Lance & Kerri

Nice episode! They tasted the heat at Dubai Desert and ice at Ski Dubai.

Engaged couple Lance and Kerri were eliminated from the Race. I don't care really coz I don't like Lance. He was so rude!

Brian & Ericka

Beside Maria and Tiffany I'm beginning to like Brian and Ericka. They are nice married couple. I hope this two teams will be in the final 3.

I like full of surprises LoL.....

In the last leg of the Race, friends Zev and Justin came in first but in the end, they were the one who was eliminated. It was all because of Zev lost his very important document, his passport!

But thanks to them, otherwise, it would be Maria and Tiffany who could be eliminated from the Race as they checked in last. I hope they will improve! It would be sad if the only all-female team sent home.

Tune in to AXN tomorrow night at 8.00pm to find out who is going home next!

Marcy & Ron

Nice! This is the first time I saw a moving Pit Stop! All teams boarded in a riverboat and it was moving to a new destination.

In their first task, I think Mika & Canaan thought they had to dance to get the clue from the dragon's mouth! Eventually they found out that they had to snatch the clue [bullet] from the dragon's mouth. That's the problem if you came in last. Sometimes they don't know what to do. Another team, Lance & Keri didn't know that the bullet they were holding contained the clue! This is another problem when you don't read your clue.

In the Detour, teams need to pick a concrete animal and transport it to a destination. On their way, they had to picked colourful balloons before they received their next clue. In this task, team need to think wisely on which animal should you choose. Some teams picked giraffe which was too heavy to move.

This race won by Herber and Nathaniel. Dating couple, Marcy and Ron was the last team to arrive and was eliminated from the Race!

Remember the Winchester brothers?
Yes! they are back!
What would happen to Dean?
In the last season, he was about to enter 'hell'.

Would Sam be able to help him?
We will find out tonight
only on AXN at 10pm
In the meantime, don't forget
The Amazing Race season 15 also on AXN tonight
I have to forget about FB for the time being
my favourite shows are on TV!!!

Eric & Lisa

After 14 seasons of the Amazing Race, I think this is the first time where a team has been eliminated in the beginning of the Race!! Married couple, Eric and Lisa failed to get their license plate. Without the license they couldn't fly to Tokyo, Japan.

Meghan & Cheyne

The first leg of the Race was won by dating couple, Meghan and Cheyne. Poker players, Maria and Tiffany were safe as this is the first a non-elimination leg. I've predicted this as a non-elimanation coz they already eliminated one team in the beginning. Maria and Tiffany were penalised for two hours coz they didn't complete their task [they left their two tourists behind] and in addition they will perform a Speed Bump in the next leg.

Gary & Matt Garrett & Jessica

In the following leg, a father and son team, Gary and Matt took the first place. They won a kayak each. On and off dating couple, Garrett and Jessica came in last. It means, they were eliminated from the Race.

Maria & Tiffany

After watching two legs of the Race, I think I'm gonna follow the only all-female team, Professional Poker Players, Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle. I like their guts! By the way, Maria Ho was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to the United States with her family at the age of four. I hope they will become the first all-female team to win the Race as it was never happen before! Good luck to you girls!