Seperti peminat AF yg lain saya pun tidak melepaskan peluang untuk menonton Konsert Prelude AF4. 20 calon pelajar telah menunjukkan kemampuan masing-masing. Saya pada malam itu menjadi juri di rumah. Saja testing kebolehan saya untuk menilai persembahan para peserta. Lepas tu, saya compare pilihan saya dgn pilihan juri profesional. I was surprised though sbb almost pilihan saya 100% sama dgn pilihan juri :)

(/) adalah pilihan saya (X) bukan pilihan saya

01. Hazama - Zakia (/)
02. Tasha - Sangkar Emas (X)
03. Amirul - Biru (X)
04. Lynn - Kau Pergi Tanpa Pesan (/)
05. Liya - One Thousands Million Smile (X)
06. Shaz - Munkir Bahagia (X)
07. Leez - Kasih (X)
08. Rich - I'll Be (/)
09. Faizal - Pelangi Petang (/)
10. Farhan - Route 66 (/)
11. Haider - Untuk mu Ibu (X)
12. Karen - Di Muara Sepi (X)
13. Velvet - Naluri (/)
14. Jeff - Picture of my Life (X)
15. Nora - Kali Terakhir ku Lihat Wajahmu (X)
16. Haziq - Umpan Jinak di Air Tenang (/)
17. Diddy - Mimpi yang Tak Sudah (X)
18. Zila - Rindu (/)
19. Lotter - Sunday Morning (/)
20. Salima - Syurga di Bawah Telapak Kaki Ibu (/)

Bila Aznil umumkan 10 calon pelajar yg berjaya masuk ke Akademi, hanya dua saja pilihan saya yg salah iaitu Hazama dan Lynn. Pilihan juri adalah Diddy dan Karen. Meaning, I've got 8 out of 10 correct hehehe. Pilihan SMS tu jgn ceritalah saya langsung x buat prediction. Apa2pun congrats to all 12 students yg berjaya masuk AF4. All the best and good luck!

Aiseyman terlupa pula buat update Carta30. Maklumlah bz saja bah lately ni. Apa-apa pun, selagi Linda Nanuwil masih dalam top 10, saya tetap akan update Carta30 ini.

So, let's check it out carta di minggu ini:

01. (01) M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
02. (02) Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia
03. (04) Nikki ft. Zahid - Cara Mu
04. (07) Ungu - Demi Waktu
05. (03) Radja - Jujur
06. (05) Ruffedge - Lemas
07. (06) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
08. (08) Awie - Iris
09. (09) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
10. (10) Dewa 19 - Laskar Cinta

Kedudukan Linda masih kekal di tangga ke-9. Hopefully, minggu depan ada peningkatan dan bukannya penurunan. Come on LUVers! let's do our job!

Tetamu Faizal Ismail kali ini ialah Nabil. Kecik saja suara si Nabil ini tapi bila nyanyi amboi mengalahkan Michael Jackson :)

Bila lah pula giliran Linda Nanuwil ke konti Hot FM--saya tetap setia menanti...........

Kumaa toinsanan dii mamalamai om manaandak do Tadau Kaamatan

Kotobian om Kounsikaan doid diozu savi-avi
sopi-ampun tokou do kinahasaan om
avanadaan tokou no daa id savat

"Mitatabang Mongomot Kovosian"
"Bersama Menghasil Kejayaan"
"Together Towards a Good Harvest"

30th May - Cultural & Arts performance, Craft Exhibition, Local Sports, etc at KDCA, Penampang
31st May - as above and the grand finale of Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2006 at KDCA, Penampang
31st May - Malaysia Tadau Kaamatan Open House 2006 at UMS, Kota Kinabalu
(live performance by popular artistes such as, Siti Nurhaliza, Felix & Marsha)

Bah geng jgn lupa tengok Konsert Prelude AF4. Siapa yg tidak minat, kasi minat saja bah :p

Turutan yg akan buat persembahan pada malam ini adalah seperti berikut:

1. Hazama 2. Tasha 3. Amirul 4. Lynn 5. Liya
6. Shaz 7. Leez 8. Rich 9. Faizal 10. Farhan
11. Haider 12. Karen 13. Velvet 14. Jeff 15. Nora
16. Haziq 17. Diddy 18. Zila 19. Lotter 20. Salima

Dan juri professional yang mengadili diorang adalah:

1. Rozi 2. Ajai 3. Freddy 4. Ramli Sarip 5. Ramli MS

Saksikan konsert ini secara langsung di Astro Ria @4, pukul 8.30 malam. Stay tuned!


Happy Belated Birthday to my dear Miring Friend - TS
(sori bah..terlupa wish ehem ehem)

Happy Birthday to Scholastica ~ 27.05.06
(I've sms-ed u today kan? hehe)

Katharine Hope McPhee (born March 25, 1984) is an American singer who was the runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol.

