Selepas menonton ulangan American Idol pada pukul 8 malam semalam, saya tukar channel ke 104. Pada ketika itu, saya sempat dengar Sarimah cakap "sila beri komen anda samada perlu atau tidak diadakan AFMasuk?" What??!! Sudah-sudahlah tu. Yang sudah keluar, biarkan dia keluar. Tidak perlu dimasukkan lagi. Mungkin ada hikmah di sebalik penyingkiran si Aril tu [pelajar kegemaran anak principal, katanya].

Kata nak transformasi. Apa kes AFMasuk lagi? AFMasuk sudah tidak relevan. Orang sudah bosan dan meluat. Menghabiskan duit orang saja.

Pagi tadi saya terbaca Berita Harian bertarikh kelmarin [orang baca paper hari ini, saya pula baca paper kelmarin yang sudah basi]. Apa yang menarik minat saya adalah nama Linda Nanuwil disebut kembali. Maklumlah, Linda kan sinonim dengan AFMasuk ;) Setiap kali ada ura-ura AFMasuk, nama Linda pasti disebut. Ok lah tu, ini bermakna, orang masih ingat dengan Linda. Saya ambil sedikit petikan berita tersebut:

PENYINGKIRAN peserta yang dilihat berbakat dalam rancangan AF
sebelum konsert akhir memang sudah beberapa kali berlaku.
Linda Nanuwil pernah merasai pengalaman itu pada AF2,
manakala Idayu pula mengalaminya pada musim ketiga.

Berita selanjutnya, klik di sini. Sekurang-kurangnya, umum mengakui bahawa Linda Nanuwil sebenarnya berbakat. Biasalah tu, time nak bandingkan dengan seseorang Linda pasti dipuji. Kalo tidak, dia asyik dikutuk. Kononnya dia tu artis recycle. Lumrah dunia artis lah kan! [relek ko sana Udui! miss you like crazy tau!]

Tersingkir tidak semestinya gagal. Setakat yang saya lihat, Aril berpotensi untuk maju. Beliau ada bakat dan ada attitude lain dari yang lain. So, tidak perlu buang masa untuk masukkan dia balik ke akademi. Dalam erti kata lain, SAY NO TO AFMASUK!

pic credits to

I watched the show at 6.00pm and watched again at 8.00pm just for Adam Lambert! They did 'Blues' [well, kinda] tonight and Jamie Foxx acted as their mentor.

Kris Allen - The Way You Look Tonight
Kris sang first and you know what I was thinking at that moment? I was like, "OMG! how would Adam do that blues thing?" I just couldn't connect with Kris. He sounded boring to me.

Allison Iraheta - Someone to Watch Over Me
Not bad at all. The rocker Allison was doing a blues ballad! Did you hear what had Simon said? He said, he got the feeling that she would be in trouble tonight. I hope not.

Matt Giraud - My Funny Valentine
I'm gonna agree with Randy Jackson [sorry Simon!]. Matt sounded shaky. Pitchy here and there. I think Matt would be in trouble tonight.

Danny Gokey - Come Rain or Come Shine
He can sing. He sounded great. He looked fine.

[But I would like to quote what Randy said to Danny. He said "this is a singing competition and you can sing!" 100% agree with Randy! Then I remember, according to Akademi Fantasia 7 teachers, theirs is NOT a singing competition. In that case, AF7 is a VOTING COMPETITION!! ]

Adam Lambert - Feeling Good
Adam really know how to steal attention. When everybody was wearing a black suit, he chose white! When everybody was singing in blues ballad, he sang blues with rock in it! How do you compete that?! That is why, he is already in his own league. Even Jamie Foxx confessed that Adam is incredible. Simon also heard saying, he was singing to win! That's the kind of attitude we want in a contestant. Rock on Adam!

