They used American Idol to sell or to introduce their products. Last time it was JLo. Last night it was Steven Tyler's turn. Ryan told us Aerosmith is going on tour. That was the opening!

Then, Ryan showed us tweets from famous stars like Carrie Underwood & Mariah Carey giving support to the contestants who sang their songs. Where the heck is Beyonce? DeAndre is lucky to have his idol life on stage!

Next was the mansion! How lucky they are but at the same time I was thinking whoever leaving that night would be her/his lost :)

Ryan called Elise, Philips and Hollie. I was interested with Jimmy's comments than the judges. It seemed that Jimmy agree with all my comments on the three LoL. Hollie was sent to the bottom three.

Nikki Minaj took the stage. I have not forgiven her performance during Grammy Awards 2012. So, I'm not a fan. Oh and that so unreal boobs, yikes! as Ryan called the performance 'high risk' LoL. Oh Ryan, I can see your eyes never stop looking at her boobs!

Colton, Joshua and Heejun were called to the centre stage. The emotional trio :) Again, Jimmy agrees with me :) Heejun was in the bottom three.

Scotty McCreery performed. A framed platinum was presented to him by Jimmy after that. 1 million record selling ~ good for him but I'm not interested :)

The remaining trio, Skylar, DeAndre and Jessica were called. The 'over-confident' Skylar was sent to join Hollie and Heejun. But soon after that, Ryan sent Skylar to safety and followed by Hollie. Heejun then sing for his life. I think, he sang better last night compared the performance night. I like his husky voice and I'm already loving the song! But I was sure, they won't save him. It's okay. It was his fate. Sooner or later, six will follow him soon. I was waiting for Philip to go and hug his buddy but it was not shown on TV. They were running out of time!

Next week, they will do eighties. Could it be a boring night? I hope not. Why I asked? Because they just did songs from the year they were born and some of them did eighties already. But let's find out what's in store for us next week.

Five standing ovations from the judges??!! That's crazy! Some of them didn't deserve of the standing O. How can you give standing O and at the same time give comments like you have pitch issues here and there?

Undeniably, it was great performances from the Idols last night. Why? Because they choose their own favourite songs, that's why. They were not forced to choose songs from Billy Joel, Whitney Houston or Stevie wonder which some of them said, never heard of the songs!

Let's see how the Idols did last night.

Colton (Everything by Lifehouse)
- It was good but not great. Not his best vocals.

Skylar (Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert)
- Nothing change to her performance. It was two weeks in a row now she was doing the same performance. I can't even remember which is which now.

Heejun (A Song for You by Donny Hathaway)
- Improved but he didn't deserved the standing O.

Hollie (Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood)
- I agree with the judges. When you choose big song from big star you must try to overpower the original singer. I think in Hollie's case she just done it average.

DeAndre (Sometimes I Cry by Eric Benet)
- He sounded good with the high pitch falsetto but I couldn't understand a word he said :)

Jessica (Sweet Dreams by Beyonce)
- OMG! honestly, I never heard of this song! As long as she can deliver it then
it was fine by me :)

Phillip (Raining by Johnny Lang)
- Like Skylar, same performance every week! I can't remember
his moments. But I'm sure he is safe all the way to the final.

Joshua (Without You by Harry Nilsson/Mariah Carey)
- Still have vocal issue. But at least, he 'rose' again from weak weeks before.

Elise (Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin)
- I think she was the only one deserved the standing O! A real performance
from Elise. That's what I meant a moment to be remembered
from the contestant!

My bottom three are:

For the first time, my choice of bottom 3 all wrong. I chose Joshua, Hollie and Skylar and I believe Jimmy Iovine agreed with me :) I don't actually surprised to see Erika booted out as I said before, I was worried of her, coz it was like a trend in American Idol, all girls would be sent home first. Shannon has gone and now it was Erika's turn. I won't be surprise again, if Elise booted next.

Now let's back to the elimination show.

The remaining 10 idols performed Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time"as an opening and I was loving it. They were truly talented.

The first group called by Ryan consisted of Hollie, Skylar and Elise. All three of them were safe which made the rest so restless.

Next was a performance by Lana del Ray. Who the heck is this girl?

Followed by a birthday song by the Idols dedicated to Steven Tyler with Aerosmith's guitarist Joe Perry leading them.

Next result, DeAndre, Joshua and Jessica were called to the centre stage. Jimmy gave an A to Jessica and told us Billy Joel himself like Jessica's performance. I really would love it if Billy told us this himself. They chose his songs but didn't even invite him to the show. Sad! Oh and by the way, instead of Joshua, America chose DeAndre to be in the bottom 3.

Ex-Idol, Haley Reinhart performed. I'm not a fan. I took this opportunity to go to the kitchen and made a cup of nescafe!