Early career

Born in the Sherman Oaks district of Los Angeles, McPhee has been singing since the age of two. Her mother, Peisha Burch McPhee[1], a vocal coach and accomplished cabaret singer, recognized a talent for music in her daughter and started training her. McPhee graduated in the class of 2002 from Notre Dame High School after which she attended The Boston Conservatory for three semesters with a concentration in musical theater. She left because she met a manager who wanted her to try out for parts during the television pilot season in Los Angeles. She did a pilot and an independent film.[2] At the Cabrillo Music Theater in Thousand Oaks, California, she performed the title role in a musical theatre production of Annie Get Your Gun. In June 2005 she played Anna Muir in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, a musical by Scott DeTurk and Bill Francoeur, at NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood.

American Idol

During her initial audition for American Idol in San Francisco, she sang "God Bless the Child." Judge Randy Jackson said she was the best voice he had heard so far that season, judge Paula Abdul praised her looks, and judge Simon Cowell said she was amazing and "current." McPhee's mother had gone with her to the audition, and Cowell made a comment about the possibility that the elder McPhee was a stage mother.

In the final cut-down show for the Top 24, McPhee was the first to be put through and, in excitement, kissed all three judges on the lips. She cried both when she passed her initial audition and when she made it into the Top 24.

In the first round of the semi-finals, she sang Barbra Streisand's version of Buddy Johnson's "Since I Fell for You," again earning high praises as Cowell said that out of the four "very, very good vocalists" of the night, she was the best.

During the week leading to the third round of the semi-finals, where McPhee sang Aretha Franklin's "Think," she was rumored to be quitting due to pregnancy. However, during the performance show on March 7, 2006, she denied this accusation, later attributing it to a poor choice of clothing. Host Ryan Seacrest, with tongue-in-cheek, asked about her and fellow Idol contestant Kevin Covais.

During the week preceding the top 3 show, McPhee visited her former high school for her hometown celebration.[3]

McPhee's run on American Idol led to the popular use of the term "McPheever," coined by Ralph Garman of Los Angeles radio station KROQ's morning show Kevin and Bean, and also "McPhan," "McPhaith" and "Kat Pack."

On the May 23, 2006, edition of NBC's Today Show, Katie Couric mentioned news reports saying that Katharine's greatest assets are her looks and strong fan base, while her greatest liability is the fact that her performances suffer when she is under pressure.

On 24 May 2006, Katharine finished second to Taylor Hicks, the winner of American Idol.


Her first single, including the tracks "My Destiny" and "Think", will be released June 20th.[4]


  • McPhee lists Whitney Houston and Brian McKnight as her favorite artists.
  • McPhee has a sister named Adriana, who was born on June 30, 1982.
  • McPhee is left handed.
  • McPhee is 5'8" (173 cm).
  • McPhee was rumored to be a Scientologist. In the past, McPhee had attended and completed two individual courses in Scientology.[5] However, according to an May 12, 2006 interview on Los Angeles radio station KROQ 106.7, McPhee stated she "dabbled in Scientology" because of a former love interest but is not a Scientologist; according to her, she was "quickly out the door." [6] During a May 26, 2006 interview with Ryan Seacrest on Larry King Live, she once again explained that she is not a Scientologist, and only looked into it because of a former love interest.
  • McPhee has a dog named Lily.
  • McPhee has a goddaughter who was born during McPhee's run in Hollywood.

read more at :

Kalo ikutkan hati malas bah saya mo review the finale of American Idol sbb 'kuda' saya x menang hehehe. Tapi sekarang saya sudah cool a bit walaupun cerita sudah basi tapi saya tetap akan buat ulasan sbb saya sudah posting AI sejak dari mula. Tak kanlah tiba2 tiada penghujung kan ;)

Ok lah, let's talk about their performances semasa final.

Katharine performed:
  • Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • My Destiny
Taylor sang:
  • Living for the City
  • Levon
  • Do I Make You Proud
I was so glad Katharine sang "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree". Like I said before, the song is refreshing. Eventhough I'm not familiar with the song but the first time I heard of it, it was good. I can say it's unique.

Again, Katharine showed her great vocal on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". It was her best performance in the competition!

"My Destiny" is Katharine's new single. To me it was a good song but Katharine was so nervous we can hear her vocal pitchy here and there. But with a crowd like that, who isn't nervous?? Still, she sounded good to me.

Honestly, I can't say more on Taylor's performances. Sorry, Taylor fans :) I'm trying so hard now to recall his performance but I can't. His vocal compared to Katharine is just average to me. Not even good if compared to Chris! All I can remember of him was his crazy dance. His 3rd song was also pitchy. He was as nervous as Katharine. When you are nervous, you can't control your vocals. But to my surprised, the 3 judges didn't even mention this.

And I don't agree on Simon when he said "you've just won the American Idol". As judges you don't give comments like that. You can compliment but you don't pick who is the winner. Furthermore, Simon before the finale had picked Taylor as the winner and it was widely mentioned in the internet. It was like promoting on Taylor. You have not seen the finale yet, how can you say something like that! You can predict but you shouldn't tell the whole world because you are one of the judges. Now, I became too emotional hehehe

But past is past, now we knew the result. Taylor Hicks was voted as their new American Idol. Congrats to him. And congrats to Katharine too for reaching the finals. I wish her all the best and I am sure she will 'shine'. I'll definitely buy her album!