So, who is going home? There are five of them left. How would Ryan do this time? In previous seasons, Ryan will form two groups with two Idols in each group. And the remaining Idol will be announced safe and will be asked to join one group who he thought is the safe group. Last year, David Archuleta didn't move. He sat on the centre of the stage! If Ryan would do the same formation again this year, then my choice would be:

Group 1
Kris & Matt

Group 2
Allison & Danny

Adam will be announced safe first! And he will refuse to join either group :)

It's difficult for me to choose who is leaving tomorrow night. Kris was boring and Matt was shaky. I would say Kris BUT based on previous results, Matt was always in a bottom three. So, I choose Matt. Stay tuned for the result's night!

Aril is already transformed hence the elimination last Saturday LoL! I am not a fan but it was a shocked to see him leaving the academy. I think his fans were over-confident of his earlier position [?]

Boys Group Singing
No bad at all. Fiiiionaaaa.......

No doubt his performance was good but vocally he has a lot more to improve.

Vocally she was good but performance wise I just can't connect with it. I think it should be a lot better if she sang with playing a guitar [She can play the guitar, right?]

Pancit! Semput! Low notes problem! I think he was pushing himself real hard to compete Aril!

Sumbang! All I can hear from him was "with or without you". Performance wise, not bad!

No improvement! Nothing to shout about. I couldn't even rememember any of her performance!! And what with her fashion?? Another victim??

He forgot a few words. If I were him, I just create my own words. I think nobody even bother what were you saying, right? He was saved by Najwa, lucky for him! The production should let him sing last, instead of the boring Isma!

What was she singing again? A forgettable performance!

Girls Group Singing
Very the sumbang mambang. I think, they were concentrating their dance rather than their singing!

Based on their performance that night, I think Aishah or Isma should leave.

Tugasan Minggu ini ~ It would be a musical theater - I'm not a fan :(

Aishah - Slot Akasia (Impak Maksima)
Akim - Titah Sultan (Puteri Gunung Ledang)
Claudia - Katakan (Puteri Gunung Ledang)
Hafiz - Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti (P Ramlee the Musical)
Isma - Mulanya Cinta (P Ramlee the Musical)
Yazid - Ratu Novella (Impak Maksima)

Bonus Songs
Dewa Perang (Puteri Gunung Ledang)
What Time Is It (High School Musical)

We are yet to know how many finalists they want this year. How about two finalists? Alang-alang ikut format American Idol, biar ikut terus [BIG LOL].

Oh and by the way, thanks Astro for inviting Adibah Noor again but what was the other lady still doing there?? Gosh! I can't stand her comments - "all the best to you"

As I expected, brothers Mark and Mike were eliminated. It was impossible for them to catch the rest when they departed three hours behind and they had to perform the Speed Bump too.

So, the rest of the teams had nothing to worry and they were like having fun and enjoying doing all tasks except for Luke who was bitten by a bird :) They were in in China and it was an advantage for siblings Tammy and Victor as they can speak Chinese. Other teams were playing smart by following the siblings wherever they go especially during the Detour. It's a matter of who run fast coz the faster you run the better chance to step first on the mat.

Sisters, Ken and Jen arrived first, followed closely by the siblings and the mother and son team.

And the ugliest moment happened. Sisters, Ken & Jen had a heated argument with Margie and her son Luke. This shouldn't happen in the first place. A race is a race. It's a competition and everyone is desperate to win. There would be tense, stress and they are definitely are tired. Whatever strategies you had planned, you have to use it - for yourself or even on other teams as long as it's not against the rules. Accept the fact! So why feel angry or irritated or dissatisfied?

At last! Nine was eliminated! I never like his performance but to give him credits he did sing the Cokelat's song well last night. Or could it be me enjoying of his exits LoL

Tomok - Crazy in Love
Not good as the first time. Pitchy here and there. Performance wise almost the same :(

Esther - Better in Time
The first time I watched her singing this song I felt goosebumps! I even voted this song to be sung again by her but it seems that the judges also chose this song. But last night, it wasn't perfect as the first time. It was still good though but I didn't feel the goosebumps anymore.