Finally, Ryan called Colton, Philip, Erika and Heejun. Sending Colton back to the couch. Followed by Phillips. Heejun and Erika joined DeAndre at the bottom 3.

DeAndre was safe. Heejun was safe. And it was Erika who had to sing for her life. Looking at the judges during her performance, I was certainly sure, they won't save her. She was already saved once before and I don't think they wanted to waste their save vote for her. It was long way to go. Who knows, the save vote can be given to Jessica in the next few weeks!

Next theme, the remaining 9 will be performing songs from their personal idols. Let's check it out who are their idols ;)

DeAndre (Only the Good Die Young)
- What an opening show. I like watching DeAndre moves. He sounded great too. I like it.

Erika (New York State of Mind)
- Powerful performance but I'm still scared that America will land her at the bottom 3 again!

Joshua (She's Got a Way)
- Passionless and forgettable.

Skylar (Shameless)
- She was a bit 'shouty' to me.

Elise (Vienna)
- Standing O from the judges? I can't see why they did that. But come to think of it, maybe they wanted to show America to give this girl a chance. As we all know, Elise always end up in the bottom 3.

Phillip (Moving Out)
- I still think he should leave his guitar. I wanted to see him move around or dance a little bit. I don't want him to be like David Cook. It's kinda boring. [what about the scarf Steven threw to him and he threw it back to the girls in front?]

Hollie (Honesty)
- When I knew that they are going to do Billy Joel's songs. It came across to me, who will dare to sing 'Honesty'? Hollie did and she failed. Too bad! She claimed that she never heard of the song before just like Joshua. But why picked up the song?

Heejun (My Life)
- OMG, I thought at first he made a disaster! And it was actually just an act. He had some vocals issue but I think people will remember him :)

Jessica (Everybody Has a Dream)
- Just one word. Flawless!! I think this is much better than the Whitney Houston's thing. But what made me confused was Randy's comment. He said, every time she took the stage, she has her moment. But didn't you all remember what Randy said to her last week? He dissed her off! Suck!

Colton (Piano Man)
- At home, we called Colton as David Beckham :) And when Tommy Hilfiger suggested Colton needs to do something with his hair, I said "No!!! Leave it alone. That's his trademark". Back to his performance, he nailed the song. With the red piano, the light, the smoke, the stage, the mood - loving it all!

My bottom three

My thought of the week
They had so far 3 mentors. Mary J Blige, Will I Am and Diddy. I should think, they can invite former Idols to be their mentors. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert to name a few.

While waiting for the result, enjoy this video, my pick of the week!

Phil Phillips, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone & Joshua Ledet were called first to the centre stage. And Ryan put Elise to the bottom three.

Then Demi Lovato sang. Demi who?! [yawn]

Next, Colton Dixon, Shannon Magrane, DeAndre Brackensick & Jessica Sanchez were called up. As I expected, Shannon were sent to join Elise.

Chris Daughtry sang. I'm not a fan. Sorry!

Then it was Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Han and Hollie Cavanagh's turn. After all the recaps and comments, Erika filled in the last bottom three. I expected Heejun!

Between Elise, Shannon and Erika, I definitely choose Shannon to be sent home. It is because I only got one correct on my prediction LoL!! But I thought, they didn't want to send her because Jermaine has already left the show. And yet, they asked Shannon to sing for her life. It didn't sound good and the judges didn't use their save vote for her. She was sent home and we had our Top 10!!

Who is next? Elise and Erika? or Heejun and DeAndre? Let's see what will they do with Billy Joel's songs tomorrow night.

Oh and by the way, I hope they will call Adam Lambert to perform. Or as a mentor also will do. Miss him so much :)

Last but not least, I'm so tired listening to Steven Tyler's comments. I don't know whether he knows why he is there! Jimmy Iovine can replace him ANYTIME!

I am also watching The Voice. Let them finish the first round battle first then I make my review.

The Amazing Race 20? Oh yes, I'm still obediently watching. If I have the time, I would like to say a few words on this show. Hopefully!

The stupid blackout! I missed the 6pm and 8pm show. I have to wait for the repeat at 11.45pm! Internet also sucks and I couldn't wait for the youtube loading. It is now 1.55am and it will be very brief from me. Oh and by the way, I don't really like the contestants choice of songs tonight. Sad!

Phil Phillips (Hard to Handle)
- without his guitar this time, I think he was doing good.

Jessica Sanchez (Turn the Beat Around)
- super sucks judges! I think she was ok. There's nothing wrong with her performance.

Heejun Han (Right Here Waiting)
- a very boring performance with a boring song

Elise Testone (Let's Stay Together)
- I like her duet with Obama :) She is fine. But I don't know whether America loves her that much to vote for her.