Akademi Fantasia kini muncul lagi. Sekarang dah masuk musim ke-4 kita menjangkakan musim ini lebih baik daripada musim2 yg lalu.

Semalam kita telah diperkenalkan pelajar-pelajar baru yg bakal memasuki AF4 melalui Tirai Akademi. Tapi ntah kenapa saya merasa keboringan cara2 diorang buat pengenalan. Tidak se-best di musim yg lalu. Cam saya tengok kecoh dan kelamkabut :)

Jom kita tengok pelajar2 yg berjaya masuk top 20:

sia amik gambar ini dari

Minggu depan akan berlangsung Konsert Prelude iaitu pemilihan top 12 yang akan meneruskan pembelajaran dalam akademi. Apa yang pasti 10 pelajar akan dipilih oleh juri dan 2 pelajar yg lain akan diundi oleh penonton. Cehhh tahun lalu free tahun ini kena undi pula ish ish ish awal2 lagi dah mengaut keuntungan. Saya jangka AF musim ini akan memerlukan banyak pengundian. Maksud saya, banyak yg akan diperkenalkan oleh pihak penganjur utk para penonton mengundi. Maklumlah nak cari keuntungan. AFLagu & AFpre adalah salah satu contoh. Nasihat saya, berpadah-padahlah. Berhibur, berhibur juga tapi jangan pula end of the day, kita terpaksa makan meggi mee saja. Betul kah tidak, Noey?? Noey mesti jawab "tepuk dada tanya selera" hehehe

Seperti di AF yg sudah2 saya akan pilih seorang dua pelajar sbg pilihan saya. Tapi buat masa ini, saya tidak akan pilih lagi sbb saya tunggu senarai top 12. Saja suka-suka bah :p

Ramalan saya terhadap lagu Linda Nanuwil Jika Kau Kekasih untuk memperbaiki kedudukan ternyata meleset. Adoii sedih lah. Nak buat camana harap2 peminat setia Linda Nanuwil akan mempergiatkan lagi pengundian di minggu depan. Nikki pun jatuh 2 anak tangga.

Jom kita tengok kedudukan di minggu ini.

01. (01) M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
02. (04) Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia
03. (03) Radja - Jujur
04. (02) Nikki ft. Zahid - Caramu
05. (07) Ruffedge - Lemas
06. (10) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
07. (06) Ungu - Demi Waktu
08. (09) Awie - Iris
09. (08) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
10. (05) Dewa - Laskar Cinta

Sudahlah saya dlm kesedihan sbb lagu JKK turun 1 anak tangga, kehadiran Farah Wahida nampak gayanya tidak dapat mengubati kekecewaan saya hmmm apa yg tidak kena? ntahlah. Sabar menanti kemunculan Linda Nanuwil di HotFM!

It took me a few days before buat posting on American Idol. Why? Sebab saya kesian dgn Elliot. Eventhough Katharine and Tylor are expected to be in the finals, I was still hoping Elliot could make it. Nyaris2 bah Elliot masuk final 2. When they revealed the result on a big viewscreen, I was like wow! Their percentage was so close!


Then, the screen revealed that Elliot would be going home. Elliot took the elimination news so well walaupun dalam kesedihan. Well, that's reality! And this will be the last for us to hear Daniel Powter's song 'Bad Day'. I kinda fell in love with the song :p Here's the lyric:

Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
You tell me your blue skies fade to gray
You tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carrying on

You're standin' in line just to hit a new low
You're faking the smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carrying on

Cause you had a bad day

You're taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carrying on
You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

Sometimes the system goes on the blank and the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know that you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong
So where was the passion that you needed the most
Oh you and I You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You see what you like
And how does it feel
One more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Next week, will be the finale and it would be between Katharine and Taylor. Who will be the next American Idol?

Stay tuned on Star World!

the teams at the final pit stop (fr R-L : Tyler BJ Jeremy Eric Yolanda Ray)

The Hippies arrived at the final pit stop in action! Just imagine, these two bestfriends nearly eliminated twice! but ladyluck was with them all the time.

From Bangkok, Thailand they proceeded to Lake Yamanaka, Japan. Which the hippies won the race, Eric & Jeremy were second. Ray & Yolanda was the last team to arrive but since it was the third non-elimination race they were still in the race. As usual, they have to surrender all their money and possessions. Jeremy was so mad at Tyler for telling lies at the roadblock but what did Tyler answered to him? He said, "we are even now after you cancelled our taxi last time" hahaha Take that Jeremy!

From Japan, they have to go back to their starting point, Denver. BJ & Tyler has given some money (in Yen i think) to couple Ray & Yolanda. When you are kind to people, they will return back it to you--that's what happened to Ray & Yolanda. Their generosity was paid back.

