie.

Whoever can record it, please do!

By the way, Datin Meliko @ Evelene Stephen Mingkong is from my kampung ;)

[Adam did say the lyrics of this song is so beautiful. It is indeed! - It's so meaningful. Enjoy Adam Lambert's studio recording of this song]

Mad World - Adam Lambert
(o.a. Gary Jules)

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere

Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very
Mad World, Mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
And I feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen

Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what's my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying
Are the best I've ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It's a very, very
Mad World Mad World
Mad World Mad World

I took leave today to watch the Result Show. But it was a disappointing result ever! Adam lost because he is gay and many people detest him? Quite a shame! We should judge him on his original talent and not his personality.

Anyway and anyhow, Americans had chosen their American Idol and the title belongs to Kris Allen [even Kris says, Adam deserves it more!]. We will see what happen to them next. Not today or tomorrow but one year after today!

Congrats to Kris Allen and best wishes to Adam Lambert. I'm Adam's fan since his audition and I would be as long as Adam in this industry.

See you next year on American Idol ^-^

Just finished watching The American Idol Season 8 finale. I won't go in detail on their performances this time. I'll be brief ;) [no point in giving comments coz this is their final performance - nobody cares really!]

It would be great if Adam sing after Kris. But Adam lost to their coin-tossing and Kris chose to sing after Adam. So, Adam goes first.

1st Round
Adam Lambert - Mad World
Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine
[1st round won by Adam. He sang a higher note compare to last time and it was just superbly amazing]

2nd Round
Adam Lambert - A Change is Gonna Come
Kris Allen - What's Going On
[2nd round won by Adam. The best moment from him!]

3rd Round
Adam Lambert - No Boundaries
Kris Allen - No Boundaries
[nobody won. I hated this song myself!]

How I wish, Adam chose a rock song. He might rock the stage and make it hot - that would make the crowds yearn for more! Oh well, what has done is done. Let's just hope the American voted wisely this time and not like previous year. I was so sure David Archuleta would win. I even suspected they switched the results :( Whatever it is, I am still Archuleta's fan! [opps out of topic!]

The Americans were given FOUR HOURS to vote this time. If I could vote, I would be crazy as they are LoL.

Who will be the next American Idol?
Adam Lambert, of course!!!

No detailed review from me coz I didn't watch the final concert from the beginning. Heavy rain last Satudray and our area was blackout since 6pm. The electricity restored at 10.30pm and I only managed to watch Hafiz, Akim, Yazid and Isma's performances [2nd songs]. When it was Aril's turn, it blackout again :( 15 minutes later it restored again but Aril has finished perform.

But overall, the final concert was quite boring. If I compared them with OIAM3, OIAM3 was far better. I didn't enjoy their songs at all. It was like they are just novice in organising a concert. I just wanted it to be ended and get on with the results.

As we all know, Hafiz (46) claimed the champion title. Aril (22) took the second place with Akim (18) in third. Yazid (9)in fourth and Isma (5) in the last place.

What I don't understand is how come Isma didn't get anything? Only a trophy for her?? Nonsense! I'm guessing that Astro had planned to have four finalists only. But since their favourite student was eliminated in week 7 they have no choice - they had to do the AFMasuk. Isma became victim here. Eventhough I'm not Isma's fan but I pitied her for not getting anything!!

AND What with Siti Hajar and Syafi? Everytime the judges compliment Hafiz, diorang tarik muka masam!! But when the judges compliment Akim, bersinar-sinar muka diorang! In the beginning I don't want to believe to what I've read that these two teachers were pilih kasih. Now it really showed. To me, the line up faculty this year failed. Transformasi tinggal nama saja. This is what you get when all women in control LoL

I have a lot more to complain but it just wasting my time. Bagus kalo diorang mo dengar LoL. Kita tunggulah AF8 pula. Siapakah akan beruntung untuk pegang title AF8? Nice number. Ada hong :)) I just hope if there is AF8 again, they will recruite Ramli MS as Pengetua with new faces of tenaga pengajar. Hazami should be one of them. Syafinaz as Vocal tutor. Ogy or Adlin can take Ida's job. The dance floor can be given to any new faces. Cikgu Fati also should be replaced. Barulah ada transformasi!

