As expected, last leg of the Race was the last non-elimination. The four teams are still racing. Unfortunately for Brian and Ericka, they have to perform a speed-bump in the next leg as they were the last team to check in.

So, who will be the final three?

These are my prediction:

I predict this team couldn't make it to the final:

Whoever it is, one thing I couldn't wait is the final task they have to perform before they run to the final mat! I hope it would be interesting ;)

Megan & Cheyne

The father and son team couldn't survive the speed-bump. They also made many mistakes. That caused their elimination. Four teams left. I'm almost sure that there will be no elimination in the next Race.

Whatever it is, I hope Brian and Ericka will through the next Race. I can see they are the under-dog now.

Dating couple team, Megan and Cheyne is unbeatable now. But this is a Race. Anything can happen. Let's find out what happen next.

Opps! and by the way, I like the muddy volleyball :)

Gary & Matt

Oh dear! Who could forget the hays! It was in the season 6 where sisters, Lena and Kristy failed to complete the Roadblock. I was following the sisters then. After 12 hours of rolling the hays to search for the clue, Phil came at the Roadblock and eliminated the sisters as all teams had checked-in.

In this 15th season, the Roadblock re-appeared. But this time all teams managed to find their clues. Father and son team was the last one to check-in but they were not eliminated as it was a non-elimination leg. But in the next leg, they will perform a speed-bump!

Oh no! They were out! The only all-female team was eliminated last week. I've been following them since the beginning. I know they didn't do quite well but I still hope they could make it. But now they are gone!

Now, I'll be watching Brian and Ericka. I hope they can go far!

Mika & Canaan

Oh Mika, you are sooooo.....#@^@#$%!!!

The waterslide is not an extreme activity. If you won't do it for the millions dollars at least do it for your partner. Just close your eyes and off you go....and because of you, your team eliminated from the race.

Anyways, I'm glad Maria and Tiffany improved their position. But one thing for sure, Maria always asked Tiffany to do a task which she considered as tough! I know you are now residing in the USA Maria, but you are still an Asian and being one, please don't let us down!

Stay tuned guys for the next episode....