When they reached at Red Rocks Amphitheather they discovered a roadblock as their final task. They were asked to arrange flags of the countries they visited during the race. Eric & Jeremy were actually reached first at the roadblock but Eric messed his flags up. A few minutes later, the hippies arrived and it was up to BJ now. Almost all BJ's flags were not in order. But I don't know, it could be his strategy. May he didn't want Eric to see his flags. After BJ had all the flags, he immediately re-arranged them in proper order. After he received a nod from the judge, they ran to the finish line. This was the time I was shouting and applausing for the hippies :p

When Phil announced that they had won the million dollar prize, the hippies became emotional and all they could say at that moment was "It's really unreal". Hey, BJ & Tyler, it's REAL indeed! You've won the RACE in style! Congrats to both of you.

Now the Race has ended. I don't know what will I do every Thursday nite :(
Hopefully the Asian Race will begin soon. I can't wait!

Be ReaL ~ Scias

Top 3 finalists has given their best. Now it's up to the Americans who they want to be in the finals. If only they can hear me--I want them to vote for Katharine McPhee. She was the most outstanding last nite. But again, we don't know what will happen. Just look at Chris! Anything is possible at this moment.

Last nite, each of them performed 3 songs. One chosen by the legendary producer, Clive Davis, the second by the American Idol's judges and the third one, the finalists own choice.

Songs chosen by Clive Davis

  • Elliot - Open Arms
  • Katharine - I Believe I can Fly
  • Taylor - Dancing in the Dark

Songs chosen by the judges

  • Elliot - What You Won't Do for Love (Paula)
  • Katharine - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Simon)
  • Taylor - You are so Beautiful (Randy)

Songs by their own choice

  • Elliot - I Believe to My Soul
  • Katharine - I Ain't Got Nothing but the Blues
  • Taylor - Try a Little Tenderness

Except for Elliot, Katharine and Taylor has nailed their songs. To me, the best was from Katharine 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' picked by Simon for her. From here we know that Simon has done his job really good. No wonder we kept on hearing from Simon commenting to the finalists "bad song choices". Simon has a good taste, indeed! ;-) I was surprised by Paula choices for Elliot. She was like 'cursing' Elliot by performing that song! I hope that was not a sabotage from Paula.
Based on last nite's performances Katharine and Taylor are expected to be in the finals. But who knows, Elliot could spoil everything hehehe. My personal choice are Katharine and Elliot. Taylor is loved by most Americans so, whether he won or not he is still love by them. Furthermore, I was a little bit disappointed by the judges' comments. They were biased--keep on praising Taylor and condemning on Elliot. I hope there would be a BIG surprise at tonite's result show.

Stay tuned and let's enjoy the show!

Liza Hanim with her little princess Marsya menjadi tetamu di Carta 30 sempena Hari Ibu

Seperti biasa tiap hari ahad menjadi kelaziman saya untuk mendengar Carta 30 di HotFM radio station kegemaran saya buat masa ini ;-)

Let's check it out who is in top 10:

01. (01) M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
02. (03) Nikki ft. Zahid - Caramu
03. (02) Radja - Jujur
04. (07) Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia
05. (18) Dewa 19 - Laskar Cinta
06. (09) Ungu - Demi Waktu
07. (10) Ruffedge - Lemas
08. (08) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
09. (04) Awie - Iris
10. (05) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
As usual numbers in bracket adalah kedudukan di minggu lepas.

Congrats to Nikki kerana telah berjaya merebut tempat naib johan minggu ini. In the mean time, I was a bit worried today takut lagu Linda turun tangga lagi. Tapi nasib baik lagu Jika Kau Kekasih tidak berubah di tangga ke-8. Hopefully next week ada peningkatan. I don't want her to be out of top 10. Harap-harap LUVers akan mempergiatkan lagi pengundian mereka terhadap lagu ini. Thank u guyz (Noey, Cath, TS ~ saya tahu korang bertungkus lumus mengundi teruskan usaha okkey! Nanti kita minta Linda belanja kita makan BA 'tettt')

Yang paling best di carta 30 tadi apabila Fara Fauzana bercakap tentang Linda "album di pasaran, orang dia tidak kelihatan tapi lagu dia tetap maintain, itu yg heran tu" Faizal pula cakap "kan saya suruh awak panggil dia datang sini". Fara jawab "macamana panggil, dia sibuk dan berada di Sabah" Apa-apapun adalah diharapkan di suatu hari nanti Linda akan muncul jua di HotFM.

Langadon tomod dika Udui!

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom ~ Rose!
"I love you"

and to all Mothers out there too
enjoy your day today!

I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday and many more to come to my dear friends who celebrate their birthday this week. They are:

Aini (5th May)
Fanny (10th May)
Rohana (12th May)
Jacinta (13th May)

May your dreams come true and may God bless you all ~ you guyz rocks!


