What a weekends!

Manchester United dikalahkan oleh Chelsea (0-3) di EPL. Pastu lagu Jika Kau Kekasih Linda Nanuwil jatuh lagi satu anak tangga :-(

Berikut adalah kedudukan Carta HotFM 30 di minggu ini (no. dlm kurungan adalah kedudukan di minggu lepas)

01. (01) Radja - Jujur
02. (07) M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
03. (03) Awie - Iris
04. (12) Nikki ft. Zahid - Caramu
05. (02) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
06. (08) Khafi - Tiada Yang Kedua
07. (06) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
08. (05) Ruffedge - Lemas
09. (13) Akma - Percaya Pada Cinta
10. (04) Farahwahida - Tanpa Mu

Heran sungguh..camana lagu Linda boleh turun satu anak tangga every week walaupun dah berabis undi. Lagu Nikki dari tangga ke 12 melonjak naik tangga ke 4--congrats to Nikki!

pix taken from www.fazley.com

But anyway, kesedihan telah diubati dgn kehadiran Dr Fazley menjadi tetamu di Carta HotFM30 hari ini. He is really a motivator--somehow, dia telah mengubati 'luka' di hati saya ;-)

Genre: Science Fiction Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery

Tagline: Fear is a luxury

Plot Outline: Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and battling evil spirits along the way.

Sam Winchester is a college student bound for law school, determined to escape his family's past - unlike his older brother, Dean. Ever since they were little their father has been consumed with an obsession to find the evil forces that murdered his beloved wife, and recruited his two young sons to help them. They have grown up as hunters of the supernatural. Sam escaped this way of life after high school, and now has a happy life with his girlfriend, Jessica, and a promising future career. Dean, however, stayed behind with his father to join him in his "hunting".

After Dean arrives for Sam's help when their father goes missing, Sam must join his brother to find him. His one weekend trip to search for the missing John Winchester becomes an ongoing quest after a horrible tragedy ruins any thought of a happy life for Sam.

The two brothers, bound by tragedy and blood to their mission, travel across the country encountering terrifying and dangerous forces most believe to be nothing but superstition and folklore, such as the Lady in White, the Indian beast known as the Wendigo, Phantom Travelers who cause plane crashes, Bloody Mary, and many more.

Seasons: 1

User Comments: Whoa! This is more like it!

Series Credited cast:
Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls) .... Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles (Smallville) .... Dean Winchester

SciaS : Watch out for this new TV Series on AXN next week--4 May @ 10pm

Fran & Barry who reached first in Jabreen, Oman became the last team to arrive in Perth, Australia and has been eliminated from the Race.

The Race won by Eric and Jeremy. After they made a few mistakes in Oman they reclaimed top spot in Australia. Joseph & Monica took the second place. They arrived at the pit stop seconds behind Eric & Jeremy.

BJ & Tyler moved to third place after being last in Oman. Ray and Yolanda took the fourth place.

Who will be the Final 3? Stay tuned on AXN every Thursday at 9.00pm

There you go! Kellie Pickler went home--at last. I usually named her as 'dumbo' coz her personality irritate me. But guess what, when Ryan asked her to say a few words before leaving--she was no dumbo at all. The real Kellie revealed. She was totally different tonite. Meaning--she has been 'acting' all this while and fooled us. Well Kellie it was too late. You had to leave tonite and good luck to you!

The show begins with Ryan telling Simon he has received many complaints about the judges comments on Katharine's performance last nite. And you know what, Simon apologized to Katharine! Followed by Randy. Paula said "I never been harsh" But Paula, you did say something not good too!
Then, Andrea Bocelli took the stage and sang from his new album Amore "Because we Believe" with David Foster playing the piano. This song is written by David Foster himself and her daughter, Amy.

The moments we awaited came. Ryan called Katharine to form a group further of the stage. Elliot at the centre and Kellie in the 3rd group. Taylor joined Elliot and Paris with Kellie. The last one was Chris who joined Katharine. So, I was wrong this time I thought it will be another bottom 3 but it was only a bottom 2. Ryan announced, Elliot and Taylor are safe. Then asked Katharine and Chris to join the first 2.

Now, it was only Kellie and Paris--they were the bottom 2 and my prediction are correct hehehe
Ryan said "Kellie, I am sorry this will be the end of you". I felt relieved actually :-) Usually, they will ask the eliminated finalist to sing but they didn't have enough time--well we don't need her to sing anyway.

The final 5 are - Katharine, Chris, Paris, Taylor & Elliot. Who will be the next American Idol?

SciaS : Elliot's song is not from the Carpenters but Donny Hathaway.

This week will be the final week of the finalists to perfom one song. Next week, they will have to sing two songs. And this week is the most awaited for coz the finalists doing the Classic Love Songs Theme under the guidance of singer, Andrea Bocelli and musician, David Foster.

But before I go further, this is my first time watching the show at 11.30 at night!! I missed the 5.00pm live and repeat at 8.00pm coz I went out. Terpaksa tunggu pukul 11.30 (sigh!) mengantuk tapi kena tengok juga hehehe. So, let's check it out what had happened at tonite's show.

Katharine McPhee sang "I have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. She was superb! She nailed this song on her own style and I am really loving it. But to my surprise, all the 3 judges didn't like it. Especially Simon with his comment "You were like coming here and saying I'm as good as Whitney Houston, but you're not". Come on Simon! Katharine doesn't want to be Whitney no. 2. We only have ONE Whitney Houston! And this is Katharine McPhee we are talking about. To me, Katharine has done a good job and I hope the Americans agree with me.

Elliot came next with "A Song For You". I didn't get who the original singer was--maybe it was from The Carpenters. And for the first time, I saw the confident Elliot on stage! Remember my last posting? I said, Elliot always nervous, I can see right thru his eyes. But this week it was gone. He is so confident performing (as if Elliot read my blog, hehehe)

Then, Kellie the dumbo's turn. Cehhh..dia ckp "well Ryan, thank you for reminding me that I don't have a boyfriend"..so what?!!. Dia ingat kita ni bodoh sangat percaya ckp dia. She sang the Righteous Brothers most popular song "Unchained Melody". Si Kellie ini bilang "but I'm doing this a little bit LeAnn Rimes' style" Huh! mana ada sama--jauh sekali. I agree with Paula--every week, tiada improvement. But I know Kellie ramai peminat. Nyanyi tidak ngam pun dia tidak pernah duduk di bottom 3. By the way, paling saya geli hati ialah bila David tanya sama Andrea "what hair colour does she have?" Andrea being partially blind (I think) answered "Blond" muahaha. Tepat sekali dia mmg dumbo hehehe

"The Way We Were" song by Barbra Streisand pilihan Paris Bennett. Even David Foster pun ckp "you don't have to do it as big as Barbra" Dia suruh Paris nyanyi smoothly and softly. Tapi suara Paris ni mmg kuat dia tidak dpt kawal suara dia. One more thing--I don't like her hair style macam kelihatan tua sudah hehehe

Taylor picked James Ingram's song "Just Once". Nothing outstanding with this guy. Nyanyi mcm biasa2 saja. And he looks so nervous tonite. I think he even wrote a few lines of the song on his palm. Patutlah si Simon bilang, mcm yg selalu kita dengar di hotel lounge hehehe. I think Taylor will be on bottom 3 this time.

