Roger Federer, the defending champion won the Australian Open 2007 last sunday. He has beaten 10th seeded Fernando Gonzalez of Chile, 7-6, 6-4, 6-4.

He is now aiming for French Open which he never won. He is a great player and I am sure he can do it.

Latest Tennis World rankings released last monday as follow:

Men's Singles/Women's Singles
1. R Federer/M Sharapova
2. R Nadal/J Henin
3. N Davydenko/A Mauresmo
4. A Roddick/K Clijsters
5. F Gonzalez/S Kuznetsova
6. J Blake/M Hingis
7. T Robredo/N Petrova
8. I Ljubicic/E Dementieva
9. T Haas/N Vaidisova
10. M Ancis/J Jankovic

The remaining four teams were still in Dubai to face new challenges.

I was so happy for Andrew & Syeon when they chose Ride in their Detour. It was a wise decision since Syeon has broke her ankle and with camel-riding they hope it will give a rest to Syeon's leg.

Next task - at the Eye of the Emirates. Wondering what was that? Well, it's similar to Malaysia's Eye on Malaysia :) It was Andrew & Syeon lucky day. They chose no. 19 as their lucky number which is happened to be Andrew's birthday. True enough, cabin no. 19 has the correct clue.

The Roadblock's clue was quite misleading. "Who has brains?" Andrew quickly said, Syeon has the brains thinking the next task might use intellectual :) So Syeon agreed to do the Roadblock. When they opened the clue it was actually an eating challenge - brains! Even so, Syeon managed to complete the task.

After they found the Sheikh *something* house they went for watersliding. The watersliding looks fun for me. How I wish if I can visit Dubai sometime :)

Finishing the task, teams proceeded to Wild Wadi - the 12th pit stop of the Race. Andrew & Syeon confirmed their place in the finals by arriving first and won a Gold Coast holiday! The second team was JZ. Congrats to the Malaysian teams! I'm so proud of them! Let's just hope one of them win the Race :) SanFran became the last team in the final three. It means, M&M eliminated from the Race.

It also means, we have two couples and one all females team in the finals. Uh-oh what happen to the men's teams hehehe. Oh well, let's just enjoy the season finale on 1st February at 9pm exclusively on AXN.

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Unseeded Serena William dominated the game and overpowered Maria Sharapova 6-1, 6-2 and won the Women's Single in Australian Open 2007.

Serena came to Australia as an underdog and ranked 81st. I've been watching her game and she really improved a lot after resting about a year of injury.

This is a good start for Serena and I'm looking foward more of her in the future. She will be ranked 14 in the world next week where Sharapova took the No. 1 spot from Justine Henin, who recently separated from her husband Yves Hardenne.


In tomorrow's Men's Final, it would be between Roger Federer facing Fernando Gonzalez of Chile. Since Federer crushed Roddick in semi-finals, I'll definitely support Gonzalez :) I am tired of seeing Federer winning every game and I hope someday, somebody or someone will end his domination in tennis :p

Gonzalez has beaten Hewitt, Blake, Nadal and recently Tommy Haas. If he can beat them, why not Federer. Gonzalez is in top-form. Go speedy Gonzalez Go!!

The twin brothers from USA Bob & Mike Bryan just won the Men's Doubles Finals. They've beaten Jonas Bjorkman (Sweeden) & Max Mirnyi (Belarus), 7-5, 7-5.

I suspected this episode would be another non-elimination round. I've watched The Amazing Race since season 1, that's why I know :p

From India they went to Dubai. Surprisingly, nobody yielded! Does that mean the teams were in good terms? Or maybe, like me, they knew that it would be a non-elimination leg and there's no point in yielding. But whatever it is, I just hope the Malaysian teams will do their game right. They need to be in the final 3 and make us proud to win the first Amazing Race Asia!

Somebody is really going home tomorrow night. I don't want to be so cruel but I'm hoping all true-Asians will be in the finals. SanFran team is not a pure Asian. They are from England & New Zealand who work in Hong Kong. How sad if they won this Race :(

Sit tight for tomorrow night's episode. Don't miss it!

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I've been busy watching Australian Open :p And of course, I'm rooting for Andy Roddick, my favourite tennis player. Roddick's match statistics are as below:

1st Round (against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga from France)
6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-3

2nd Round (against Marc Gicquel from France)
6-3, 7-6, 6-4

3rd Round (against Marat Safin from Russia)
7-6, 2-6, 6-4, 7-6

4th Round (against Mario Ancic from Croatia)
6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 5-7, 6-4

Roddick will be playing against his lifelong buddy and compatriot, Mardy Fish on Tuesday.

Good luck to you Andy!

Yes! American Idol is back. I'll definitely sitting in front of my TV :) coz I don't want to miss all the auditions they've made. I am sure all the aspiring idols will do their best to be selected in top 12. Stay tuned on Star World tomorrow at 8pm.

Talking of American Idol, what happened to last year's American Idol runner up - Katherine McPhee? After searching on the net, I found out that Ms McPhee is releasing her new album entitled Katharine McPhee on 30th January 2007.

Ouch! What a cover?! But I was taught not to judge a book by its cover. On this case, don't judge an album by its cover. I saw worst, LOL

There you go, trains! Train is one of the main transportations in India. So, one cannot avoid to take trains :) And what else? A 19-hour train ride to Delhi?! OMG! But at least the train that the teams took was a bit ok :)

The first Yield of the Race. No need to make a guess. I knew other teams would yield Andy & Laura hahaha. True enough, SanFran yielded them but A&L, caught the other teams at Detour, sigh!