Wah! lama saya x buat review cerita Lost. Bukan apa, cerita dia makin lama makin siok sampai saya ter-lost seketika hehehe

Since my last update 11.4.06--sudah 4 episode berlalu. Isnin ni masuk episode ke 12 dah. Apa2pun saya akan cuba review yg penting2 sajalah ;-)

Ana Lucia yg tembak si Shannon tu rupa2nya bekas polis. Semasa bertugas dia ditembak oleh penjahat dan ketika itu dia mengandung. Selepas pulih dia balas dendam. Dia bunuh penjahat yg tembak dia tu.

Kate pula selama ini saya tertanya2 apa kah jenayah yg pernah dia buat sebab Kate ini sebenarnya semasa kapal diorg terhempas tangan dia digari. Meaning, dia mmg seorang pelarian. Di episode ke 9 barulah saya tahu cerita sebenar. Kate telah meletupkan rumah dia dan at the same time membunuh bapa tiri dia dlm rumah tu.

Mr Eko rupa2nya seorang pengedar dadah. Dia dari kecil telah dilatih untuk membunuh orang dan bila besar dia telah mengetuai kumpulan pengedar dadah. Adik dia pula seorang padri. Dibuatkan cerita Mr Eko minta bantuan adik dia dgn menggunakan pesawat milik gereja. Hanya dengan cara ini saja dadah tu boleh dieksport. Semasa diorg hendak berlepas kawan2 Mr Eko telah belot dan meninggalkan dia tp membawa adik Mr Eko bersama. Rupa2nya pesawat itu telah terhempas di pulau yg sama. Atas bantuan Charlie, Mr Eko telah menjumpai pesawat tersebut dan mayat adik dia.

Di episod ke-11 mengisahkan rumahtangga Jack di ambang kegagalan disebabkan kesibukan Jack sebagai seorang doktor di sebuah hospital. In the end, diorg memang bercerai. Michael pula bertindak seorang diri mencari anak dia Walt. Jack, Locke dan Sawyer terpaksa menjejaki Michael. Tapi usaha diorg gagal sbb diorg dikepong oleh puak 'The Others'. The Others telah menangkap Kate yg secara senyap mengikut Jack, Locke dan Sawyer walaupun pada mulanya telah ditegah oleh Jack. Malas betul sia tengok si Kate tu. Keras kepala bah. Demi menyelamatkan Kate terpaksa diorg menyerah kalah. Pistol dan senapang diorg pun dirampas.

Ketua The Others rupa2nya adalah org yg sama menembak Sawyer semasa diorg di laut (season 1). Walt anak si Michael memang diorang tangkap. Satu yg saya heran, The Others ini suka tangkap budak2. Kenapa? saya tidak tahu. Let's watch 'Lost' to find out.

Stay tuned guyz on AXN every monday at 10 pm.

During the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst asked the castaways questions and whoever gets a correct answer they will get to chop one of the 3 ropes assigned to each castaway. After 3 chops the rope will release a torch and their voodoo dolls will be in flames. Meaning the owner of the voodoo doll will be out of the game. And this game is won by Cirie. The reward is--Spa. She brought Aras & Danielle with her to enjoy the reward. Terry once again was sent to Exile Island.

Back at Camp. Bruce needed medical emergency. He was in pain. And he was taken away to the hospital.

The next morning Jeff visited their camp and explained Bruce's condition. He is recovering from severe blockage in a Panama City hospital and will not return to the game.

Meaning--there would be no immunity challenge and no tribe council. They can rest for the evening.

Happy Wesak Day to all yang celebrate perayaan ini and enjoy the holiday to all Malaysians.

Monica & Joseph, the last team eliminated

From Lake Bennett, Australia the teams travelled more than 7000 miles to Bangkok, Thailand. The MoJo (Monica & Joseph) team made several mistakes in this leg to put them in the last place. Serve them right, they shouldn't rely on what other people say infact they should get all informations confirmed before making decisions.

The MoJo team is the only team didn't contribute anything to BJ & Tyler as this team started the leg with no money and possessions. Yolanda & Eric left a pair of pants and sandals to BJ. Orang kedekut macam MoJo selalunya akan dapat balasan setimpal--they were eliminated from the race hehehe

In this leg, the second Fast Forward of the Race offered to the team. BJ & Tyler raced for the Fast Foward by feasting a bowl of fried crickets and grasshoppers, yikes! After Tyler ate every last cricket leg, the pair opened their clue that directed them to the Pit Stop at the Marble Temple, a Buddhist shrine built in the 19th century. What a way to win this leg. Coz this leg is very crucial to all the teams. They need to win to secure a spot in the finals.

With the Fast Foward ticket, BJ & Tyler became the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Followed by Eric & Jeremy and the third team was Ray and Yolanda. Monica & Joseph became the last team eliminated from the Amazing Race.

Next week the 3 teams will race for the USD 1 Million. Which team do u think will win? Don't forget to watch the 2-hours finale on AXN next week!