Last but not least Chris Daughtry sang "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" If Im not mistaken this is Bryan Adam's song. Wow..what a show. Begin with Katharine and ended with Chris..dua2 ada class! Chris and Katharine definitely are safe this week..fuyoo confident pula saya ni. Of courselah Katharine kan favaourite saya ;-)

So, my prediction for the bottom 3 are - Kellie, Taylor & Paris. And whoever is going home, I just don't bother hehehe. Kalo Kellie, lagi lah bagus!

Guyz dont forget to check it out tomorrow nite--the result show. We will find out who are the Final 5.

While waiting for CSI New York at 10.00pm I decided tu update my blog.

Have u read the title above? "Paige is Married"

hehehe...u people must be wondering..who's wedding? Paige who?

Well actually, I've just finished watching Charmed Season 8. One of the Charmed sisters got married and that was Paige. She married to Henry (Ivan Sergei).

I've been following this series since season 1. It's already Season 8 and it will end soon. The first rumours I heard was Charmed will be replaced by The Charmed Sons. I can't wait!!

Enough of Charmed...let's talk about my day today hehehe. As I said yesterday, I took half a day leave today to get my Income Tax done. Since I'm on leave, there is no rush to the office of clocking in. So, I took my own sweet time and I even had my breakfast at Tanjung Aru.

Then, my friend called me "where are you?" I said, having breakfast in Tg. Aru. She said, "you better be hurry, the Income Tax office is already packed with tax-payers". Adoiii...then I rushed to the Income Tax but guess what..traffic jammed!! matai-lah. Tiada karan pulak and the traffic light is not working.

To cut the story short, I reached the building at 9 something. I quickly went upstairs and saw my friends all are busy filling up their forms. Well lucky me, I had filled up mine, last nite. So, I produced my forms to the officer and everything is in order.

Next we had to queue up to use their PC. We need to key in the forms online. Finished, we waited again to send our forms using the e-filing facility. Fortunately, all went smoothly. When I looked at the time, it was already 11.30 and we need to clock in before 12.00pm. After we said our thank you--all the income tax officers were very helpful to us--thanks once again to Jiwa, Maria and Susie. You guyz are very nice and were so patients entertaining us hehehe.

Sampai ofis saja terus buat kerja, as usual..!!

Ok lah...time's up...CSI New York mo mula sudah...ciao!


Minggu ini saya mulakan dengan mencari resit2 sokongan utk Income Tax saya :-)
Ini lah bah style saya, suka buat last minutes. Every year saya berazam utk hantar borang Income Tax saya lebih awal tapi tiap tahun juga saya hantar di saat2 akhir. Camana ni?

Apa lagi, habislah bah fail2 saya bongkar mencari resit pembelian buku & majalah. Rebate utk beli buku & majalah for last year is RM700. In 2004, rebate given was RM500 only. Selepas mengorek sana-sini, dapat jugalah saya kumpul resit berjumlah RM500.00 hehehe

So, tomorrow saya terpaksa ambil cuti pagi sbb kena berurusan di Pejabat Hasil. First time ni masuk bangunan baru diorang. Harap2 tidak sesat.

Sudahkah anda mengisi borang Income Tax anda? Tarikh akhir adalah 30.04.2006. Siapa yg belum hantar tu, cepat2lah berbuat demikian, if not, kena denda RM100 (if im not mistakenlah). Saya juga diberitahu, Pejabat Hasil akan dibuka sehingga jam 10.00 mlm. Hari Sabtu pun diorg buka. Jom hantar borang!

Ciao! saya mo tengok 'Lost'.

Linda Nanuwil - pix taken from kadusmusic.tambalut.com

Everything doesn't right for me this week :-(

Just finished listening to 'Carta HotFM 30' on radio. Adusss kecewa banget, lagu Jika Kau Kekasih Linda Nanuwil telah jatuh satu anak tangga. Nasib baik bukan jatuh dua tangga atau tiga tangga..sure hampeh sehampeh2nya!

Prediction saya sekurang2nya lagu ini naik satu lagi anak tangga atau paling tidak pun lagu ini tidak berubah di tangga ke 5. Anyway, bukan rezeki Linda agaknya. But on top of that, saya masih happy sbb Farah Fauzana telah bercerita sedikit pasal Linda--sikit pun tidak apa yg penting saya tahu juga perkembangan Linda. Which means, Linda now is back in KL. I do hope Linda akan terus aktif mempromosikan album beliau "Jika Kau Kekasih". Yang sedihnya, mengikut Farah Fauzana, Linda semakin susut badannya. I hope she is not sick or anything. Good Luck to you Linda!

By the way, Farah Fauzana said, if you love her please vote for her! It is indeed a good advice from FF. I'll definitely support Linda all the way through...

Berikut adalah kedudukan Carta HotFm 30 minggu ini:

01. (01) Radja - Jujur
02. (02) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
03. (04) Awie - Iris
04. (03) Farahwahida - Tanpa Mu
05. (12) Ruffedge - Lemas
06. (05) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
07. (11) M. Nasir - Juwita (Citra Terindah)
08. (08) Khafi - Tiada yang Kedua
09. (06) Khadeeja - Dia Milikku
10. (10) Adibah Noor - Terlalu Istimewa

** (nombor dlm kurungan adalah kedudukan minggu lepas)

pix taken from Mariah's official website
Last monday (17.04.06) I joined Mariah Carey's Fanscape. Mariah is one of my favourite singers and I like to know or learn more about her singing career. That's the reason for my signing up to her Fanscape.

Guess what? The next day, I received an email from the moderator asking all the fans to vote for Mariah's new single 'Say Something' in MTV's TRL. After receiving 2 more reminders to vote, on the 3rd day, 'Say Something' became #1. Wowww..this is really amazing! Congratulations to Mariah and to all her supporters. It really made me think that if we really love the artist we will do anything for her or him.

And hey! not only that, the day 'Say Something' became #1 in MTV's TRL, Mariah called personally to her fanclub to say thank you for their support. The voice mail came into my inbox too!! That's so nice of her.


This week has been very hectic for me ~ at home and at the office. But thank God, everything is fine now. Looking foward for a fresh week ahead!

Oh ya before I forgot, Xander my nephew is 4 months today. I'll upload his picture here when I get one.