Aweera - Gemilang
Again, the first time was much better. Last night, he sang like he has no confidence. I called it 'sour'.

Tomok - Coba
Gosh! What's with the glasses? I don't know much about the lyrics but does it have connection with the glasses? I wasn't entertained.

Esther - I Won't Go Home Without You
Yes! This time she did it differently from the first time. She looked like she was enjoying herself and the crowds loving it! Glad she picked Rizu to dance with her on stage but due to limited time [maybe] it was just a brief dance [sigh!]. I wanted to see more!!

Aweera - Aku Dah Bosan
Why this song?? Nanti kena macam Zizi AF7 hehehe. Anyway, something was lacking on Aweera's performance last night. He was like no mood. Could it be that he knows he couldn't compete the other two?

BUT good news for Aweera. He could be singing in the grand finals! OIAM3 announced last night that we could vote whether to have two or three to be in the grand finals. Actually, at first I kinda hate this new format but STRATEGY wise it is good! - WE [Esther's fans] need to vote Top 3. Why the because? Our previous votes are carried foward to the finals AND we want Tomok and Aweera votes to be splited LoL!!!

So guys, please vote Top 3, VOTE HERE

Over 45 millions votes! - American goes crazy!! I just wonder, out of the 45 millions, what actually the portion for Adam Lambert ;) Oh and yes - David Archuleta was there last night but the song [never heard it before-lah]. Anyway, he is still cute, still humble, still polite and still with his cutest smile :) A good advice from Archie too - that you don't have to win the competition to be successful. There are many opportunities outside especially when you are in America. Kalo di Malaysia - abislah! Kalo tidak jadi juara, tiada siapa yang akan pandang hehehe

I'm sure you all know who got kicked last night. If only they eliminate one person, Anoop could have stay at least one more week but of course it isn't possible as the producers have planned everything ahead especially when the final round is coming real soon.

Two down, five more to go. And I'm already making my guess who is leaving next and next after that. My guess are ~

Next week - Matt Giraud
Following week- Allison Iraheta
Next after - Kris Allen

It would be LAMBERT versus GORKEY in the finals! [who is with me?]

Anyway, my prediction might change after seeing their concerts. It all depends on how they perform and what the judges are going to say.

Last but not least PAULA ABDUL rocks!! And I especially like Adam Lambert's disco dancing LOL!!!

Lil Rounds - I'm Every Woman
She sounded 'sour'. She can leave anytime for all I care. Simon even said, it could be her last performance on Idol! That's the price you have to pay if you are being rude to the judges especially to the man who has so much influence.

Kris Allen - She Works Hard for the Money
He was the second best after Adam Lambert. He arranged Donna Summer's song to be a little bit like Jason Mraz [nice!]

Danny Gokey - September
Thank you Danny for giving tribute to me by singing 'September'. Oh yes! I was born in September! I just love his husky voice.

Allison Iraheta - Hot Stuff
She 'pushed' real hard as I can feel the 'pain' on her throat. It was like Bonnie Tyler trying Donna Summer's song LoL

Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You
What else can I say? He's great, superb and awesome! I don't know what will happen if he fails to be in the finals! [I'm sure I'm gonna crazy hehehe]

Matt Giraud - Staying Alive
I've expected somebody will pick this song. And I really wanted it to be Adam Lambert. Anyway, Matt had tried to deliver this song as best as he could. It was good but not so great. Good luck Matt!

Anoop Desai - Dim all the Lights
Vocally he is good. But he doesn't have the aura to win this competition. Something is lacking I just don't know what. Maybe his appearance, his fashion or the thick eyebrows LOL!!

Two idols are leaving tonight! So, I don't know how Ryan gonna do it. Is it still a 'bottom three?'