What can I say? Can we blame the Americans for not voting Chris? or maybe they were like me-- I was getting bored with Chris' performance. It was a stereotype performance. There was no 'wow' in it. I'm so sorry to my dear friend TS. But don't give up TS, Elliot is still there ;-)

The result show began with a recap of last nite show and also a recap of their tour to Graceland. Pricilla Presley herself showing the finalists around the Graceland. It was like a museum. I remember my visit to Malacanang Palace in Manila. We saw Emelda Marcos' shoes, dress and accessories collections. But unlike Malacanang Palace, Elvis Graceland was full of awards, musical instruments and suits he had worn during his shows or concerts. Lisa Marie, Elvis only daughter joined them afterwards and she drove them around the Graceland. What an honoured for them!

And then the 4 finalists sang Elvis' songs in medley. It was a great show. It was totally different from last nite's show. Tonite they were more relax and enjoying themselves.

Before the commercial break, Ryan broke the finalists into two groups--Taylor & Elliot and Chris with Katherine. Which group is the bottom 2? Upon returning from iklan Ryan revealed Taylor & Elliot are safe. Now it was between Chris & Katharine. I was ready if Ryan called Kat's name coz based on last nite performance Kat didn't do good. She messed up everything. And I was actually looking at Chris. I can see he is very confident. Infact TOO confident. Ryan asked Simon who is going home and Simon answered "It will be Katharine"

But when Ryan announced "Chris, you are going home tonite--Kat you are safe", I was shocked!! Even Chris didn't believe it either. Taylor, Elliot and Kat were silent. The 3 judges were speechless. There were mixed emotions. Some are happy Katharine is safe and some just can't accept that Chris is eliminated. Well...that's reality.

My personal comments are : the judges were too confident with Chris. They even predicted him to be in the final. One judge even said "see you in the final". It was a very scarry comment. Be real-lah! I don't know whether they judged him based on his talent/performance or because of popularity. I know Chris is very popular but to me his last 2 shows were just average infact I was getting bored with him. Tiada peningkatan bah. Last but not least, thanks to the Americans for giving Katharine another chance. I know she didn't do well last nite but at least she had shown some effort by performing a fast number like Hound Dog & All Shook Up. Imagine if Chris has chosen that songs, bergegar kali itu dewan hehehe but instead he chose a safe song.

So, our final 3 are Elliot, Katharine & Taylor. Who will be in the final two?? Stay tuned guyz.

Ohh dear I have to stay awake for the 11.30 show (again!). I was watching the 8.00 pm show halfway through then zappp.. it was blackout! Boring area always blackout. I was in the dark for almost 45 minutes. When the light came back I surf the internet to kill the time. Luckily my dear friend Dora was online so managed to chit-chat with her for a while. So sorry Dora at 11.30 on the dot I was already infront of my TV. We will chat again next time okkey ;-)

Back to American Idol. The top 4 were doing Elvis Presley music. In the beginning, they showed us the finalists' visit to the Graceland. They were greeted by Pricilla Presley herself then Pricilla brought them to meet a music producer, Tommy Mottola whom will guide them on their songs.
  • Taylor - Jailhouse Rock/In the Ghetto
  • Chris - Suspicious Mind/A Little Less Conversation
  • Elliot - If I can Dream/Trouble
  • Katharine - Hound's Dog & All Shook Up/ Can't Help Falling in Love

It's tough for me to comment their performances. Infact I was a little bored. All were just average. Not even Katharine who is my favourite since day 1 impressed me. She messed up with her both songs. She forgot her lyrics. Her vocals were all over. Based on tonite's performances Katharine might be the one to leave tomorrow. But of course I don't want that happened. I hope the Americans will give her another chance. Chris too was getting boring. I think he played safe by choosing simple songs. Taylor as expected gave the same familiar 'dance'. Elliot is lack of attitude. His voice was drowned by the music.

The judges were being kind to them by praising and gave good comments. They were not honest especially Randy and Paula. At least Simon gave positive comments and I agree with him on commenting Katharine's.

Who will go and who will stay? I think we just have to wait until tomorrow nite. I hope it won't be Katharine. It could be Elliot or Taylor or even Chris hehehe

See u guyz tomorrow!

Finally Ray & Yolanda stepped first on the mat in Amazing Race 9 - Episode 10. They became the first team to arrive in Lake Bennett, Australia beating Eric & Jeremy, Joseph & Monica and BJ & Tyler who came last but survived (again!) because of another non-elimination leg.

The teams were playing dirty in this race which never happened before during previous Amazing Race. Frankly, I don't like the way they played this game. This is the worst race so far. They cancelled other people taxi's booking and they even starting rumours on other teams.