I am also like to apologize to my dear friend TS for not turning up at Anjung Selera, last nite. So sorry TS I thought I could go but in the very last minute something came up and I already explained to you last nite thru SMS. I hope you and friends had an enjoyable evening. I'll try and join you next time. Especially kalo dpt lepak di Tg Aru Beach sambil menikmati BA *tettt* :-)

To Dora, sorry I couldn't stay on-line (this evening) a little bit longer coz it was raining down here and I don't want to take the risk. Well it happened to me before and my pc was damaged. I'll get in touch with you again Dora. By the way, I like ur new-look blog!

I'll try and update my blog as often as I can until then, ciao for now....

Fran & Barry stepped onto the mat in first place!

Saya baru habis tengok The Amazing Race 9 - Episode 8. Best! Makin lama makin mendebarkan. From Rio, Greece they proceed to Jabreen, Oman. Uissh bestnya diorg dapat travelling. Race kali ini saya tengok a bit tiring but they looked very excited and they were enjoying themselves.

After the detour and roadblock they raced to the pit stop. This time, the race won by Fran & Barry. Amazing! Retired couples beating all the younger competitors. Dan apa yg mengejutkan ialah Eric & Jeremy yg selalu mendominasikan race ini jatuh di tempat ke-4.

The last team to arrive was BJ & Tyler but lucky for them when Phil said, "...but this is the first non-elimination leg and you are still in the race". Nyaris2 terkeluar diorang ini..tu lah terlampau main2 hehehe. Diorang selamat but they have to surrender all their money. And on the next leg they won't be given any money. Pandai2lah diorang cari duit sendiri.

Let's see what happen next!


Well, what more can I say. Tajuk lagu dia macam memberi hint that he's finish with American Idol! I even posted yesterday hoping that he wont say goodbye to us like "That's All--folks, im leaving" huwarggghh...one of my favourites is out. kesiannn

The Results show tonite started with Rod Stewart performed 'The Way You Look Tonight'. Then Ryan called Elliot to stand at the centre of the stage. Then, he called Chris to stand nearer to him to form a second group. Next, Kellie joined Elliot and Paris joined Chris. I told myself, whichever group Katherine will join would be the safe group hehehe . Ryan asked Katharine to join the first group and Ace with the second group. Taylor was left behind on the couch. When Ryan said, Taylor is safe, ouchh! There goes my prediction.

Taylor was asked to join the safe group which at first he undecided. Slowy, Taylor went and shook hand with Chris and Ryan was about to say "Taylor, I'm sorry.." Taylor went and proceed to join the first group, consists of Elliot, Kellie & Katharine. Then, Ryan said "Taylor you chose the right group" ahh yooo...I was totally wrong on my predictions this week! I picked Taylor, Kellie & Elliot to be on the bottom 3 hehehe

Now, we know who's on the bottom 3, Chris, Ace & Paris... but who will go home? When Ryan let Paris off the hook...oh no no..I can clearly guess who is going. Between Chris and Ace of course Chris is more popular even though this is his first bottom 3 hehehe

When Simon say "Ace, I think you are going to end up going home tonight" I thought the same too.

So, the result revealed...let's bid farewell to Ace Young! siannn. Next week the 6 finalists will be doing another legendary, Andrea Bocelli - classic love songs.

I can't wait for tonite's performances coz they are doing the rock legend, Rod Stewart's songs. And I thought, at least one or two of the Idols pick fast numbers but then I was wrong. All of them went jazzy and classic tonite! But who cares, after watching the show, it's so hard to pick who would be on the bottom 3 this week.

Chris and Paris with very familiar songs 'What a Wonderful World' and 'Foolish Things' did a great job! I said, wow if everyone perform like that tonite, then, it'll be tough to choose who's going home. Then Taylor took the stage with 'You Send Me'. The performance was more or less the same every week for Taylor. So, I have already one candidate for bottom 3. But I have to watch the others first.

Elliot was always nervous when performing. I can see thru his eyes. My first impression was...adoii..what happened to the jeans?? Well, forget about the jeans, let's hear him sing. 'It Had to be You' wasn't bad at all but something isn't right with him. Then, Simon Cowell said it "You don't have the personality". Oh yeahh..that's it. Kalo di Malaysia, kita ckp "tiada aura" hehehe. Good luck to you TS! oopps!

Kellie the 'dumbo' didn't do right this time, again! But she was always lucky, she never for once on the bottom 3. Maybe the Americans love her, but not for me, though.

Cehh..sengsara juga tunggu giliran my favourites hehehe. Ya, Katharine and Ace are my favourites. Wow, something refreshing for Ace. But I don't know whether I like his hair-do but it's definitely goes well with the suit hehehe. I hope his song "That's All" was not meant..that's all folks, I have to leave! hehehe

Last but not least, Katharine took the centre stage with 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. What can I say, she has the vocals, the aura and the personality. I hope it would be enough to charm the Americans to vote for her. Honestly, I don't want her to leave just yet...no no no no

Tough! who would I choose for the bottom 3??!! Ok lah. I pick Taylor, Elliot & Kellie.

We will find out who goes home tomorrow nite.


Hey Andy, why did you shave your hair? Did you lose a bet?

Andy's Answer:
"Haha, there is no reason for the haircut. I was sitting around at about 11:30 at night last week with some friends. We had clippers, so we got rid of it! Good thing about hair, is it grows back!"

SciaS : Andy is my favourite Tennis Player. Spot him first at USA Open 2003 where he won the title at the age of 21 and at the same time became World. No. 1. Good Luck Andy!

The Trouble With Love Is

(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Kelly Clarkson)
© Songs Of Universal, Inc./Bayjun Beat (BMI)/Copyright Control (ASCAP)

Love can be a many splendored thing
Can’t deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses, diamond rings
Dreams for sale and fairy tales
It’ll make you hear a symphony
And you just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind
It’ll fool ya every time

The trouble with love is
It can tear you up inside
Make your heart believe a lie
It’s stronger than your pride
The trouble with love is
It doesn’t care how fast you fall
And you can’t refuse the call
See you’ve got no say at all

Now I was once a fool it’s true
I played the game by all the rules
But now my world’s a deeper blue
I’m sadder but I’m wiser too
I swore I’d never love again
I swore my heart would never mend
Said love wasn’t worth the pain
But then I hear it call my name


Every time I turn around
I think I’ve got it all figured out
My heart keep callin’
And I keep on fallin’
Over and over again
The sad story always ends the same
Me standin’ in the pourin’ rain
It seems no matter what I do
It tears my heart in two


Lake (Dentist) & Michelle (Homemaker)
At last this team eliminated from the Race! Bikin girigitan tengok diorg berdua ni. Bergaaaduhh saja sepanjang masa. I was wondering what would their children think of their parents! They were arguing all the time..bikin panas hati saja. Since they were busy battling to each other they lost their way to the Pit Stop...padan muka..hehe

Eric & Jeremy continued their domination by winning the Fast Forward to secure another first place finish. Fast Forward is another twist in Amazing Race. Those who get the Fast Forward first will skip all the tasks and can proceed to the Pit Stop.

