Randy said, "We have no more save vote. It's up to you now America". Well Randy, actually America had spoken. They eliminated Casey. And I agree with them. But the three of you saved him! I think it's too early to use the save vote. You should used the save vote to the deserved contestant. You all said Casey is a talented guy. So to me, it's okay for him to leave. He can use his talent outside. But whatever done is done. Move on!

Tonight the 11 contestants sang Elton John's songs. All in all everybody performed well. But still, two must go tomorrow night.

Scotty - Country! Country! Country! I had enough!

Naima - She is in danger

Paul - He too is in danger

Pia - Ballard! Ballard! Ballard!

Stefano - I think he is save but not for long

Lauren - I don't like her version of 'Candle in the Wind'. She turned it 360 degrees! And please, your immaturity irritate me.

James - Rock! Rock! Rock! But I still like it because he performed like a pro!

Thia - Oh dear Thia! You too is in danger tonight. But hopefully they will give you another chance so that you can show them your true talent.

Casey - Just safe I think

Jacob - I can't stand this man. Is he gay?

Haley - I forgive her this time

Since they are sending two home, so I'll pick four sitting at the bottom.


And Naima and Jacob will go home!

I couldn't be happier when the cowboy brothers overtake Mallory and her father to the Pit Stop eventhough they used their Express Pass to skip a tiring task in Roadblock which is to assemble bones of a dinosaur. The cowboy received US$5000 each for being the first team to arrive.

Kent and Vyxsin made an impressive turnover! From last to fourth place. But they were penalized for not taking a hired plane to China so their position shifted to fifth place.

During this leg, it was fun to watch the Harlem Globetrotters and the gang playing basketball with Jaime and Cara doing the cheerleaders thing.

But too bad for Jaime and Cara, they became the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop and has been eliminated from the race. The race will continue. Who will be eliminated next?

It's Motown week and it's not my cup of tea. Some I just passed, didn't watch until they finished singing.

Why do people like him so much? I can perfectly hear him screeching. Nothing interesting about him

She accepted the challenge made by the judges by singing an up beat song. She was just okay for me. She can't let her voice out. But at least, she was enjoying herself on stage.

I can't see why he was given a standing-O by the judges. To me, there's no wow in his performance. This is the time I got up and go and make myself a cup of coffee I wish he stops talking about singing in the church. It doesn't mean you can sing well in the church, it works on TV.

What was she wearing? A bedroom dress? Gosh! I'm starting to be irritated by this girl. She was unreal on stage.

I like him. He sang with full of emotion. Forget about what the judges said about being not connected. It's bull-shit!

Oh dear. I'm just not connected with this girl.

Another country song. Why the judges didn't challenge him to do something different apart from country song. The judges did that to Thia and Pia. Why not Scotty??

No doubt she has a beautiful voice. But she became boring every week. If she doesn't do something, she will be became just like Karen.

I'm still not a fan. We already have Rod Stewart, so we don't need another one.

As usual, another new fashion from her which is good for her. Performance wise, the song is just ok. The dance, I want more from her.

He is my favourite. Again this week, he was like performing in a concert. He used the whole stage and did a little back-ward dance. I like! But hoping to hear from him doing something different next week. Just like Adam Lambert did the 'Mad World'.

Stop saying 'Beautiful' and 'I love it"

You are so annoying! Let the other judges give their critiques.

We need you to give the whole truth. Forget about the audience booing. Say what you saw. If it's not good, just say it.

I miss your constructive comments.

My bottom three will be

I think Haley will go this time. Check it out tomorrow night!

My bottom three spot on! But I picked Haley to go home but America wanted Karen to leave first. Meaning, the other two (Haley & Naima) are just waiting for their turn to leave American Idol.

Karen sang 'Hero' for her survival but lucky enough the judges didn't waste their only save vote for this girl. It was not unanimous though and I'm sure it was J-Lo who would likely to save Karen. Bravo to Randy and Steven to stick with their decision. It would be a waste to save this girl though.

By watching of the contestants performances so far, I could tell that all female contestants are in danger. It would be dominated by boys, again! Unless something drastic happen.