Last but not least, let's check the list of the champions [so far]

AF1 - Vince from KL
AF2 - Zahid from Selangor
AF3 - Mawi from Johor
AF4 - Faizal from Terengganu
AF5 - Mila from Pulau Pinang
AF6 - Stacy from Sabah
AF7 - Hafiz from Sarawak
AF8 - ? [Kelantan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Perlis, Perak, Pahang]

and the AFMasuk?
AF2 - Linda - 2nd place
AF4 - Lotter - 2nd place
AF7 - Aril - 2nd place

It means, when you were being AFMasuk, there is no way you can claim the champion title LoL

OKlah. I officialy close AF7. See you all next year!

Over 88 millions votes came in and only 1 million separate the top 2! That's was Ryan opening tonight. Then they showed us the top 3 Idols' homecoming. Out of the three, I like Adam's homecoming because he took some time to meet all the young children at Metropolitan Educational Theater. That was so sweet of Adam.

Jordin Sparks performed and I thought I heard her singing flat. Who agree with me? And what was that Katy Perry wearing? A wonder woman? Yikes! The only thing I like was her robe which written Adam Lambert's name at the back LoL.

Then Ryan get on with the result. The first person he sent to sing in the finals next week was Kris Allen. I became more nervous after that. As I said in my previous posting, Kris and Danny fans would do something crazy on their voting and that's what I scared of!

Danny and Adam were standing side by side and both were looking down the floor! [what were they thinking that moment??]. The second person who is accompanying Kris in the finals is Adam Lambert!!!! Now I feel relieve!

And to Danny - good luck to you. You have such a soulful voice. You proved it again tonight. It was flawless [I was nearly in tears coz while he was singing, I was thinking of his late wife. It was like a special dedication to his late wife]. Danny will shine out there just like Elliot Yamin!

I think it will be two hours-finale next week. And if they didn't change anything, both of them are gonna sing three songs [including their new singles]. Let's see what happen then. I might take leave that day coz I don't want to miss anything. [like what happened tonight - during the repeat at 8.00pm they had cut a few. Lucky for me, I watched it first at 6.00pm]

Keep rocking Adam and good luck! Stay tuned guys!

How I wish the American Idol season 8 is not going to end soon. I want more and more especially from Adam Lambert ;) He never failed. Not even one concert. He would always surprise us with his superb performances.

They went home last week. And during that, they received text messages from their judges on what song they had picked for them.

Dance Little Sister - picked by Paula
You Are So Beautiful - chosen by himself

I loved both performances especially his second song. His soulful vocals was just amazing.

Apologize - jointly picked by Randy and Kara
Heartless - chosen by Kris himself

I like his first song [maybe because I know this song]. And I just can't see why Kara criticized her own choice of song. Even Simon said "you can't choose a song and then blame him for not singing it right, you should work with him, like I did" Well a bit sarcastic from Simon but he is telling the truth. On the second song, he has shown us his brilliant vocals. How I just wish he chose a different song - to suit his flawless vocals. A song like Jason Mraz would do. But still, he did very good on both.

One - chosen by Simon [which he said, he got special permission from Bono of U2]
Crying - Adam's picked

Firstly, I got it right when Simon was to pick song for Adam. And it was a positive reaction from Adam when he found out his song. I like his attitude. He won't say he didn't know the song [like Gokey] or whatsoever. He just say "Simon, it's on!"

Back to his performance. His first song was superb. I just love it. No further comments :) But I like the way Simon giving out his critiques on Adam. Simon say "I know it was a bit bias from me, but it was the best song choice!" [of course Simon, you did pick the song brilliantly]. On his second song, it was a bit 'too much' for me but then, being Adam Lambert, whatever came out from him is still good! I just hope he will be in the finals.