I will choose a bottom four ~

Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Lil Rounds
Anoop Desai

AND I guess Anoop and Lil' will say their goodbye tonight

BTW, did you notice Ryan became 'silent' last night? Instead of cutting off the commercial, they cut Ryan instead LOL. But most important thing is, they [Fox] let all the judges give comments on each Idol ;)

Sebenarnya pelajar AF7 kali ini amat beruntung kerana berpeluang untuk buat konsert bersama dengan kumpulan Band ternama. Tapi tidak dinafikan, ada kebaikan dan tidak kurang keburukannya. Kebaikannya ialah kumpulan band tersebut dapat membantu para pelajar dari segi persembahan. Keburukannya pula, bila pelajar tersebut tidak dapat 'mengimbangi' persembahan band tersebut maka 'tenggelam'lah pelajar itu.

Saya tertunggu-tunggu persembahan berkumpulan iaitu menyanyikan lagu Linkin Park. Sepatutnya mereka menyanyikan lagu "What Have I Done" tapi ianya sudah menjadi "What Have YOU ALL DONE" to this song??? Odoi bogia, sumbang terumbang-ambing ke laut! Tak kan saya menangis pula kan, so saya ketawa terbahak-bahak sajalah LOL.

Estranged featuring Akim
Seolah-olah terkapai-kapai meminta tolong kerana tenggelam di laut! Should I elaborate more?

Estranged featuring Aril
Siapa bah pengkritik yang puji suara dia ni? Mau kena kurik bah tu telinga. Suara dia hampir lemas dikatakan the best vocal? Tapi no doubt, his performance on stage bolehlah cari makan :)

Kristal featuring Hafiz
Vokal tenggelam dan agak semput. But stage presentation boleh tahan.

Claudia featuring Kristal
Adlin kunun cakap terkinja-kinja tidak tentu pasal. Tak kan lagu rancak macam tu mau berdiri macam tiang letrik pulak??!! Good connection with the audience. I like her performance BUT not the HAIR! Macam nenek kebayan pulak saya tinguk.

Cokelat featuring Isma
I couldn't remember her performance. Yang saya ingat, dia berani pula 'kambai-kambai' tangan dia di bahu anggota Cokelat. Lelaki pula tu! Aduii, tidak manis bogia!

Cokelat featuring Aishah
Sebelum Adlin cakap, saya sudah cakap. Baju tidak kena! Saya pantang tinguk penyanyi yang nampak ketiak!! Lepas tu, nampak 'shorts' di dalam. Itu fesyen dia macam itu principal selalu pakai kan? Performance pun tidak menjadi!

Lefthanded featuring Yazid
Kesian budak blur ni. Konsentrasi dia paling lama pun 30 saat saja. Selepas tu, ke sungai sudah suara dia. Si Man Kidal tried his best untuk membantu tapi tidak kena peduli pula. Kesiannnn

Qhaud featuring Lefthanded
For the first time I'm giving credit to Qhaud. He is the best performer for the night! Tapi tinguk pola undian, awal-awal saya sudah expect dia yang akan tersingkir. Apa buli buatlah. Kurang peminat mengkali dia ni.

A note to the production ~ please replace the judge sitting in the centre. Komen beliau boring tahap gaban. Yang bagus dikeji, yang buruk dipuji. Kemudian kelihatan tidak bermaya, macam mengantuk - kena ceria macam Paula Abdul bah. Suara pun monotonous. Gantikan beliau dengan Adibah Noor. She is much-much better.

Tugasan untuk konsert minggu ini ~

Aishah - Flora Cinta (Min Malik)
Akim - Situasi (Bunkface)
Aril - Nakal (GiGi)
Claudia - When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne)
Hafiz - Kau Yang Punya (Malique/Najwa)
Isma - Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang (Alyah)
Yazid - With or Without You (U2)

Lagu bonus Pelajar Lelaki - Fiona (4U2C)
Lagu bonus Pelajar Perempuan - Untukmu (Feminim)

Except for Avril Lavigne, lagu-lagu di atas agak asing bagi saya. Blame it to me kerana tidak mengikuti perkembangan semasa. Tapi bagi pendapat peribadi saya, why don't they give the students lagu-lagu yang tengah 'in' sekarang. Barulah rating naik. Saya rasa rating OIAM3 lebih bagus dari AF7! Salah satu panel memilih lagu di atas mesti datang dari Radio Era yang sudah basi itu :( Bosan tahap 'bosing'!