Let's find out what they offer tomorrow night.

What actually happened to the Goths?

It began when they forgot where they parked their car. Then they don't know how to open the car's bonnet. Out of panic, they lost their way to the airport and missed their flight to China. Vyxsin also left her passport at the airport counter (Kunming, China Airport). At this stage, I became irritated of Vyxsin. She panicked easily and forgets everything.

In Roadblock, Vyxsin once again broke into tears as she couldn't find her Chinese Zodiac charms. She said she is stupid. Luckily she admitted it so I don't have to say it again here LoL

After Vyxsin finally found her charms and put them in order, they took a gondola to go down Jade Dragon mountain. BUT their ordeal has not stop there! After they boarded a bus to take them to Old Town Lijiang, they realized that they lost their bag containing their passports and money. They begged the bus driver to turn back.

What will happen to them? We will find it out tomorrow night.

This leg of the race is not over yet as all teams were instructed to continue their race. The first team to arrive was Margie and Luke and they won themselves a trip to Aruba. Besides the Goths, Zev and Justin also has not checked in.

By the way, my Chinese Zodiac is HORSE.

A brief review from me. All together, I can say it was a boring night for me. I was even doze up while waiting for their turns to take the stage.

Naima - I'm gonna agree with Randy. She was all over the place. It means, sumbang bah!

Paul - As I said before, I'm not a fan. He is starting to irritate me. He was wandering on the stage. Just like Taylor Hicks did before. Gosh! Not again. This is my second time mentioning Hicks!

Thia - No doubt she has a lovely vocals. But again, I'm gonna agree with Randy. Doing ballads again? It bore me all time!

James - Another great performance from him. This guy really know how to sell himself. A duet with Steven Tyler? Who would ever thought of that? It means America, you have to keep on voting for him in order to see the duet ;) Nice campaign James!

Haley - Another boring performance from her. I'm almost certain she would be in the bottom three tomorrow night.

Stefano - Great performance from him tonight. I think it was because his choice of song is very relevant. "If You Don't Know Me By Now" is a great song.

Pia - She has a great vocals but she doesn't 'wow' me yet. I'm waiting for the time to come.

Scotty - Perfect vocals for country song. Hope to hear something different from him.

Karen - I'm beginning to wonder, what did they see on this girl? Because she can sing spanish as J-Lo do? I bet she won't be long in Idol.

Casey - You know what, he is actually very pitchy. But he covers it up with his 'comic' performance. People love him that should be enough to keep him in there. But I doubt it he would be in the finale.

Lauren - I'm getting a little bit restless to see her. A little bit childish and fragile.

Jacob - What did he do? Why everybody praising him? Am I missing something?

Who would be in the bottom three? I think it would be all females again. And my guess are:


Who is going home?

I'll pick Hailey.

Watch tomorrow for the result. Ciao!

ps. I'm gonna say something about the judges next week!

I didn't realize the Amazing Race is back! Usually, I would receive news from the AXN in my email but not this time. Well, it's okay. I only missed the first episode. And during the first episode nobody has been eliminated.

They call this new season as 'Unfinished Business'. It means, a second chance for them to win the million dollars. I would love to have Kev Jumba in this season but nope, he is not selected.

The returning teams are:

Kent Kaliber & Vyxsin Fiala with Ronald Hsu & Christina Hsu from Season 12

Margie Adams & Luke Adams, Mel White & Mike White, Lakisha Hoffman & Jeniffer Hoffman, Amanda Blackledge & Kris Klicka, Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal from Season 14

Herb Lang & Nate Lofton with Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew from Season 15

Jet McCoy & Cord McCoy from Season 16

Gary Ervin & Mallory Ervin from Season 17


In episode 1, Gary and Mallory became the first team to arrive and they were given the Express Pass. Jet and Cord was the last team to arrive but they were not eliminated as they were instructed to continue the Race.

In episode 2, Amanda and Kris were eliminated. Zev & Justin became the first team to arrive and won themselves a trip for two to Cancun, Mexico.

In episode 3, Mel & Mike were eliminated. They didn't complete their Detour task and was only shown at the Pit Stop for their elimination. Zev & Justin again won this leg of the Race and won a trip for two to Costa Rica.

