Who would win the title 'The Biggest Loser Asia' and become USD100,000.00 richer? As for me, anybody can win except for that dude namely David! He is so arrogant, big ego and short-tempered!

Suthat Charnvises @ Tony from Thailand
[formerly from Blue team]
he was eliminated last night

The final five are:

(L) Martha Lai of Hong Kong [formerly from Blue team]
(R) Marilyn Tay of Singapore [formerly from Blue team]

(L) David Gurnani of Indonesia [formerly from Blue team]
(R) Carlo Miguel of Philippines [formerly from Red team]

Aaron Mokhtar of Malaysia [formerly from Blue team]

Aaron is surely an underdog. As I can see from the show, it was Carlo and David who dominate the game. But the title is still open to anybody! Who knows, underdog Aaron can steal the limelight. I'll definitely support for Aaron but if he couldn't make it, then I go for Carlo. In fact, anyone except for David!

(L) Dave Nuku of Kiwi - Blue Team Trainer
(M) Sarimah Ibrahim of Malaysia - The Biggest Loser Asia's Host
(R) Kristy Curtis of Australia - Red Team Trainer

Catch this show on Hallmark Channel, every Tuesday at 9.00pm

The grand-ma (Jody) and grand-daughter (Shannon) team has been eliminated tonight. So close but yet so far. They almost made it but grand-ma got kick off by a cow. Pity grand-ma! I haven't seen much of Shannon's capabilities. How nice if she could return to The Amazing Race someday with a different team-mate ;)

I just love the cowboys! They are cool. The moment they took off from the bus, they didn't waste any time. They went to get more info at the counter. That's why they knew they were at the wrong bus station. I hope to see more of them.

Joe Wang (he could be my brother, hahaha) is definitely an Asian. He came from Taiwan but moved to the US. I hope his team could go further but I don't like it when they align with the lesbians :(

The Cast

Oh gosh! I'm spoilt for choices. All my favourite English Series are on TV such as Lost, Heroes, Supernatural and CSI Last Vegas. And also entertainment programs like American Idol, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, The Biggest Loser Asia, You Think You Can Dance etc etc.....

The Amazing Race Season 16 premiered last week and one couple has been eliminated. They were Dana and Adrian. Pity with Adrian who failed at the Roadblock. He is afraid of heights that's why he shook terribly when he was trying the rope bridge.

I like this season's personalities. One of them are lesbians LoL. There are cowboys and Detectives too. I couldn't decide which one should I root for. Maybe Brent and Caite (Miss South Caroline Teen USA). But last week they made a mistake already. I hope tonight, they would be extra careful especially reading the clue.

There is one team, Joe and Heidi. I'm very sure Joe is an Asian ;) I might root this team too Go Asian Go!

Anyway, let's see tonight's episode then I will decide which team should I follow :D

Dana & Adrian Davis (the 1st eliminated team)