BTW, sekarang pelajar tinggal tujuh orang tapi sampai sekarang, belum diketahui apakah hadiah-hadiah yang akan dimenangi oleh juara AF7. Kondo Melaka sudah tidak menaja ka? Silap haribulan, hadiah juara adalah sebijik motosikal jenama Modenas ;) dan hamper barangan yang ditaja oleh penaja yang selalu disebut oleh AC di awal konsert tu! Bosan tahap tonduyutung!

Last but not least, ikut pola undian I bet Claudia yang akan tersingkir minggu ini!

At first, I didn't want to attend my brother in law's 1st year anniversary's prayer at Kg. Nosoob, Penampang, because I wanted to watch OIAM3. But then at last minutes I changed my mind. I said, it's more important than OIAM3 ;)

But you know what, after we finished the Rosary prayer at 9.00pm, everyone there wanted to watch OIAM3 - phew! lucky me! And this is my second time watching OIAM3 concert with other people, besides my family, around me :) And the feelings was like great - everybody is in full support of Esther!

During the elimination, we were guessing it could be Nine eliminated. But to our surprised, it was Amylea and everyone was applauding! They said, Amylea was the closest rival of Esther. One down and one more to go - and it's Tomok they want to get rid off! :)) [a note for Amylea - why were you feel sorry for your fans who didn't vote for you?]

Top 4 'In-Concert' ~

Wah! Props bagai konsert final :) But you know what, I was not impressed! In fact, it was quite boring - both vocals & presentation!

I'm gonna agree with Syafinaz when she said, Tomok is predictable. He did the same arrangement for a few weeks now - nothing to shout about! Like I said in my previous review he needs to do something new!

I'm not a fan of Jennifer Hudson :( One Night Only is a big song. NadiaAF6 did this song and I didn't like it either. How I wish Esther had chosen a different song. But the Aguilera's number was good. Overall, I was entertained!

Again! I'm with Syafinaz. Aweera didn't do much. He used his four minutes by walking around on the stage and shouted "Cinta ini.......". And I couldn't even remember his second song!

So, who is send packing next week?
I really want it to be Tomok but I guess he will survive another week - his fan base is very strong! So, it's got to be Nine! Goodbye Nine.... hehehe

Note to Esther's fans

She is not safe yet. We have to send our votes as many as our credits can go! Let's send her to the finals and make her the champion!

pic credit

I wasn't surprise seeing Anoop in the bottom three. I know sooner or later he would leave. It's not because he can't sing but it seems that American doesn't like him, sigh! Matt and Lil were also in there.

When Ryan sent Anoop to the couch, I was like 'oh no! Matt you are really in trouble now!'. When asked by Ryan, Simon said they might use the vote save for one particular person and I'm sure he meant it for Matt. And it was really nightmare when Ryan announced Lil is safe. [I really want her to leave]. Matt was then asked to sing and this time minus the piano. I am certain the judges gonna save him eventhough he didn't do good, in fact worst compared to last Wedneseday. Maybe he was too nervous!! The crowds were already shouting "save! save! save!"

And they had! I just hope that Matt would be motivated to do better in the next round. By looking at the crowds tonight, I think they gonna save Matt for another one or two rounds :) BUT PLEASE BEAR IN MIND : TWO IDOLS WILL BE GOING HOME NEXT WEEK! There will be no more saving from the judges.

Simon then announced, the theme for next week is 'Disco'. And suddenly John Travolta pop-up in my head :) I only know one disco song and that is 'Staying Alive' by the Bee Gees [oh! bummer!!]. I hope Adam will pick that song [Adam, please?]. And who knows, one of the Bee Gees member could be their guest mentor or are they still around?