Meanwhile, best friends BJ & Tyler drove hours in the wrong direction, but caught a huge break as Lake & Michelle couldn’t find the Pit Stop. Lucky for BJ & Tyler!

5 more teams racing to the final Pit Stop to win the USD1 Million. Who could it be? Let's watch the Race on AXN, Thursday at 9.00pm.

Sarah Raisuddin telah memeriahkan Carta HotFM 30

helluu..hepi gila ari ni hehe...apa tidak..lagu Linda Nanuwil "Jika Kau Kekasih" naik 3 tangga lagi dan sekarang menduduki tempat ke-5. Berikut adalah Top 10 carta Hot Fm 30:

01. (01) Radja - Jujur
02. (02) Sarah Raisuddin - Tinggal Serpihan
03. (06) Farahwahida - Tanpa Mu
04. (05) Awie - Iris
05. (08) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
06. (09) Khadeeja - Dia Milik Ku
07. (03) Ratu - Teman Tapi Mesra
08. (11) Khafi - Tiada Yang Kedua
09. (04) Akma - Percaya Pada Cinta
10. (12) Adibah Noor - Terlalu Istimewa
15. (13) Nikki ft. Zahid - Cara Mu

Kesian pula kat Nikki, jatuh ke tempat 15. Apa2pun, jom kita mengundi di http://www.hotfm.com.my/hottigapuluh.asp

The Sabah East Coast Bajau community has a unique lifestyle. In their dialect, lepa means "boat". The lepa is usually made of Ubar Suluk or Red Seraya wood. The lepa is a cultural legacy inherited by the people from many generations ago. The existence of lepa is believed to originate from the fishing community who live in Bum Bum Island and used by the Pa'alau people along the coast of Semporna.

The Regatta Lepa has been celebrated every year since 1994 to commemorate the Bajau tradition of building these splendid boats. Semporna comes to life as the colourful sails take to the sea to compete for the prize of the most beautiful lepa. This is judged based on its decoration, local ethnic music and dances performed on board, sambulayang (sails) and tapis-tapis (small flags).

Other attractions include sea sports such as rowboat, sailing and kelleh-kelleh (small dugout boat) competitions, lepa tug of war, children swimming and duck catching competition. The colourful cultural night performance at the end of the day is certainly an event not to be missed. This year The Regatta Lepa is celebrated on April 16 & 17, 2006 at Semporna, Sabah.

Pix taken from Photo Gallery of Louis Pang.

Tina Scheer (45) Hayward, Wisconsin - Logging Sports Promoter/Performer

Survivor is another TV program yg saya suka. Saya mengikuti siri ini sejak diorang buat di Pulau Tiga, Sabah. As a Sabahan, mmglah saya bangga. Mana kita sangka diorang pilih tempat kita untuk rancangan Survivor ini. So, bermula dari Survivor Borneo sehinggalah sekarang, saya tidak pernah miss menonton.

Melinda Hyder (32) Sevierville, Tennessee - Singer

I like their tagline "outwit, outplay & outlast". Peserta Survivor akan bertanding bermula dari berkumpulan, selepas itu secara individu dan final 2 akan diundi pemenang USD1 Million oleh bekas2 peserta Survivor itu sendiri.

Misty Giles (24) Dallas, Texas - Engineer Firm

So, let's talk about Survivor Panama Exile Island yang sedang rancak ditayangkan di NTV7 setiap hari Jumaat pukul 11.15 malam. Survivor ini disertai seramai 16 orang. Utk siri Exile Island, diorang telah dibahagi kpd 4 kumpulan, Older Women, Older Men, Younger Women, Younger Men. Selepas itu, dibahagi kpd 2 kumpulan yg masing2 dinamakan Casaya dan La Mina.
Ruth Marie Millman (48) Greenville, South Carolina - Director of Retail Leasing

La Mina dianggotai oleh Misty, Ruth Marie, Dan, Austin, Sally & Terry. Casaya pula, Tina, Melinda, Bobby, Nick, Shane, Bruce, Cirie & Aras.
Bobby Mason (32) Los Angeles, California - Attorney

Actually setakat hari ini, sudah 9 orang telah diundi keluar. Tinggal 7 orang lagi. Meaning, 4 episode lagi sebelum dpt tahu siapa last 3. So, let's find out siapa2 yg sudah meninggalkan Exile Island.

Dan Barry (52) South Hadley, Massachusetts - Retired Astronaut

Episode 1, Tina Scheer (45) dari tribe Casaya.
Episode 2, Melinda Hyder (32) dari tribe Casaya.
Episode 3, Misty Giles (24) dari tribe La Mina.
Episode 4, Ruth Marie (48) dari tribe La Mina.
Episode 5, Bobby Mason (32) dari tribe Casaya.
Episode 6, Dan Barry (52) dari tribe La Mina.

Nick Stanbury (25) Tempe, Arizona - Financial Sales

Di Episode 7 kedua-dua tribe telah disatukan kpd satu tribe sahaja. They changed their tribe's name to Gitanos. In this episode Nick Stanbry (25) was voted out.

Austin Carty (24) High Point, North Carolina - Author

Then followed by Austin Carty (24) in episode 8. The latest one, Sally Schumann (27) has been eliminated in episode 9.

Sally Schumann (27) Chicago, Illinois - Social Worker

Who will be next? Jom sama2 saksikan. Best tau! This show is hosted by Jeff Probst.

Nyaris2 prediction saya semua betul. Except for Taylor, dua sudah betul - Bucky & Ace. So the third person was Elliot. Saya nervous jugalah sbb Ace di bottom 3. Mesti si TS pun nervous sbb Elliot bottom 3 juga hehehe...nasib kita bagus lah TS...kuda kita x terkeluar hehehe.

Patutpun saya tidak ingat tajuk lagu si Bucky kelmarin, rupa2nya itulah petanda yg dia akan pulang malam ini. Kesiannn. Lagu dia 'Fat Bottomed Girls' pulak. The Americans don't love him since day 1. I can't figure it out. Tapi I like his positive attitude with his parting words "well, somebody must go". He didn't show that he was disappointed but of course he was sad, who didn't! So, say goodbye to Bucky Covington!