My favourite teams are:

Father & daughter, Ron and Christina and also brothers, Jet and Cord.

It was a spot on for me! Yes! I guessed correctly. Ashthon is out for good. She sang again hoping the judges to save her again. Fortunately, the judges didn't use their only save vote for her. She had her chance and she blew it.

Adam Lambert is back in American Idol but as a guest. He sang "Aftermath", his latest single unplugged. Hoping to hear him singing this song plug-in ;)

Check this out

Next week on Idol, the Top 12 will return on stage to perform songs from the year they were born.

Randy said, "It was boring and sleepy". And I would say, "It was boredom!!"

I won't give full review this time. I only pick who is okay, so-so and not okay and will predict who will be in the bottom 3 and who is going home.

Lauren - not okay (too confident?, I think so)

Casey - okay (but am still not a fan because I don't want another Taylor Hicks)

Ashthon - not okay (too much of diva?, I think so)

Paul - so-so (again, am not a fan - he is just not the american idol type)

Pia - okay (I have yet to see the more of her. Two weeks in a row singing a slow number, I'm almost getting tired. People like her because of her strong voice? Then, why she stretches her neck everytime she takes a higher note? You tell me!)

James - okay (in fact, the best of the night. Why? Because I'm a fan of his hehehe. Well actually, he is indeed very good!)

Haley - not okay (no further comments!)

Jacob - not okay (why everyone likes him? I can't see anything special about him. He can shout, yes, but that's all. Nothing to wow about)

Thia - so-so (I was ready for her smooth voice but in the end, I was a little bit dissappointed. Hopefully America will forgive her this time)

Stefano - not okay (Why did they all in praise of him? I've no idea. He can sing but wrong choice of song, that's all)

Karen - so-so (One word from me, it was overdone!)

Scotty - okay (he is a true country singer. Can't wait to see him doing other than country)

Naima - not okay (Now you know, it's not easy to sing and dance. Only a few singers can do that. Here in Malaysia, we have Stacy hehehe)

My bottom three will be


Oh gosh! Does it look familiar to you? Yes! They are all the wild cards recipients. And who do I choose to go home tonight?

It might be Ashthon. Let's wait and see.

But the most important for tonight's result show is we have ADAM LAMBERT!!! Oh yeah! Can't wait!!

I thought it would be 12. But I'm wrong. They make it 13 this season. Their reason? It's tough for them to choose. Well, America actually made their choices. They voted 10. And the remaining two spots would be picked by the judges. But the judges had tough time to choose. So, instead of picking two, they picked three! Am I glad with their decision? Well, as long as Stefano is in ;)

Out of 10, I got seven spot on! Meaning, the America agrees with me ;)

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the Lucky 13......

James Durbin
Casey Abrams
Paul McDonald
Scotty McCreery
Jacob Lusk

Thia Megia
Lauren Alaina
Haley Reinhart
Karen Rodriguez
Pia Toscano

and the lucky three, chosen by the judges, well actually not before they sang for their lives!

Stefano Langone
Ashthon Jones
Naima Adedapo

Let's see their first concert. Are they worth for their pick? Check it out next week!

I've been watching the American Idol season 10 religiously since the first audition! I think this season is the most talented participants they ever had so far. Especially those teenagers. I definitely sure the judges had tough time this year to choose the best among the best. It was so sad to see some them were sent home.

Finally, they had chose their Top 24. 12 guys had performed last night and 12 ladies did theirs tonight.

Some of them were so good and yet some of them due to nervousness failed to impress me. But I hope they do understand that they had to give their best shot. One shot only! This season they only have one semi-finals, not like previous years. It sure made the semi-finalists do their best. Some of them yes!

I won't give reviews on their performances. I just want to make my guess who will make it to the finals. Five boys and five girls. The remaining two will be chosen by the judges.

These are my picks:


and the judges might choose one of these


and the judges might choose either of these
If you ask me, do I have favourites? Of course I do. I like James and Thia. I hope these two will cruise to the finals and make it to at least top three.

*All pictures are courtesy of www.americanidol.com