Who will be in the finals?
I'm nervous like mad! When Ryan told the three of them that they won't have enough sleep tonight, I said to myself "me too Ryan, me too!". The feeling is so crazy.

My choice will be [definitely] Adam Lambert! But who is accompanying him? Kris and Danny did very well too [Adam said the same thing on both of them]. I would say it would be Danny but something made me change my mind tonight. It was the way Danny expressed himself. He said he didn't care all the opinions on him and never analyze what the judges said on his performance. Danny said he just did what he did. How could you say that when the judges were there to guide you?

Whereas Kris, being humble, he just smiled and didn't say anything. I believe when the judges criticized his first song, his fans gonna triple up their votes on Kris. And this is the one I scared of. Scared of Adam couldn't make it to the finals because Danny's and Kris' fans will do crazy [on voting].

But I'm still hoping for Adam [I am so nervous, that's why the repetition]. I would say Danny will be in the final but Kris could make an upset.

Oh dear! Let's just wait for the result. Stay tuned coz Katy Perry will be there!

How I wish last Saturday was the final concert. I could easily pick the champion. Hafiz did a tremendous performance especially his 'I Believe I Can Fly' number. To tell you the truth, I never like the song. But when Hafiz sang it I was suddenly liking it ;) Akim's 'I'm Yours' also commendable. These two are the real champions!

They did the AFmasuk anyway despite the objections of many people. And we don't have to make a guess who got the 'passport' to the final. It was all planned way ahead. And I already heard that the favourite student is not happy with his new song. Of course he didn't like it coz he knows what people out there wants. Well, he had the two weeks advantage outside and he knows how Tomok won the OIAM competition. He is definitely want to re-arrange his song similar to what Tomok had done. Let's see what happen next.

Isma was boring last Saturday. I don't like her performance. I don't know why but I just don't like her. If she happens to win this Saturday, does she really has the potential to shine out there? I can't see her aura. She doesn't have the x-factor! But being the only girl in the finals [the first time, I think] she has the advantages to be in the top 3 [but not for me, though]

And Yazid? I asked my workmates, how if Yazid wins the AF7? They laughed out loud. They said, if Yazid wins then the music industry is really in trouble. They said, they don't want another Faizal (AF4). You figure it out yourself what my workmates meant!

What they are gonna sing during the final?

Akim - Bencita by Faizal Tahir
Aril - Kasih Tak Sampai by Padi
Hafiz - Kau Bunga Cintaku by Anuar Zain
Isma - Cinta Adam dan Hawa by Misha Omar
Yazid - Kasidah Cinta by Dewa 19

and their new singles of course.

Who I pick to win?
Hafiz the AF7 Champion. Akim the runner up. Aril the second runner up.

Let's find out! Stay tuned for the season's finale this Saturday!

It was more than 64 millions votes came in last night. It is another record! I don't know what's the rating of American Idol Season 8 at the moment but judging through the votes I'm sure it's at the top.

Oh and BTW, the top 4 sang a rock song brilliantly with Slash backing them up with his awesome guitar playing. AND, is Paula singing live or lip-sync[?]

Let's go to the elimination ~

Ryan called the top 4 at the centre of the stage and he said he will call whoever is safe randomly. Meaning there was no bottom three or bottom two. Kris was the first to be told that he will be in the top 3 - with a surprise gesture from Kris of course. I'm sure Kris thought that he was the one to leave tonight based on the judges [especially Cowell] harsh comments last night. But like I said in my previous posting, Kris' fans would do something 'crazy' to save him.

Next is Adam Lambert [definitely!]

When I saw Danny and Allison standing side by side, I was almost certain that I'm right again with my prediction - that Allison would be eliminated. True it is, Danny is safe and Allison was in tears. She was almost there but yet so far. That's how it goes. You are not safe until you are in top 2!

Now we have our top 3! All the three gentlemen will be visiting their hometown. Adam is going no where - well, he will be around at Los Angeles of course. Kris heading for Arkansas and Danny to Wisconsin. Let's see how is the reception of their homecoming.