Tapi muka si Ace bah...ketara betul nervous. Kena usik sikit oleh si Ryan pun blushing sudah dia. So, it was yet another lucky escape for Ace. I'm very sure he won't last long in this competition. Selalu saja berada di bottom 3 unless of course dia buat perubahan yg mendadak. 'Tonite is the moment to be remembered' would be Simon Cowell's comment hehehe

Elliot? I didn't expect him to be on bottom 3. He was good last nite. Tp one thing about Elliot, dia x berapa menonjol. So, dia ni pun mesti buat something lain dari yg lain supaya dia diingati selalu oleh peminat. Sensitif pula orang ni. Mudah mengeluarkan air mata hehehe

So, one contestant has gone. 5 more to go then barulah kita dpt tahu siapa Final 2!! Stay tune & dont miss the show. Kalo saya tidak silap the Finale will be on May 24th. Jgn ketinggalan okkey...Oh ya...jgn lupa next week the idols akan buat lagu2 Rod Stewart pula..harap2 ada org pilih lagu "The First Cut is the Deepest" & "I Dont Want to Talk About It" best tu!

....oopss...jgn lupa bisuk Good Friday, puasa jgn tidak puasa..dan jgn lupa pukul 3 ada 'Veneration of the Cross'....

Another hectic day for me! Bz gila.. nasib baik saya x gila. But how I went through the day..I've no idea! One day rest yesterday was not enough for me. I need more holidays! But I can't take leave...huwarggh. Next week pun tidak dpt cuti. Tension! tension!

ok lah. lupakan hal pejabat. I'm at home now. Just watched American Idol. Tapi hampehh..sudahlah otak saya in a mess tengok diorg nyanyi lagu rock, tambah semak otak saya! Saya heran betullah banyak2 pilihan lagu kenapalah diorg pilih lagu2 Queen. Saya tau 2 saja lagu Queen, We Will Rock You & We are the Champions.

Mula2 sekali si Bucky to nyanyi. I didnt get the title of his song hehehe. To me, it was ok. Tidak terlampau rock yg memekak telinga. Tapi judges macam tidak suka saja sama dia ni. Every week mcm diorg condemn saja si Bucky. Tidak tau lah apa salah si Bucky tu.

Ace one of my favourites came next. Of courselah saya happy bila dia nyanyi 'We Will Rock You.' Tapi, kesian..terkejar2 suara si Ace. Mcm suara dia all over the place. Tambahan pula audience bertepuk tangan (paham2 sajalah lagu ni) Tambah ber-selerak lagu ni. Pitch dia pun x kesampaian. Ingatkan dia buat kelainan rupa2nya x sampai..hehe. Walaupun he is my favourite, i'm predicting he will be on bottom 3 tomorrow. Silap haribulan, he will be the one to go home (sigh!)

Then, giliran Kellie. Tidak tau lah tp saya x berapa gemar dia ni. Mungkin kerana gaya or attitude dia yg pura2 'dumbo' hehe. Kellie nyanyi 'Bohemian Rhapsody'...ntah apa2 lagu ni. Tapi saya heran, apa pasal cut towards the end of the song? Saya tidak sempat bah tengok masa live so saya tengok masa ulangan. Diorg cut pulakk dahhh...mesti dia buat persembahan yg x senonoh...guarantee punya!

Persembahan yg ditunggu2 Chris. Ingatkan dia akan perform yg terakhir sbb rock adalah genre si Chris. Konon2 tunggu dia kasi letup itu dewan. Tengok2 hampehh juga. Dia bawa lagu 'Innuendo'. Yang pelik, even Queen pun tidak pernah perform live lagu ni. Yang dia pilih lagu ni kenapa? I thought he might choose 'We are the Champions'. Kecewa betul saya. I agree with the judges comments esp. Simon. Hmm..very bad song choice!

Jeng jeng jeng...my favourite Katharine took the stage. Dia tukar lagu last minutes. Katharine bilang, rock is not about terlari ke sana ke sini di stage. Dia ambil keputusan utk standing still dan pertaruhkan kekuatan vokal dia. Aduiii..mmg diakui vokal Katharine mmg bagus TAPI with song 'Who Wants to Live Forever' dia nyaris2 tergelincir. Infact, pitching dia mmg berterabur. Sayang sekali. Harap2 dia bukan bottom 3.

Elliot was good. Walaupun judges x berapa suka but I like his song "Somebody You Love". Tidak terlampau rock. Masa dia nyanyi, saya teringat si TS. Happy lah si TS ni sebab persembahan Elliot was not bad. Apa2pun keputusan di tangan orang2 amerika.

Taylor? Nothing is new with this guy. Suara masih sama. Tarian masih sama. Yang lucu, Simon tanya "are you drunk?". Sebab memang betul, dia menari tidak ketentuan. Tapi saya enjoy juga lah.

The last one was Paris. Tukar wig lagi budak ni. Trying to be an adult lepas tu nampak macam bida hehehe. I thought the night will be saved by Paris. Tapi ternyata tidak. Pitching dia pun ke laut..muahaha...ishhh semua ndak betul malam ni. Tu lah bah...kenapa lah pilih lagu Queen x ngam bah utk American Idol.

My bottom 3 predictions are Bucky, Ace, Taylor. Kenapa saya pilih 3 lelaki sbb perempuan tinggal 3 org. Kalo out lagi seorang, kesian lah diorang kan. So, biar lelaki yg voted out bisuk. Guyz..jgn marah arr

RM800 trillion bill!

10 Apr 2006
Ahmad Fairuz Othman

PENDANG, KEDAH: A meat importer had a shock when he received a hefty telephone bill — for RM800 trillion.

Yahaya Wahab, 63, said a debt-collection company, commissioned by Telekom Malaysia, had sent a bill for RM806,400,000,000,000.01 to his late father’s house, which has been vacant since his death.

Yahaya, from Kampung Pauh, Kubur Panjang, said he nearly fainted when he saw the bill, which stated it was for outstanding arrears.

The letter, from a debt-collection agent based in Sungai Petani was dated April 3, and demanded that the house owner settle the bill within 10 days or face legal action.

He said he had settled the previous bill of RM84.82 at the Kedai Telekom on Jan 13 and requested that the telephone line be disconnected since no one was living in the house.

"If the company wants to seek legal action as mentioned in the letter, I’m ready to face it. In fact, I can’t wait to face it," he said.

He said it was careless for the company to send a bill without checking, since the amount was larger than the total telephone bills of the whole country.

Yahaya said his parents were among the first in the whole kampung to fix a telephone line.

He added that the bill was also addressed to Alor Star, Penang instead of Kedah.

"It’s illogical. There is no Alor Star in Penang," he said.

this is Shannon with her step brother Boone..dua2 sdh mati

Ana Lucia semasa diorg terhempas di laut

wahh...semlm siri 'Lost ' dah episode 7. Makin lama makin best pula cerita dia. Tapi apa yg sedih, Shannon mati ditembak oleh Ana Lucia. Ana ingat, Shannon adalah salah seorang dari kumpulan 'The Others'. Aiseyman, mati sudahlah si Shannon, abang tiri dia pun sudah mati semasa season pertama.

