11 teams kicked off the Race from Miami. Their first destination was Ecuador. It's fun to watch them as they are all familiar faces. I was expecting Phil to say more about the Race. Something like 'expect the unexpected' or 'don't think you know the Race'. I am looking forward to a more challenging Race. They know the rules and they know the games. So at least make them work hard for it and not just a holiday for them!

But Phil did say something like 'some are your friends and some are your rivals' and the camera went to the Beauty Queens and the Kentucky :)

True enough, at the airport, the Kentucky tried their first strategy by trying to slow up the Beauty Queens to get into the faster flight and of course it didn't work as the BQ smart enough to get the info. I don't know about this strategy but it was way too soon!

What about Romber waited for the Miami boys? Payment for the Miami boys' good deed? Well, okay. Not bad there Romber. But later on I had a good laugh when Rob remarked it was his first kind gesture and it killed him to do that LoL

The first Detour of the Race was Wrangle It or Recover It. I was kinda shouting to Romber to go for the horse. I know for sure to look for things in an open field is not an easy task. Furthermore, they were asked to look for a button! Come on! It's crazy. Luckily, the Romber team switch task after 3 hours of searching the other two items! And I do hope they learnt their lesson from here.

The Romber stepped first onto the 'magic' mat and won a holiday in Canada.

As for John Vitto & Jill, they were eliminated because of their bad directions. I thought, since there was no Roadblock in the Race, it would be a non-elimination. Coz it wasn't fair for John & Jill. But then, they took their elimination positively.

Who will be eliminated next? Stay tuned on AXN!

more stories & pics at CBS


Happy Birthday to Unsun
May your wishes come true &
May God bless & protect you now and always

~ love you forever & ever ~

Tough? Not really. In fact the 4 eliminated contestants were in my list to be out of the show. They have the voice and looks but they didn't perform well. I thought in the first place they will cut 12 contestants in one shot. But they didn't. Meaning, they have another show to prove themselves. And it means, my choice of top 12 might change base on their performance next week.

The eliminated:

Paul Kim & Amy Krebs

Nicole Tranquillo & Rudy Cardenas

Now, come the breaking news! No wonder she irritates me. No wonder I dislike her attitude. It all came with a reason. Antonella Barba! Gossh! She suddenly became famous. Not because from her singing but her obscene and racy pictures. It was already circulated on the net. Now I know why I don't like her. My instinct proves me right.

Who is she behind this innocent picture? Siapa-siapa yang rajin surf internet, korang cari lah gambar dia yang saya maksudkan.

pics taken from www.americanidol.com

Unlike the male contestants, the female were more daring. But then, too daring I might say. I just have to close my eyes and I know they were 'sumbang' here and there :) Some of them were too confident. And when they did, it gave them problems.

These are my chosen 6: Stephanie Edwards, Sabrina Sloan, Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, Gina Glocksen and Lakisha Jones.

Like I said in my last posting, Lakisha is the person to watch. She said in her song "I'm telling you I'm not going, you're going to love me" And I'm very sure she will be staying and will be in the top 12. But do Americans love her and make her their next American Idol? We have to sit tight and watch until the end to find out.

Stay tuned for the result tomorrow. It would be very interesting to watch who and who are in. See u in Star World!

pix taken from msnbc

Just watched the first semi-finalists performances. Watch them from 6 to 8pm. Watch again the repeat from 8 to 10pm. The performances didn't impress me. I can see all of them were so nervous. They should take the opportunity to show what they've got in order to get votes. Those votes are so important for them to be in the top 12.

My choice of 6 are Chris Richardson, Nick Pedro, Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh, Jared Cotter & Phil Stacey. Sanjaya Malakar has a good vocal but chose a boring song :) I hope he will through to the finals.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Female Semi-Finalists show.

Kenapalah dengan si Britney ni? Tidak abis-abis buat kejutan. Apa-apa pun, itu 'peribodi' dia. Apa dia buat dengan kapla atau bodi dia, lantaklah. Saya suka Britney semasa era 'Sometimes' - so fresh and innocent :)

more story and pic at MSNBC

The 12 male semifinalists are:

Rudy Cardenas, 28 Jared Cotter, 25
Sundance Head, 28 Paul Kim, 25
Blake Lewis, 25 Sanjaya Malakar, 17
Chris Richardson, 22 Nicholas Pedro, 25
Brandon Rogers, 29 Phil Stacey, 29
Chris Sligh, 28 AJ Tabaldo, 22

The 12 female semifinalists are:

Alaina Alexander, 24 Antonella Barba, 20
Melinda Doolittle, 29 Stephanie Edwards, 19
Gina Glocksen, 22 Leslie Hunt, 24
Lakisha Jones, 27 Amy Krebs, 22
Haley Scarnato, 24 Jordin Sparks, 17
Sabrina Sloan, 27 Nicole Tranquillo, 24

The male participants will take the stage first tomorrow at 6pm and repeat at 8pm on Star World. Followed by the female participants on Thursday. Results will be out on Friday. I just hope Sanjaya and Lakisha will make it to the top 12. Phil Stacey too. Frankly, I was surprised with the semifinal's lists. To my opinion, there are many good ones has been rejected. I am not sure what are the judges looking for this year. Whatever it is, it's all up to the Americans now!

Read more at AmericanIdol


The Chinese don't say 'Happy New Year' to each other. Instead, they say 'congratulations' and that's what 'gong xi' essentially means.