And next week, they will perform two songs. One is pick by the judges [there are 4 judges so I don't know who and who is going to pick the song] and the other one is chosen by their own. I would say Paula and Kara would join force to pick a song for Danny. Randy to Kris and last but not least, Simon to Adam ;) Let's find out if I got it correct again!

What would Adam's choice of song? Actually I don't really care. I'm sure whatever he chooses he will perform it with a blast. Probably the 'Black or White' song[?]. We will have to wait til next week to find out.

My next prediction is Allen to leave the competition. But I'll see the performances first then I'll make my decision after that ;)

Stay tuned guys!

This week is my most awaited theme because this is Adam Lambert's genre - You really rock Adam! I just can't figure it out why some people dislike Adam so much, is it because he is gay?! Well, Elton John is gay but I love his songs. George Michael is gay and I like his 'Careless Whisper'. So what?! As long as they can sing, that matter most!

Even Slash, their guest mentor tonight is agree with me [cewah!]. For the first time in American Idol history, Slash suggested that they would do a duet [sound fun to me!]

Adam Lambert - Whole Lotta Love
Whoaa...he really give me goosebumps! Never heard a rock song performed like he did tonight. And if performance like that would land him at bottom three or two [again!] then I don't know what else to say. I hope the America vote wisely!

Allison Iraheta - Cry Baby
It should be Allison week too coz she too is a rock singer potential. But listening to her after Adam means she was left far far behind. I think I'm gonna agree with Randy this time. Allison was heard 'munching' her words. And all I can hear is 'cry, baby!'

Kris Allen & Danny Gokey - Renegade
It was like a choir LoL. How could they paired up Kris and Danny. Both of them are not rockers. Kris should duet with Adam and Danny with Allison. But come to think of it, we won't know what disaster would they create *BIG LOL* Anyway, credits to both of them for trying.

Kris Allen - Come Together
Ok now. It's not good to let him sing soon after he made a duet with Gokey. Why did the production arranged their turn like that?? Anyway, whatever done is done. Back to Kris solo performance. I'm a fan of Beatles. I like all their songs and 'Come Together' is one of them. But Kris didn't give a good judgement on this song. It sounded like a mellow rock for me. There is nothing to comment on his performance. He was just okay. He just didn't do it right this time.

Danny Gokey - Dream On
Adam should sing this song!! It doesn't sound good with Danny especially the last note where he screamed endlessly LoL. Gosh! I really laugh listening to him. He murdered this song viciously. Of course Slash made a suggestion that he should scream the last note coz anybody picking up this song is doomed to do the screaming and it was usually the most awaited by audience. BUT if you can't do it then don't! You just make yourself look funny LoL. It was a disaster from Danny :(

Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta
- Slow Ride
What a classy closing performance! But towards the end of their song, Allison seemed to be 'choked' by Adam and was drowning deep. Whatever it is, I enjoyed their performance. Now we know why they did duet together - it was a blast! Something to remember by American Idols' fans like me ^.^

Now, who is going home? [Toughie!]. Based on their performances tonight I should say, Danny should leave. But I'm sure he has a very strong fan-base. But he could land into bottom 3 or 2. Simon did say, Adam might save Allison tonight but the way he criticized Allen, maybe Allen's fans will triple up their votes. Oh dear! it's a tough decision to make.

I think Allen might leave but I'm gonna stick to my earlier prediction and that is - Allison will bid us goodbye tomorrow night. Stay tuned for the results! Chris Daughtry will be there. No Doubt too and Paula Abdul[?]

Another double elimination! Tapi kali ini semuanya telah dirancang dengan teratur. Kenapa pihak Astro menyingkir dua orang pelajar sedangkan Aishah mendapat 13% undian dan Claudia mendapat 11% undian. Kalo kedua-duanya mendapat 11% undian, mungkin ada alasan juga kan. Tapi ini tidak. Sepatutnya hanya Claudia yang keluar. Tapi oleh kerana perancangan telah dibuat awal-awal lagi maka terjadilah penyingkiran dua pelajar.