Siri semlm, mengisahkan satu lagi kumpulan mangsa nahas kapalterbang. Bagaimana diorg menempuh hari2 di pulau yg tidak diketahui. Tapi nasib kumpulan ini tidak sebaik nasib kumpulan yg satu lagi. Ramai kawan2 diorg telah diculik oleh 'The Others'. Kumpulan yg satu mungkin sbb semua kuat, ada doktor, ada pelarian, ada org jahat, ada drug addict, ada yg pandai cari makanan di hutan dan ada juga yg mengandung. Dan yg paling penting, diorg ada pistol.

Apa2pun, siri semlm mmg best tapi Shannon mati itu yg tidak best...cehhh

Bah, jgn lupa menyaksikan siri ini "Lost" di AXN tiap hari Isnin pukul 10 mlm. Layan jgn x layan..best!

Dave&Lori eliminated in Episode 6

adusss...sibuk betul saya ari ni, kepala otak pun mcm mo meletup saja! Satu saja pemangkin semangat saya utk terus bekerja ari ni...bisukkk cuuuutii...dan balik2 saya fikir ini malam ada 'Lost'..salah satu siri TV kegemaran saya juga. Satu saja kebaikan bila kita terlalu sibuk, kita tidak sedar masa berlalu. Sekali dongak jam di dinding..aik..pukul 5 sudah pula...yesss!

ok lah, sebenarnya saya mo sambung siri The Amazing Race 9. Minggu lalu episod 6 tinggal 7 team yg bertarung. Diorang berada di Siracusa, Italy. Mula2 diorang buat 'Detour' - samada jual ikan atau menghantar ikan. 6 team ambil keputusan hantar ikan. Hanya Fran & Barry saja yg jual ikan. Bah diorang ni sudah berumur kena lah pilih task yg senang. Tapi yg paling bikin girigitan sama saya ialah pasangan Monica & Joseph. Si Monica bilang "this is the worst thing that i've ever done in my life". Cehh..kerja senang saja pun mcm susah betul bagi diorang.

'Road Block' pula, salah seorang dlm team kena buat road block. Dan kali ini, diorg main bola menggunakan 'Kayak'. Saya tengok senang saja, semua boleh buat. Lepas tu, barulah diorg lari ke pit stop mencari si Phil.

Sekali lagi, Eric & Jeremy memenangi race ini. Diikuti oleh si BJ & Tyler. Dan yang malang adalah pasangan Dave & Lori, pasangan yg mengaku 'nerd' hehehe. Diorg ni kalah sbb diorg caught in traffic. Teruk pula traffic jammed di Italy mmg x bergerak itu kereta.

Lori bilang "It's disappointing to be leaving the race, but we ran a great race". Dave pula ckp "I already got the prize doing the race with someone I love dearly. Hopefully, this adventure will launch our adventure in life together. Nerds rule!"

Perasan ka tidak? So far this race dominated by Eric & Jeremy dan BJ & Tyler. Tengok ni:
Episode 1 Eric & Jeremy
Episode 2 BJ & Tyler
Episode 3 Eric & Jeremy
Episode 4 Eric & Jeremy
Episode 5 BJ & Tyler
Episode 6 Eric & Jeremy

hmmm...adakah di antara dua team ini yg akan memenangi US$1 million? Jom saksikan siri ini di AXN setiap hari Khamis pukul 9.00 mlm!

Wahhh...mula-mula dicalonkan sebagai Lagu Baru. After one week, naik melompat ke tangga-10. Dia tidak toleh2 ke belakang lagi. Lagu ini terus memperbaiki kedudukan di minggu ini iaitu di tangga ke 8. Gua caya sama Linda Nanuwil dengan lagu hitsnya ketika ini "Jika Kau Kekasih".

Pada mulanya saya confident lagu ini dapat masuk Top 5 tapi tidak apa. Orang bilang, jangan terlalu tamak. Yang penting kedudukan lagu ini ada peningkatan. No. 8 pun okkey juga. Lagipun, No. 8 favourite number si Cath...muahahaha.

Selain Linda, lagu Nikki Palikat feat. Zahid iaitu "Caramu" juga telah memperbaiki kedudukan dari no. 19 minggu lepas, minggu ini almost masuk top 10.

By the way, undian hanya dibuka pada hari Khamis di mana kebiasaannya hari Rabu sudah boleh undi. Hmmm..harap2 Hot FM dapat update senarai carta lebih awal supaya para peminat ada banyak masa untuk mengundi. Walaupun dapat undi 3x saja tapi kita bolehlah promosi atau uar2kan kepada semua kawan atau saudara mara kita supaya dpt mengundi lagu kegemaran diorang.

Berikut adalah kedudukan Top 10 di minggu ini. Pls take note, nombor dlm kurungan adalah kedudukan mereka di minggu lepas.

01. (01) Radja - Jujur
02. (04) Siti Sarah - Tinggal Serpihan
03. (03) Ratu - Teman Tapi Mesra
04. (02) Akma - Percaya Pada Cinta
05. (06) Awie - Iris
06. (05) Farahwahida - Tanpa Mu
07. (12) Ruffedge - Lemas
08. (10) Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih
09. (09) Khadeeja - Dia Milikku
10. (14) M. Nasir - Juwita (Cinta Terindah)

Lirik Lagu Linda Nanuwil - Jika Kau Kekasih (Lagu: Ajai & Lirik: Nurul)

Tidakkah terasa
Beban yang aku pikul
Menyiksa jiwaku kekasih
Kenapa kau tak pernah merasakan

Dan jika kau kekasih
Yang menyayangi aku
Harus kau mengerti hatiku
Itu hanya apa yang ku impikan
Bilakah kau akan mengerti..

Kata Hati
Merayu aku pergi
Meninggalkan dirimu
Tapi ku tak terdaya
Mengapa kasih
Harus ku alami
Setelah aku korban segala-galanya
Sanggup ku harungi hidup
Bersama dirimu
Meninggalkan semua
Yang aku cintai

Jika Kau Kekasih
Senangkanlah hidupku
Jangan biar aku begini
Hidupku dalam kerungsingan kasih

Jika Kau Kekasih
Yang menyayangi aku
Harus kau mengerti hatiku
Itu hanya apa yang ku impikan

Bilakah kau akan mengerti..

Saya sambung lagi siri kegemaran saya ini kio..