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin)
Keong Hee Huat Chye (Hokkien)

Gung Hei Fat Choi (Cantonese)
Kung Hei Fat Choi (Hakka)

They all mean one thing "Congratulations and be prosperous"

by Kan Yaw Chong, DE dtd 17.02.07

The Year of the Pig is year 4705 in the Chinese calendar and signifies a time of growth, prosperity and luck in the lunar calendar. It follows the Year of the Dog and is the last of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

The Year 2007 is considered extra special because it is the Year of the Golden Pig. The event takes place every 60 years when the pig zodiac concides with the calendar's gold element. Gold is one of five elements that rotate every year. Babies born during the Year of the Pig are believed to be lucky, hardworking and loyal. They will also lead a confortable and wealthy life.

read more at NYDN

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Chinese friends especially Cath of LUV Brunei & Dora of LUV KL, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!


What a bad thing to start the day!

On the way to work this morning, somebody knocked us from behind. Terbang semangat saya! Boleh tahan jugalah the damaged but this was what we called an accident. Who wants to knock your car, right? The lorry who 'kissed' our car, sikit kemek saja. Bah ya lah, nama pun lori, memanglah tahan lasak.

In the end, terpaksa ambil emergency leave. Buat laporan polis, pi jumpa insurance company then hantar pi workshop for estimating the damage and for them to order the parts or whatsoever. Infact I know nothing camana mo urus. Banyak jugalah kami bertanya. Nasib baik semua orang being helpful to us. Terus terang cakap, palis-palis, this is my very first experience. I hope and I pray, no more accident after this. But what important most is nothing happened to us. Thank God!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
It's all about LUV ;)

Watch out for the 11th season of The Amazing Race! It is also known as The Amazing Race - All Stars as it reunites some of the teams from the previous seasons. The Teams will race across the world and try to win the USD1 million dollar prize. In my December's posting, I've listed my favourite teams. Three of them are chosen. Kevin & Drew, Charla & Mirna and Rob & Amber, aka 'Romber'.

The Teams are:

Kevin& Drew, Oswald & Danny, John Vito & Jill, Uchenna & Joyce

David & Mary, Charla Mirna, Rob & Amber, Teri & Ian

Eric & Danielle, Joe & Bill, Dustin & Kandice

My favourite team would be cousins, Charla & Mirna. They were 6th place in Season 5. Just finished watching The Amazing Race Asia, I would also like to see the other all female team to win this Race and they are Dustin & Kandice, the Beauty Queens from Season 10. Asia has created history, why not USA :) But in this Race, I'll be rooting 'Romber' and this team will likely to win, I hope so!

The Amazing Race - All Stars will be premiering on Monday, February 19th, 9pm on AXN. Stay tuned!

Please visit CBS for more info.

Mom @ Rose
Happy Birthday
We Love you so much &
May God Bless you always!
(10th February)

Actually, I'm not into heavy rock or hip hop or whatever they called it :) But as a Sabahan, I'll fully support the one and only Sabahan's band, who is in the final at tonight's grand finale - Blast Off! They are students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Tonight, they'll compete with Shimmano, Aunty Mable's & CODA. They are ANDALUSIA!

About the band:


Our Creed: East Essential

Our Home: KK

Our Band: Vocals: Lester

Drums: Lazman

Bass: T'nuz

Guitar: Romeo

Keyboard: Zizi

Our Story: Andalusia actually is a tree species that grows tall and strong, and we feel that reflects our band's ability. Our "roots" grow in all directions. Laz listens to progressive jazz, Meo is into heavy metal, T'Nuz is a funk kind of guy, Zizi plays rock and Lester is into RnB, rock and latin. This brings a great mix to the band that hopefully be the key to us going far at Blast Off 3.

Our Voting Details: SMS BAND<>ANDA and send to 32888 or fixed line, dial 13713 and press 6

They'll perform with 2 songs - Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and their very own song - Days of Our Lives.

Stay tuned on Hitz.TV @16 at 5.00pm today!

Visit ASTRO for more info on this Band.

They were friends and co-workers

They were:
1st Leg - 3rd place
2nd Leg - 4th place

3rd Leg - 5th place
4th Leg - 6th place
5th Leg - 3rd place
6th Leg - 3rd place
7th Leg - last to arrive but very fortunate as it was another non-elimination round
8th Leg - 5th place (2nd last)

9th Leg - the 4th team (2nd last) to arrive but it was a double length leg

10th Leg - 4th place (2nd last)

11th Leg - 3rd place (2nd last)
12th Leg - 2nd place (2nd last hehehe)
They never won in previous legs

They never use Fast Forward

They never use the Yield

They never been yielded

They had travelled over 36k kilometres, through 15 cities in 24 days!

They created history

They were the first all-females team to win an Amazing Race!
They were also the winner of the very first season of The Amazing Race Asia!

They won the grand prize USD100k

and they are Malaysians, Zabrina Fernandez (26) & Joe Jer Tee (29)
Congratulations to you Zab & JJ! As a Malaysian, I am so proud to both of you. You've shown to the world that all-females team can win The Amazing Race!

Congrats to Andrew & Syeon too, to make it to the finals and became the 3rd team to reach at the finals of The Amazing Race Asia.

I've enjoyed watching the show eventhough there were a few weaknesses in the beginning of the races. Let's hope there'll be another TARA - Season 2! But in the meantime, don't forget to catch a special episode of the Amazing Race Asia memories on February 8th at 9pm on AXN!

Be ReaL....

Read more at TARA

Ever since I switched to the new version of Blogger, I've been experiencing a problem when logging in. I received messages as below:

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When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

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How about other bloggers? Did you face the same problem? Please share with me, what did you do?