How I wish, Andrew & Syeon chose the Donkey task. But they didn't and they had difficulty in doing the Deliver. JZ team were smart! They spotted big crowds and they knew there must be a team being surrounded by the crowds. And how true they were, when they saw SanFran walking their donkey!

Andrew did well at the Roadblock. But as usual, they had problem in navigating the way to the Pit Stop. SanFran & M&M teams overtook them!

But what I admired most was the JZ team. They were the last team to finish the Roadblock task but they managed to get a taxi ahead Andy & Laura. Furthermore, A&L had to go back to get Laura's bag which they forgot. Those mistake really cost them - they were eliminated!

Why Syeon screamed and cried at their way to the Pit Stop?! Goshh how could she? The heat should moved her faster and not crying like a baby :(

Four teams left. How I wish all true-Asians will go to the finals! But let's just wait what's in store next. Stay tuned on AXN.

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It was their warm-up before Australian Open but still it was good to hear at last, Roddick breaks the Federer jinx.

In their 13 meetings, Andy Roddick won only once. If I'm not mistaken it was at the USA Open in 2003, where Roddick won the title at the age of 21.

At the AAMI Classic at Kooyong, Roddick has beaten Federer, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3. It was a good start for him and I hope he will continue playing his best tennis at Australian Open, which starts tomorrow. Congrats to you Andy! and Good Luck throughout Australian Open 2007!

Check the coverage here Kooyong

Photo : AP


Odie (06 Jan)
Shirley (07 Jan)
Dora (10 Jan)
Linda (10 Jan)
Lance (21 Jan)

From Thailand they flew to India. Most of them groaned. Well of course they were not so looking forward for India. The moment I knew it was India I immediately remembered trains!

Teams' first task was to shine seven pairs of shoes. That was their Roadblock.

Next was to eat a Bengali meal. I just admired JJ of JZ team. This girl is amazing. She didn't complain much.

After consuming a lot of food teams then proceeded to look for their next clue which was hidden amongst hundreds of fabric. This task looked familiar. I think TAR has done this before but I can't remember which one.

The clue was their Detour. It's either Carry or Count. And this is where Andy & Laura took Sandy & Fran's cab. Not nice you guys!

Upon completing their tasks, teams then raced to a place called Kolay Market. Allan was waiting there. Andy & Laura arrived first. Just I suspected, the Race was not over yet.

The Race continues tomorrow nite. Stay tuned!

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Biasanya bila tahun baru muncul soalan yang kerap kita dengar "apa azam baru?" Saya pun tidak terkecuali ditanya soalan yang sama. Tapi saya seorang yang tidak pernah berazam. Bukan apa, tapi malas sebenarnya :) Malas untuk memikirkan senarai azam yang kita buat di awal tahun. Bertambah malas, kalo azam tu tidak dapat dilaksanakan. So, saya mengamalkan prinsip "tempuhi apa jua bakal mendatang" atau "do whatever it takes"

But still, I have a mission to be accomplished this year. This is not a resolution. It is actually a 'MUST DO' task for me. It's a personal target and I hope I will succeed.

Besides that, what I'm waiting for 2007? TV programs of course :) especially reality TV shows. Saya ini boleh dikatakan 'mangsa TV'. I can't live without TV hahahaha

I'm looking forward to a few of my favourite programs such as, Lost season 3, Supernatural season 2, American Idol 6, The Amazing Race - All Stars, The Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, CSI NY, and so on. It would be a never ending list :) I am also a fan of Tennis. The first grand slams of this year will be Australia Open which is scheduled next week. I am hoping the latest season of Survivor would be aired this year too.

As for local reality show, I'm looking forward to Akademi Fantasia season 5. A promo on this is shown on TV. It seems that they want to do it early this year. The audition for Sabah will be on 25 - 28 Jan 2007 at Berjaya Palace. Would there be Sabahans selected this year? If there is, would you vote for them? :) I heard rumours that Aznil will be replaced. If that the case, I won't be surprised that they will introduce new format on the show. Who knows what? We will find out soon.

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy myself watching the remaining episodes of The Amazing Race Asia, House & CSI Miami. And also the season finale of Alias. Oh ya. I watch Dragon Ball too. I've watched them before but I don't mind watching them again. I just love Goku LOL.

What else? Of course I'm waiting for Linda Nanuwil to make a comeback, hopefully! I missed her on TV & magazines.

Oklah. Migraine sia mo datang sudah. Terlampau menghadap PC dan TV bah ni :)

Till then - Be Real for 2007!

What a bus ride! A bad decision from Andrew & Syeon to take the earlier bus which failed to connect to Krabi. Lucky for them, SaHo and M&M teams were with them. At least they knew that they were not the last team :)

JZ team begged for money? Understandbly. But M&M begged for money? Why in the first place they bought backpacks when they knew they were short of cash? I think they've planned ahead that they will beg for money, what a shame!

In Detour, Andrew and Syeon made a wise decision to go for snorkeling. It was an easy task! Good for JZ team too when they switched task to snorkeling. The SaHo team took longer time to make a decision and it really cost them!

Roadblock of the Race - a rock climbing. Piece of cake for Andrew. He did it in just a few minutes. But then, being the first team to finish the rock climbing they had to find the island where the Pit Stop located. It was an advantage to the other teams when they found out Andrew and Syeon made way to the wrong island. To me, I can't really blame the boatman. It's up to the team how to direct their boatman. We can see Syeon long face :)

One thing for sure, Sahran has proven that he actually can overcome his fear of heights. He did the rock climbing with the help of professionals of course. But the tears? No comment :)

With the Fast Foward in hand, M&M arrived first at the Pit Stop. And of course SaHo (Sahran&Howard) were the last team to arrive and eliminated from the Race.

Five teams left. Who will be eliminated next? Stay tuned.

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