Episode 2
10 team lagi yg tinggal selepas John & Scott terkeluar di Episode 1. So, kali ini bermula di Sao Paulo diorang akan terus perjalanan ke Brotas, Brazil. Dlm rancangan ini, diorang akan melalui Detour iaitu diorang diberi 2 pilihan utk menyelesaikan kerja2 yg telah disediakan. Tapi kalo diorg tidak dpt selesaikan pilihan pertama, diorang anytime boleh buat pilihan yg satu lagi. Tapi masalahnya, diorang akan kerugian masa tapi kalo diorg cepat buat diorg masih ada peluang untuk kejar peserta yg berada di hadapan. Sebelum sampai ke Pit Stop, ada satu lagi yg diorang terpaksa lalui iaitu Road Block. Road Block hanya akan dilakukan oleh salah seorang dlm team tu. Sekiranya road block sudah selesai, diorg boleh teruskan ke Pit Stop di mana si Phil Keoghan selaku hos rancangan sedang menunggu.

Pit Stop kedua di Brotas, Brazil. Kali ini, race dimenangi oleh BJ & Tyler. Dan yang terkeluar ialah Lisa & Joni.

Episode 3
Dari Brazil, 9 team yg tinggal akan teruskan perjalanan diorang ke Russia. Masa menonton episode ini, saya mmg berdebar2 sbb saya tengok jam hampir2 mo habis sdh rancangan. Saya pun heran. Tapi bila si Eric & Jeremy sampai ke Pit Stop di Moscow, Russia....Phil ckp "you are the first team to arrive but the leg was not over yet" dia terus bagi next clue. Adussss...suspens betul.

Episode 4
So, diorg continue perjalanan. Tasks atau kerja2 yg disediakan utk diorg mmg hebat. Kadang2 saya terfikir, kalo saya lah mungkin sudah lama kalah hehehe. Tasks itu lah yg paling saya suka tengok diorang buat. Selepas merintangi pelbagai cubaan dan dugaan, Eric & Jeremy sekali lagi mendahului race. Team akan tertunggu2 Phil mengumumkan "you are the first team to arrive..and as a winner of this leg..u will receive.." diorang akan terima certain rewards seperti cash money, kereta atau pakej melancong. Dan yg paling ditakuti oleh peserta ialah apabila Phil ckp "you are the last team to arrive. and i'm sorry to say that you've been eliminated from the race"...adehhh kebetulan pula, team yg terakhir sampai ke Pit Stop di Munich, Germany ialah team peberet saya..Wanda & Desiree. Kesiannn..

Episode 5
From Germany diorang akan terbang ke Italy. Bestnyaaa. One thing i like about this race is, saya suka tengok tempat2 yg diorang lawati. Memang cantik2 pemandangan dia. This leg of race, selain Detour dan Road Block ada satu lagi yg terpaksa diorg lalui iaitu Yield. Sesiapa team yg sampai dulu ke satu tempat boleh Yield team yg di belakang. Team yg kena Yield terpaksa tunggu 30 minit sebelum memulakan task selanjutnya. Mmg geram lah bah team yg kena Yield tapi team yg di depan pun kadang2 no choice sbb antara menang dan kalah terpaksa lah diorg ambil keputusan untuk Yield. So, in this leg team yang terpaksa pulang awal ialah Danielle & Dani. Kebetulan pula, Danielle & Dani lah team yg kena Yield sbb masa tu mmg perlumbaan head to head. Dan leg ini dimenangi oleh BJ & Tyler. Diorang berehat di Segesta, Italy iaitu Pit Stop yg ke 4.

..the first team terkeluar...John & Scot

Satu lagi reality show yang saya suka tengok di TV - The Amazing Race. Saya mengikuti siri ini sejak dari pertama sehingga sekarang. Tapi so far, yg paling best saya tengok The Amazing Race 4. Sebab diorang datang di Sabah. Masa tu, saya sibuk sms semua geng yg saya sempat suruh tengok AXN..hehehe Bukan setakat Sabah, yg paling penting, diorang datang di Monsopiad Cultural Village, Penampang. Saya ingat lagi masa tu, ada upacara pemberkatan dari seorang Bobohizan. Ada team tidak percaya dgn ucapara itu dan merasa geli. Tapi ada satu team, Reichen & Chip (kebetulan team peberet saya) amat menghormati upacara itu. In the end, this team won the Race..! OK lah itu kisah The Amazing Race 4. Now, let's talk about The Amazing Race 9.

Episode 1
Ada 11 pasang/team yg ikut serta. Diorang bermula di Denver, Colorado dan menuju ke Sao Paulo, Brazil. Setiap kali saya menonton siri ini, saya mesti pilih peberet saya. Kali ini saya pilih Wanda & Desiree sbb saya suka tengok hubungan diorang sbg seorang ibu dan anak tunggal. Bagus juga kalo saya sebut nama2 yg lain:

01. Lake & Michelle (Married Parents) Lake - Dentist, Michelle - Homemaker
02. Danielle & Dani (Childhood Friends) Danielle - College Graduate, Dani - Colledge Graduate
03. BJ & Tyler (Best Friends) BJ - Online Tutor, Tyler - Filmmaker
04. Ray & Yolanda (Dating) Ray - Attorney, Yolanda - Science Teacher
05. John & Scott (Lifelong Friends) John - Wealth Manager, Scott - Sales
06. David & Lori (Dating) David - Musician, Lori - Pizza Hut Manager
07. Eric & Jeremy (Friends) Eric - Waiter, Jeremy - Valet
08. Fran & Barry (Married 40 Years) Fran - Retired Accountant, Barry - Retired Physician
09. Lisa & Joni (Sisters) Lisa - Realtor/Artist, Joni - Children's Pastor
10. Joseph & Monica (Dating) Joseph - Homebuilder, Monica - Student
11. Wanda & Desiree (Mother & Daughter) Wanda - Corporate Trainer, Desiree - Writer

Pit Stop pertama di Sao Paulo, Brazil dimenangi oleh Eric & Jeremy. John & Scott pula terkeluar.

Pejam celik pejam celik..American Idol 5 sudah mo masuk minggu ke-5. Saya mmg tidak pernah miss mengikuti AI sejak kemenangan Kelly Clarkson. Bagi saya setakat ini, Kelly masih lagi the best!

OK..jom cerita pasal AI5
Dlm 12 peserta, saya awal2 pilih peberet saya. Kalo perempuan, saya pilih Katharine McPhee sbb vokal dia mmg bagus lagipun dia ada iras2 Kely Clarkson (hehehe kelly lagi). Lelaki pula, mcm susah saya mo pilih sbb mcm semua x best hehehe....tapi saya pilih Ace Young..vokal dia not so good but not that bad either. Minggu ke-3 betul2 buat saya nervous sbb dua2 peberet saya masuk bottom 3..gilossss tp nasib baik diorg selamat.