Sampai sekarang, kami di pejabat ketawa terbahak-bahak bila kami flashback lakonan principal Tiara pada hari Sabtu yang lalu. Mungkin diorang ingat kita ni bodoh sangat sampai tidak dapat membaca setiap lakonan diorang. Sedangkan pada malam tersebut, AC Mizal sudah tersasul mengucapkan 'syabas' kepada Aishah dan Claudia sedangkan Tiara belumpun membuat pengumuman.

Siapa-siapa yang tidak mahu diperbodohkan oleh taktik Astro - SILA JANGAN BUAT AFMASUK! Buang masa dan buang kredit. Saya dan rakan-rakan telah buat 'betting' [macam betting World Cup pula hehehe]. Kami betting siapa yang akan bakal masuk AF balik. 100% cakap, confirm Aril!

Kalo Astro betul-betul telus dan jujur untuk memasukkan balik pelajar yang tersingkir, why don't they ask us to vote di web AF saja? Percuma saja. Tapi dengar-dengar gosip liar, pungutan Afundi tahun ini tidak memberangsangkan. Tidak cukup untuk beli hadiah para finalis nanti hehehe. Ingat! hadiah juara adalah sebijik motosikal tajaan Modenas! LoL

Back to their performance last Saturday [macam tawar hati sudah ni tapi tidak apa 2 minggu saja lagi]

Dia gagal membawa watak sultan. Auranya tiada. Suara pun 'halus' semacam. Suaranya bagai semut dipijak tapi tidak mati LoL [saya ni kureng sikit susun kata-kata]

I chose her as the best performer of the night. Vocal dia terang dan lantang. Mimik muka pun betul-betul menggambarkan kesedihan apabila buah hati terpaksa meninggalkannya.

No doubt he improved BUT with the support of the others. Kalo dia buat persembahan sorang-sorang dia kelihatan kaku. Thanks to all props provided for him.

This little girl has a lot to learn. Tak kan lah sampai ke Konsert Kelapan masih belum ada apa-apa perubahan, ini kan lagi nak transformasi. Transformasi apa kah namanya kalo menyanyi pun belum lulus.

Thanks to Hafiz for giving her mood. Otherwise, I would asleep watching her perform.

Good vocal control. Good acting.

Tugasan minggu ini ~ makanan diorang, katanya!

Larut (Dewa19)
I'm Yours (Jason Mraz)

Laskar Pelangi (Nidji)
I Believe I Can Fly (R Kelly)

Aku Pasti Datang (Bunga Citra Lestari)
Hot & Cold (Katty Perry)

Aku Skandal (Hujan)
Where The Street Have No Name (U2)

Macamana diorang nak mengelak sekali pun, akhirnya lagu-lagu Indonesia juga yang mendominasi. Transformasi? Oh tidakk...

Final concert will be on the 16th May [I heard Stacy will perform - thank God for that! Sekurang-kurangnya ada juga yang mau ditinguk]. Next week diorang akan umum pemenang AFmasuk. So Aril akan masuk di minggu ke-10 sahaja. Masuk saja terus perform di konsert terakhir. Transformasi lah katakannnn...

Special note to all Sabahans
Saya harap kamu tidak masuk perangkap dengan AFmasuk. Jangan sia-siakan kredit anda. Biar Astro kasih masuk free si Rubisa atau Zizi [itupun kalo diorang mau]

Tipulah saya kalo saya tidak kecewa Esther tidak memenangi OIAM3. I am very very disappointed. I voted for her using postpaid and prepaid. Sampai prepaid saya ran out of credit. Sampai begitu sekali saya ingin Esther menang.

Back to their performance last night. To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed to know Sharon Paul yang mencipta lagu untuk Esther. I said, "why not Aubrey Suwito??". Bukan apa, sejak kes Stacy di mana lagu 'Cinta Terlarang' sepatutnya diberikan kepada Stacy sebenarnya telahpun diberikan pada Bob AF2. From there onwards, saya tidak gemar cara Sharon. Langsung tidak professional. And her ciptaan for Esther tidak berapa sesuai. A good song is when we heard it for the first time, ianya 'mesra' di telinga kita. To make this song popular, saya rasa, ianya perlu diolah balik especially part verses. Too low sampai suara Esther tidak kedengaran.