On Jennifer Hudson's performance, it was just nice. I'm not a fan since Idol 3 [beat me!]. And what is that Miley Cyrus wearing?? She looked old in that dress. And the hair? OMG! She should let it fall and loose.

Before I end up my posting, I must say this - I should say this in my previous posting but I just forgot :)

I realize that the American Idol's shows always run out of time. And I don't like it when the judges are in a rush to give comments. On Wednesday show, they tried to cut it off by asking two judges to give critiques each contestant alternately. But still! they were almost ran out of time.

In the beginning of this season, I had said four judges would only give problems that's why I questioned the additional judge. But now since it's already done, why don't the producer cut off the commercial breaks or tell Ryan to control the situation, that's his job anyway!

BTW, Zac Efron was there! '17 Again' is a must to watch. Macam best!

I wonder why did they put off this show last April 6th. I was waiting at the couch with my hot nescafe but nada! Really put off my mood. Bikin anti-climax saja dorang ni!

Margie and her son claimed the first spot. Bravo to them both. Tammy and her brother Victor were in third place when the sisters (Kisha & Jen) were not allowed to check in as they left their belongings at the Roadblock. This is a serious matter. How could you travel without your passports. That is why, Phil asked them to go back and get their belongings. I remember last season's team, Toni and her son Dallas also lost their documents in a taxi. And I'm still wondering, what happened to them after that coz they were eliminated during that leg.

Brothers, Mark & Michael made a huge mistake again. They were run out of cash and they used their personal belongings to pay for their taxi fare - which is prohibited in this Race. Not once but twice! They were penalised for four hours [2 hours for each] for their blunder!!

Kisha & Jen checked in again and claimed the fourth place. That would mean, Mark & Michael came in as the last team. But fortunately for them, it was a non-elimination leg. The bad news is they had to perform a speed bump in the following leg. More bad news - their remaining penalty will be enforced on the next leg. With over three hours penalty, I am almost certain that the brothers will be eliminated next. Unless miracles happen to them :))

Top 7 Idols were singing songs from the movies. And Quentin Tarantino was the guest mentor. I'm not sure why most of the Idols chose a mellow song, except for Adam Lambert of course :) The rest did a 'slow' and 'safe' songs. We need some energetic and entertaining performance like Adam did!

Allison Iraheta - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
She was trying really hard! And it became a 'so-so' performance. Simon was trying his best to save this girl.

Anoop Desai - Everything I Do, I Do it For You
Nice. Good vocals control. Love his performance.

Adam Lambert - Born to be Wild
The best. Better than last week. I disagree to what Simon has said! Adam really steal the show by rocking the theater! A most memorable performance!!

Matt Giraud - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Another Bryan Adams' song! I hated it! Matt, you will be in trouble!

Danny Gokey - Endless Love
No! no! no! I don't like Danny's version of this song. But I do love his husky voice ;)

Kris Allen - Falling Slowly
Now tell me the truth, do you remember his performance?

Lil Rounds - The Rose
I hated it when a contestant couldn't accept criticism. And when you replied back to the judges, it's unacceptable. Where is your manners? I hope Lil will watch her performance tonight through video. Then she should know how boring she was and pitchy here and there. She is struggling hard in fact she pushed real hard that she pushed the wrong button!

My bottom three would be [based on tonight's performance]

Matt Giraud
Danny Gokey
Lil Rounds

with Lil Rounds going home [please! let her leave]

BUT if it's based on votes, I think Anoop will leave. And if it's really him, I don't think the judges would save him. Poor Anoop!

Saya terpaksa tinguk ulangan konsert kelima sebab tidak berkesempatan menontonnya pada hari Sabtu sebab menghadiri Misa Kudus [Malam Paska]. Saya cuma sempat tinguk penyingkiran Sidi masa tu.