Peserta disuruh nyanyi lagu2 Stevie Wonder. Dan peserta yg pertama terkeluar ialah Melissa McGhee. Tidak tau lah kenapa dia dpt undi paling rendah, mungkin kerana dia terlupa lirik tu penyebabnya. Kalo di Malaysia, lupa lirik ka, out of tune ka, aiman x kesah..org masih undi hehehe...tapi kalo di amerika..silap sikit..habisss

Saya mmg awal2 predict budak yang dipanggil 'Chicken Little' ini tidak akan bertahan lama. Suara tidak power, penampilan diri pun biasa2 saja, kalo di Malaysia, dia sudah kena ckp "tiada package" muahaha. Say goodbye to Kevin Covais yg telah menyanyikan lagu "When I Fall in Love".

Lisa Tucker, peserta pertama yg nyanyi di minggu ke 3. What a way to begin the show! Pada mulanya, saya mmg happy giler bila tau dia akan menyanyikan lagu Kelly Clarkson 'Because of You" . Well, saya ni peminat Kelly of courselah happy kan...Tapi sayang...saya yg tidak tau apa2 pasal muzik pun boleh tau yg dia ni off-key esp. bila dia try to reach high note. Even Simon Cowell pun cakap "the song is too big for your voice". Wow, saya bangga coz at the same time, he is trying to tell us that suara Kelly Clarkson is powerful! So in the end, as I said, pengundi di Amerika mmg tiada belas kasihan. Lisa was voted out. Sayang jugalah sbb dia ni salah seorang yg berpotensi saya tengok.

Mandiva takes her final bow. Mmg x sangka Mandisa akan terkeluar lebih awal. Bila tengok setiap kali dia perform judges mesti puji suara dia, saya pun ingat mungkin dia boleh top 5. Tapi di minggu ini, Mandisa menyanyikan lagu Shania Twain "Any Man of Mine", Randy Jackson & Simon Cowell tidak suka. Eh eh Simon mmg biasalah...kalo boleh semua pun dia x suka. Lagi2lah this week, diorg nyanyi country song si Simon mmg tidak suka.

So, 4 out...6 more to go. Yg paling penting, peberet saya masih ada lalala...Antara
Ace Young,
Bucky Covington,
Chris Daughtry,
Elliott Yamin,
Katharine McPhee,
Kellie Pickler,
Paris Bennett dan
Taylor Hicks
siapakah yg bakal ke final 2?? Sama-samalah kita tunggu di minggu ke-5 dan jangan lupa to watch this show Live on Star World every Wednesday at 5.00pm dan result dia on Thursday. Ada juga ulangan pada hari yg sama pukul 8 mlm.

Be Real...SciaS

..Cloud..hero FF Advent Children..cool saja dia..

..Tifa..character yg saya suka..gambar ni masa dia lawan org jahat (Loz)


Bah..posting lagi (8.4.06)

Hari ini cuti, legaaa...bolehlah lambat2 bangun hehe tp x boleh juga. Mau x mau bangun awal juga sbb banyak kerja rumah :-(

Bila semua sudah siap, barulah keluar pi cari makan..kalo hari enam, x payah pi mana2..pi Tamu Inobong saja..layan mi sup si Pipin..tiba2 hujan pula...ishh..habislah kain jemuran sia. Nasib baik tidak kuat angin.

Sampai rumah, terus angkat kain. Pastu sempat main monopoly. Bukan cakap tembirang tapi end of the game, saya memang menang :-) Pastu, baring kejap sbb memang mengantuk. Malam sebelum, saya dan geng (TS, Cath) chat sampai pukul 3 pagi!! Memang betul ckp si TS, kami macam pungits, siang tidur malam chatting hehe

Memang siok tidur sbb hujan lagi..sejukkkk. Saya kalo tidur memang pasang radio. Jadi dipendekkan cerita, saya terbangun sbb saya terdengar suara Linda Nanuwil berkumandang di HOTFM (87.7) menyanyikan lagu hits dia "Jika Kau Kekasih"...best!

Bila fikir2 apa mo buat, saya pi buat minuman duduk depan TV. Apa mo buat arr? Saya pun ambillah DVD Folder saya. Belek punya belek terjumpa DVD "Final Fantasy Advent Children". Memang lama sudah dibeli tapi saya belum sempat tengok. Apa lagi, terus pasanglah. Wow..ndak sangka betul. Graphic dia mmg superb! Saya terpegun. Masalahnya filem ini dlm bahasa Jepun. Saya kasi subtitle English tapi translation dia sucks! Tapi x apa, saya layan juga walaupun cerita dia saya x berapa faham. Nantilah saya tengok kali ke-2 (wajib mo tengok balik hehehe).

Hero dia si Cloud. Dan character yg paling saya suka si Tifa. Lawa dan pandai berkung-fu well..kungfu dia ala2 Matrix hehe

Ermmm..kunun2 mo try test kinam uji buat blog..bukan apa..saya jeles dgn kawan2 yg lain..masing2 ada blog sendiri.

Saya pun x tau apa kegunaan blog ni..tp mengikut pengamatan saya, blog ni lebih kurang macam diari peribadi kita lah kan..tp not too personal i might say..tp sekadar berkongsi hobi, minat, aktiviti dan yg sewaktunya dgn nya..kira boleh lah kan..

So, i will try and post apa2 yg terlintas di fikiran ataupun apa2 yg berlaku di sekeliling saya utk kita kongsi bersama.

Saya ni kan suka reality show..Amazing Race, Survivor, Fear Factor, American Idol, Malaysian Idol, Akademi Fantasia..u name it..saya mesti tengok punya..yg x real pun saya suka juga..Charmed, Smallville, Bewitched etc..tau lah bah kan..mana ada betul punya..tp saya suka tengok magic dan supernatural. Saya juga suka tengok drama/filem aksi seperti Alias, Lost, CSI, Harry Porter, Lord of the Rings etc..Oh ya, saya looking forward new reality show, One in a Million..harap2 best..kita tungguuu

Kalo sports pula, saya biasanya layan Tennis, Bowling, Badminton, Soccer, Basketball, Track n Field, Swimming, adehh never ending lists. Kecuali satu..golf! hehehe no offense to golfers. Bukan apa, ini game arr macam memenatkan. Bayangkan, diorang 'rimbas' itu bola pastu jln bermeter2 utk cari itu bola hehehe

Game board pula saya suka Chess, Carrom, Dart, Monopoly, Snake & Ladder dan yg paling saya suka 'lap lap fu' muahaha..

Oh ya, balik pada hiburan saya ni peminat pada Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Jaclyn Victor dan of course local Sabahans like Linda Nanuwil & Nikki Palikat. Kesemua penyanyi yg saya sebut boleh dikategorikan sbg pemilik suara yg mantap dan power. Cayalah diorang ni!

Bah oklah, itu saja lah intro yg mampu saya buat..nanti kita bertemu lagi di lain posting kio

Be Real...SciaS