And I think, for her second song, Esther made a wrong song choice. 'Please Don't Stop the Music' didn't blend with Esther. How I wish Esther chose 'Lovebug' from the Jonas Brothers, improvise a bit to suit her voice and I'm sure it would be Esther's night! Or any song from the Maroon 5, 'Makes Me Wonder' perhaps.'s all too late now!

Oh and by the way, I hate her wardrobes! Why did Esther agree to wear those horrible dress. We like the Esther from day 1, simple but astonishing. Similar to Ayu or Marion's dress should be fine. But not the Syafinaz dress either!

No doubt out of the three or six performances last night, Tomok was the most outstanding one [I hate to admit this, really!!] and he deserved to win. His choice of Aizat's song really save him plus the new song composed by Aubrey Suwito, what else can I say!

And to Aweera, he is the new artiste in the making. Believe me, he will outshine Tomok after this. Rock kapak is still very popular among the Malaysians. People are looking foward for a new rocker to replace the aging Amy and Awie LoL. I wish to see Aweera doing duet with Fiq.

On my last words
As you all know Tomok is an established singer. And to tell you the truth I don't even know one song from his group, New Boyz. So, what will happen now? Will people love him more after this or they only love him during the OIAM3? We will see.

All I want from now on is Esther. Even though she didn't win, she has great vocal and great talent. If everything is right with her, perhaps a good recording label will take her then her career will shine BUT she needs our ongoing support.

Good luck Esther and wishing you a bright future as an artiste!

Kepada para pekerja di seluruh Malaysia, SELAMAT BEREHAT dan sambil-sambil itu, jangan lupa mengundi ESTHER OIAM3! Undi seberapa banyak yang mampu. Marilah kita sama-sama juarakan Esther. Jangan lupa menonton Grand Finale OIAM3 @708 yang akan bermula pada pukul 8.30 malam.


The America voted more than 47millions and YET Adam Lambert landed in the bottom 3?? Crazy or what?? Or Adam's fans suffered from that swine flu?? But you know what I'm thinking? The production was creating drama to make this show more fun [what fun is that if the best contestant is in bottom 3?]

I don't believe Kris gets more votes than Adam, not in my wildest dream! Not even Allison Iraheta or Danny Gokey! There must be some technical glitch!! And if there is, the production should make it public. Make some correction!

Matt as I expected, sooner or later would leave. He is a loveable person and I wish him all the best in his career. Let's wait for his first single debut [sure there is bah kan?]

What happened actually?
Firstly, Ryan asked Matt to stand at the left of the stage and Danny to the right. Next was Allison and she was send to be with Danny. And Kris joined Matt. Adam was left standing alone at the centre of the stage. AND RYAN [knowing the result] so cruelly asked Adam to join one group which he thinks is safe! Adam said, "how could you do this to me?" Forced by Ryan, Adam then said, "based on last night, I think this group"- he meant Danny & Allison's group. Ryan asked Adam to join Danny and Allison then. But less than a minute, Ryan announced that Adam doesn't belong to that group coz he was in the bottom 3!! That was so atrocious! I'm so hating you already Ryan!!

I was not concentrating on the show already :( Who cares who is singing anyway! I wasn't enjoying it.

Matt, Kris and Adam were then called back to the stage. Kris was sent to safety!! [OMG! OMG! OMG! I hope it's not Adam being eliminated]. Ryan then said "Adam, you are safe!" phewwww. I already decided not following the show anymore if Adam is sent home!

What will happen next? Adam's fans probably will double their votes. They don't want this happen again next week, do we? BTW, the Top 4 will be doing a Rock & Roll. It shouldn't be a problem for Adam! We will see.

In the meantime, I mentioned in my previous posting, I predicted Allison would leave next ;) We will see that too if I'm right ^-^