I still couldn't get over Adam Lambert came back to American Idol. I think he is the first former Idol to called back as a mentor! That's an honour for him even though he didn't win last year. Adam said as humble as he can be that how can he be a mentor as he is just beginning his own career himself ;)

And what I like about Adam as a mentor is he is completely honest. He tells them which one is good or bad or even boring (poor Andrew hehehe)

During the result show, Adam performed 'What Do You Want From Me'! Superb!

And it was a double elimination. My favourite Katie Stevens was voted out. Poor Katie. How I wish the judges didn't use their safe vote for Michael Lynche :( I think Katie's problem was she showed her frustration to the judges through her performance. It's irrelevant though but I think America in favour of the judges! I would remember Katie through her "Let it Be" performance. Andrew Garcia was sent home too but I don't care about him. Like Adam said, Andrew was boring. That's what you get when you don't listen to an expert!

This week, it was Tim Urban's turn to say goodbye. "Can't Help Falling in Love" was his best performance during his stay in Idol. Adam advice him to use his falsetto at the end of his singing but he didn't dare to do it. If he did, I think his performance would be the most memorable one!

Well, he is out now. The good news is I won't be seeing his fake grin anymore. It was kinda weird :p

In an unrelated note, Adira is singing one of my favourites song tonight in Akademi Fantasia 8 and that is "My All" by Mariah Carey. I hope she doesn't kill that song. Finger-cross!


Why I am glad?

Because the lesbians has been eliminated last night :) and the cowboys are still in the Race!!

Any other reason why I am super-duper glad?

Ohhh yessss!! Adam Lambert mentors the top 9 contestants in American Idol tomorrow!! It's about time the contestants need proper coaching because so far they were boring :( Hopefully Adam can do something to make it interesting!

Don't miss the show tomorrow at 6pm and repeat at 8pm!

Oh dear! It's been a while I didn't update my blog. Ok now, where was I? What did I miss? Well, actually, I didn't miss anything. I watched all my favourite TV programs. The only thing is I didn't have much time to blog them out.

The Biggest Loser Asia:

Won by David Gurnani from Indonesia
[what do you think? do you think he looks healthy? weird isn't it??]

Second place won by Carlo Miguel from Philippines
[He is actually my favourite to win]

Third place won by Malaysian's Aaron Mokhtar
[Lucky for him!]

The Amazing Race 16:

Joe & Heidi
[Eliminated during Leg 5]

Jordan & Jeff
[Eliminated during Leg 6]

Steve & Allie
[Eliminated during Leg 8 - Leg 7 was a non-elimination]

The Cowboys are still rocking! yeeeehaaaa!!

American Idol 9:

Lacey Brown
[the first one to go]

Paige Miles
[followed by her]

Didi Benami
[and her...I like Didi but she was so fragile just like Brooke White of Season 7]

Michael Lynche

Michael should be eliminated but then saved by the judges. Crazy!! I thought the judges are saving their save vote to one of the ladies and I was wrong. If this is the case, I think it would be a man again to win this year but I'm still hoping for Katie or Crystal.

Last week, to my delight the contestants were doing McCartney and Lennon's. The best so far. And I chose Casey James as the best performer of the night. Check it out!

And I'm still watching 'House', 'Heroes' and 'Lost'. I watch Akademi Fantasia Season 8 too but I can't give reviews coz I'm not religiously watching the show. Anyway, good luck to the Sabahan's Adira and Ain!

Andy Roddick won the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open in Miami!

Oh and by the way, I went to these places last month and enjoyed my holiday very much :) Looking forward to my next holiday in May!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Brunei Darussalam

Until then, hugs!

ps: It's a draw for Manchester United at Blackburn Rovers and it sucks!