Oh my my! All my favourite teams has been eliminated. I have no mood to watch the remaining episodes :( But if I don't watch, I will miss all the places they visited ;p

The Cowboys brothers were eliminated soon after Ron and Christina. And frankly, I don't like the way they lose the game. It was not because they couldn't catch up but it was because they were U-turned by the Globetrotters (unfair elimination!!). I hope this cowboys will be given a chance next time again.

Last week, it was the Goths turn to be eliminated. And this time, it was their biggest mistake for not reading the clue properly. They were penalized for taking a taxi to the Pit Stop (silly mistake!!). Initially, they arrived early but due to the penalty time they were incurred, the rest of the teams checked in before the time elapsed.

One team to go before the finals. Who would be in the finals?

Zev and Justin?
Gary and Mallory?
Kisha and Jen?
Flight Time and Big Easy?

I am not a fan of the remaining teams but I hope the father and daughter team will make it to the finals.

Let's wait and watch!

Kamusta ka, peeps?

I was so very busy for the past few weeks plus I went for a holiday with my sister. I just came back and managed to watch Top 5 performance of the American Idol 10.

Jacob Lusk is the latest casualty. Actually, I was worried for James Durbin especially his 'Without You' performance. But thank goodness he is safe!

Before Lusk, theyalready eliminated Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald.

Now, we only have two ladies and two gentlemen left. All I want is James to be in the finals, hopefully! Who else? I don't care less, but it could be Scotty or Haley. If Haley can make it to the finals then it would be a surprise for me. Why? because in the beginning of this competition she was always landed in the bottom three. Just let's wait and see. Two more eliminations to go and we will have our top 2!

Until then, ciao!