Deandre Brackensick (Endless Love)
- Another change of song in the last minute! Last week was Elise. He was ok.

Shannon Magrane (One Sweet Day)
- This song is way too big for her. The judges like her, I kinda so-so.

Colton Dixon (Broken Heart)
- Never heard of this song but I kinda like it. He is safe.

Erika Van Pelt (Heaven)
- I don't really like her choice of song but I think Erika did justice with it.

Jermaine Jones (shown doing rehearsal)
- booted by the producers by some misconduct. a big drama from the American Idol!

Skylar Laine (Love Sneaking Up on You)
- I didn't connect with her. I just don't know why.

Joshua Ledet (When a Man Loves a Woman)
- He did good but I'm not jumping like the judges! And when JLo said the best performance in the entire american idol, that's bullshit! Adam Lambert is still the best!

Hollie Cavanagh (Power of Love)
- If you ask me to choose between Jessica and her, I choose Jessica. Nothing to be wowed with her performance.

My bottom three:
Heejun Han
Deandre Brackensick
Shannon Magrane

My prediction is, no one is going! As they already sent Jermaine home.

The stage once again was superb! Good job done there. I especially like the background when Erika performed!

Last but not the least, JLo looks old tonight :) could it be her makeup? or her hair? But I like her dress though :)

They saved him then, they sent him home! Yes, Jeremy was the first contestant to go home. But based on performances, Shannon should go home. But this is a reality show, America voted for her more so that she can stay another week. Now she needs to show to America that they didn't make a mistake to vote for her.

I still stick to my opinion and that is to let the America choose who to go and who to stay and NOT the judges!! Let the judges have their 'save vote' which they can use once throughout the season.

Who will be outstanding tonight and who is not? They will perform songs the year they were born! Must be fresh and familiar songs as most of them were born in 90's.

I'm confused! Is this America's Idol or Judges' Idol?

I'll get back to that later. First, let's see the top 13 performances tonight. The boys did Stevie Wonder and girls went with Whitney Houston. Tough!

Joshua (I Wish)
- He was having fun so I think he's safe

Elise (I'm Your Baby Tonight)
- I wonder how would she sound if she stick to her original choice (The Greatest Love of All)

Jermaine (Knocks Me Off My Feet)
- [yawn]

Erika (I Believe in You and Me)
- I think she did well

Colton (Lately)
- At first I feel disconnected but as he goes, I re-connected. He is safe.

Shannon (I Have Nothing)
- Disaster. She must try to avoid bottom 3. Because I can sure the judges will pick her to go if she does.

DeAndre (Master Blaster)
- If the America love him, I'm sure he's gonna safe.

Skylar (Where Do Broken Hearts Go)
- I'm not a fan but I think she was okay.

Heejun (All is Fair)
- I know it was not his best.

Hollie (All The Man That I need)
- an underdog-strong contender! They must watch closely to this girl!

Jeremy (Ribbon in the Sky)
- I shed tears when he sang for his life last week. But tonight, he was a little boring to me.

Jessica (I Will Always Love You)
- at first I said, my gosh, this is a very big song from Whitney. Everybody knows this song. If she can nail it, then it would be her night. But if she blew it then, that's the end of her! BUT OF COURSE she nailed it! I especially like the end of it. Good job Jessy girl!

Phil Phillips (Superstition)
- Jessica should sing last so that she enjoy her moment. I thought they put Phil as the last performer because he will wow the audience but to me, there was nothing special, it was just so-so. Furthermore, this Superstition song has been sang over and over in American Idol. I hope next he will perform without his guitar.

According to Ryan, they will put three bottom girls and three bottom boys. And then, the judges will pick who stay! I don't like this twist. They should stick with the America choices. The judges shouldn't get involve at all! Because we know, they are already 'attached' with the contestants. And I'm scared they will choose the wrong person to stay!

My bottom three are:



Since the judges will choose who stay and who go, I don't want to pick who is leaving tomorrow night. Let's just see what happens.

My credit for the beautiful backdrop (I mean, the stage). It was a great improvement. It really give the right 'mood' to the contestants performance.

In the meantime, enjoy Jessica's performance:

The Top 13 has been revealed. Out of 12 I got 10 spot on. Two of them, Deandre and Erika had to sing for their 'lives' and so fortunate when the judges picked them. But what surprised me is Jermaine Jones! What's so good about him? Low note? We already have that last year. Remember Scott McCreery? Well never mind. Let's see who is going home first? I'm betting it would be Jermaine LoL!!

The semifinals just concluded with the guys performing last night and the girls, tonight. The result will be out tomorrow. Based on their performance, here are my choice:

Let's see what will happen tomorrow.