The tensions are growing. They are competing for the final-3 spot. We would see one more team eliminated next week. Who would be in the final 3? Stay tuned on AXN. peberet Linda Nanuwil tiap minggu turun satu anak tangga. What happened? Mungkin juga disebabkan kemunculan lagu-lagu baru. Well, nak buat camana. Kena lah terima hakikat selera orang berbeza dan selalunya akan meminati lagu-lagu yang baru. Tapi sekurang-kurangnya terubat juga luka di hati apabila Nikki Palikat memperbaiki kedudukan di minggu ini. Nikki berjaya menduduki tempat ke-3. Hopefully minggu depan Nikki dapat merebut tempat Radja di tempat ke-2 ;-)

Saya juga excited hari ini apabila Nikki menjadi tetamu di Carta 30 Hotfm. I thought at first, it was Linda hehehe suara dekat2 sama bah! I enjoyed listening to the 3 of them (Nikki, FF & FBI). I even overjoyed bila dengar Nikki menyanyikan lagu Dusun beliau ~ Sunudai Oku (Ucapkan Padaku) atau mungkin lebih tepat 'Beritahulah Padaku' :p Saya pastekan juga di sini lirik lagu tersebut.

Apa2pun marilah dulu kita tengok kedudukan terbaru Carta 30 HotFM di minggu ini:

01. (02) M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
02. (01) Radja - Jujur
03. (04) Nikki ft. Zahid - Caramu
04. (03) Awie - Iris
05. (05) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
06. (06) Khafi - Tiada Yang Kedua
07. (LB) Siti Nurhaliza - Biarlah Rahsia
08. (07) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
09. (14) Ungu - Demi Waktu
10. (08) Ruffedge - Lemas

* No. Dlm kurungan adalah kedudukan di minggu lepas. LB - Lagu Baru
***Nikki pix & Lyrics taken from

Sunudai Oku (Ucapkan Pada Ku)
Lagu :
Jimmy Palikat (Artistes United Publishing)
Lirik :
Florencia binti Kosmas (Artistes United Publishing)

Puguson ku tobuk nu
Tilibon dilo ribut
Ngingis nu di toomis
Poinlangad ginawoku

Pinintutunan kito
Okon koh pinokianu
Tahak do minamangun
Milangad id piupusan

Sunudai oku
Rati do piupusan
Gompio ti tupus toh
Poinggirot id ginawo
Sorohon noh batos toh
Mamabang ti piginawaan

Tirak nu koupusan
Poinlangad di kasasari
Okon tih boros noh
Sumili id ginawo id pointopot

I took half day leave today to watch the game between Malaysia and Denmark in semi-final. When I reached home it was China vs Indonesia. And China won 3-0. While waiting for Malaysia/Denmark at 4.00pm I took a nap hehehe

5 minutes before 4.00pm I was ready for the game. But I was a bit disappointed when Chong Wei lost the game. Peter Gade was good. So confident and so focus.

Then Chong Ming & Kien Keat snatched 1 point for Malaysia. I enjoyed this game very much. Our pair has beaten the world no. 1 doubles, Eriksen & Lundgaard. The tie was level to 1-1.

I was hoping for a more experienced-Hafiz to steal another point coz he won the first set with no problem. But he made a lot of mistakes in the 2nd game bringing them to 3rd game. Kenneth Jonassen won the match easily. Oh dear!

Our 2nd doubles Tan Fook and Wan Wah gave us good news. They fight like there is no end. I like the spirit. They want to level the tie to make their chance to the final alive. And they did it. I shouted, I jumped, I applaused, I made noise when they won hehehe

It was up to Beng Hing now. He was the decider of the game. But as expected, with lack of experience and confidence he lost to Persson. While watching the game, my mind goes to Choong Han. If he was there, the result could be different. But of course, Choong Han didn't choose to be injured. If only they can steal 1 point from the singles we could have a chance to win the Cup! If the singles players trained under the same 'roof' then maybe the result would be different. There were so my many 'ifs' on my head arggghhh..

But past is past, lost is lost. I hope the Malaysian's Team will do better in the next cup. By the way, kudos and congrats to Rexy our doubles' coach. His players won both game. He has done a good job in coaching them!

Malaysia always BOLEH maaa...

I don't know what to say but my predictions for bottom 2 are correct! It was Elliot and Paris. And we are sorry for Paris Bennett because she had to leave the American Idol. She's young and talented--she will fame. Just watch it out.

Before Ryan announced the result the top 5 finalists sang 'Together We are One'. I was touched with the song as I can see them like brothers & sisters. And one of them has to leave. Well that's reality!

Paris and Elliot being the bottom 2 were asked to sing again. Paris sang 'Kiss' and Elliot with 'On Broadway'. When Ryan announced Elliot was safe--Paris was just a tough girl. I didn't think she cried.

One has gone and 2 more to go. Who will be the top 2? Next week they will do Elvis Presley's music. It would be fun!

SciaS : Katharine's 2nd song last nite was 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree'

After watching the AI just now--I was not impressed! I'm not sure but to me the performances were a bit boring. Maybe I am expecting too much from the Top 5 finalists. Well, being the Top 5 they should give us more, better performances and picking up good songs.

The finalists were asked to deliver 2 songs--one from the year of their birth and another from Billboard's top 10 Charts.
  • Elliot - Broadway & Home
  • Paris - Kiss & Be Without You
  • Chris - Renegade & I Dare You
  • Katharine - Against all Odds & ?? (I didn't get the title of her 2nd song)
  • Taylor - Play That Funky Music & Something
Elliot was flat on the first song, Paris was shouting on both songs, Chris was yelling on his 2nd song, Katharine off-pitch and Taylor was boring on their first song.

But I like Katharine's performance the 2nd round. Something new and refreshing. And I like Taylor when he performed the Beatles' song 'Something'.

If I were to choose bottom 3--I will pick Elliot, Paris, Taylor
If I were to choose bottom 2--I will pick Elliot, Paris

But who is going home tomorrow? I hope it was not Elliot as he said in his song "I just wanna go lucky i know but i wanna go home...let me go home"

Check out the result tomorrow on Star World!

Adehh..malasnya bangun hari ini pi kerja. Kalo lah saya ada banyak cuti saya sudah sambung cuti hari ini. Apa kan daya saya kena jimat cuti kalo tidak hujung tahun kena jaga ofis--tidak mau ooohhh! Lagipun pun semangat sikit bila dengar lagu Jika Kau Kekasih by Linda Nanuwil di HotFM around 6.15 am.

Alamak today is first working day of the month--ada assembly di office. Tambah malas saya. I thought of not going rasa2 mcm mo escape tp my boss ternampak saya and suruh saya join assembly. Adoi boringnya. Dengan hati yg berat terpaksalah saya melangkah keluar. I have 2 choices. Join assembly dorang si Noey atau join si Roana. Bila fikir2 malas mo join dorang si Noey sbb saya x berapa suka boss diorang hehehe. Boss si Roana pun saya tidak suka juga tp ok sikitlah.

Bila saya masuk they haven't started yet. Ada masalah diorang punya player. Adehh..camana tu? So I proposed we better sing unplug saja ish ish ish. So kami pun nyanyi 'Negaraku'. Macam2 suara ada--sumbang pun ada--hahahaha.

Then the boss pun cakap the most important thing will happen in our office. There would be a big turn-over. Well, I can't say much about this topic coz this concerns our department. Finished, I went back to my place and begin my day. Then tiba2 my phone rang. Orang tu mula berpantun "kalo padi katakan padi....". Belum pun dia habiskan pantun saya jawab "ok ok ok..sori lupa" hehehe. It was Noey. Kami keluar minum together.

Since kami berdua saja so kami ada ruang untuk berbincang mengenai beberapa perkara penting tanpa gangguan ;-) Tanpa kami sedari--habis nasi dan lauk kami ratah kekeke rupa2nya kami berdua ni kebuluran! Time bayar kami sempat argue the price of the food. Adoii mahal gila makanan sekarang. Inilah kesan sampingan kenaikan harga minyak :-(

To cut the story short, I managed to go through the day. Thank God! I reached home around 6.00pm dan saya sempat dengar lagu Linda Jika Kau Kekasih di HotFM around 6.15pm hehehe

Oklah mo mandi dulu--I want to watch CSI New York at 10.00!

When browsing which newspaper I have to buy this morning, pictures on front page caught my eyes. So I bought New Sabah Times. I quickly turned to page 8 & 9 because the news really interest me :-)

'One in a Million' is a new reality singing competition in Malaysia. It offers RM1,000,000.00 to the winner, which includes a music career.

There are 31 Sabahans who made it to the Kuala Lumpur rounds. Meaning they are the top 80 individuals who had made it to the next round of elimination. The New Sabah Times' reporter managed to interview 4 of them. They are:

16 year old Stracie Angie Anam from Kampung Tuavon Penampang. She is currently studying in St. Michael Penampang (my former school--bangga ni--hehehe). Her audition song was 'Hero' by Mariah Carey's.

17 year old student also from Penampang who scored 10A's in his SPM recently, Jason Gapang. The Chinese-Dusun who plans to study to become a Chemical Engineer had to sing Ronan Keating's 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' as his second song before the judges, Paul Moss and Syafinaz said yes, see you in the next round.

Reno Rodny Fabianus, a 21 year old who was the KadazanDusunMurut@KDM Idol last year's winner is also selected. He is a recording artist of Skyline. According to Reno, his audition was a little more stressful than the others as he had to perform four songs before finally being accepted.

Another recording artist who had made it is 26-year old Ivy Alexandra Fredoline Mohamid. She is with Moe's Music Production. She sang 'If I Ain't Got You' by Alicia Keys but the judges were not satisfied. Then she decided to go with 'Kaulah Segalanya' by Ruth Sahanaya.

Would they make it to the final 12? We will have to wait for that, don't we? The first episode of One in a Million would be on Friday 26th May 2006 at 9.30 on 8TV. This show will be hosted by Marion Rose Caunter of 8TV Quickie Fame and Awal of Astro Ria's Beat TV).

Happy Workers Day to everyone!
Today should be our rest day. Well, rest from doing office work but still I have a lot things to do at home (sigh!) Well never mind as long as I am happy with whatever I'm doing ;-)