Semalam, saya berkesempatan menonton ulangan Diari AF EXT di mana tetamu undangan adalah dua tenaga pengajar, seorang pengkritik tetap dan seorang wartawan. Apa yang menarik adalah apabila pengkritik tersebut menyatakan beliau sejak dari kecil dididik dengan penuh disiplin dan sopan santun. Kenyataan ini merupakan satu sindiran sinis kepada kedua-dua tenaga pengajar AF yang saya rasa lebih 'berumur' daripada pengkritik tersebut. Nama saja senior tapi 'gaya tidak kena' [masa diorang memberi 'debat' di konsert keempat]. Yang saya hairan, kenapa bukan principal tu yang bersuara?? Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Ulasan konsert ~

Lagu Bonus - Lucky
Not up to my expectation!

Isma - Kau Mawarku
Saya ramalkan Zahid akan berduet dengan Isma sebab saya rasa suara Zahid sesuai dengan lagu ini. Tetapi apa yang berlaku, suami Isma [Zul of 2 by 2] yang muncul. I have no problem with their singing. It was nice and full of emotions but I'm not jumping from my sofa, if you know what I meant :)

Akim - Jika Kau Tiada
Farah was not singing over the top. Mungkin tidak mau Akim tenggelam ;) Ada sesuatu yang tidak kena macam tiada chemistry di antara mereka berdua. Akim mungkin nervous berduet dengan Farah. By the way, I was right when I guessed Akim will duet with Farah.

Qhaud - Dibius Cinta
You don't need to have Degree in Music or Vocals to tell that they were off pitch. Saya ada tinguk masa Heliza datang ke akademi and watched them practising together - Heliza sudah kedengaran sumbang. Maybe she wasn't familiar with this song. Mangsanya ialah Qhaud. Kalo Linda Nanuwil yang dipanggil mungkin lain cerita [ehem! promote sikit!]

Hafiz - Terlanjur Cinta
She was one and only Juara Sumbang. Mana-mana show dia saya tinguk, mesti ada kesumbangan. My sympathy to Hafiz. Nasib baik si Hafiz tidak 'terhanyut' dek kesumbangan partnernya. Kalo dia berduet dengan Stacy, sure gempakkkk

Claudia - Kau Muzik di Hatiku
Ramalan saya betul. Nice performance. Ada chemistry between Claudia and Vince. Well, siapa mau lawan Vince kan. Dia pandai mempelbagaikan suara dan vocal control pun yang terbaik!

Aishah - Dua Hati Menjadi Satu
I didn't know what would happen if Dafi was her partner. Samada baik atau disebaliknya. Apa-apapun, Aliff telah menghidupkan suasana cuma Aishah tidak mengambil peluang tersebut. Dia kelihatan gugup, takut, berhati-hati dan tidak selesa. Tapi dia mempunyai alasan - tidak berpeluang berlatih dengan Aliff sebelum konsert.

Yazid - Terharu
Yang ini pula, Yazid yang sumbang dan Yazer yang menyelamatkan keadaan. But performance wise, very the energetic. Thanks to Yazer!

Aril - Aku dan Dirimu
The best performance of the night! Suara Aril ada sedikit 'ke-Indonesia-an' which is good for this song. Tapi kalo bukan Marsha duet dia, I don't know what would happen then hehehe. Congrats to Aril and credit to Marsha too!

Sidi - Cinta yang Sempurna
I had guessed he gonna duet with Ebi. But Zahid pun not bad. Cuma Zahid over done his part. Tenggelam bah si Sidi. Sudahlah selama ini terkapai-kapai kena lagi berduet dengan orang yang berpengalaman hehehe.

Overall - I was entertained! Mungkin disebabkan kemunculan para guest artistes LoL!

Tugasan untuk konsert minggu ini ~

Aishah - Segitiga [Cokelat]
Akim - Aurora [Estranged]
Aril - Yang Pernah [Estranged]
Claudia - Keindahan Pantai [Kristal]
Hafiz - Pak Belalang [Kristal]
Isma - Salah [Cokelat]
Qhaud - Seruan [Lefthanded]
Yazid - Aku Di Halaman Rindu [Lefthanded]

Lagu bonus ~
I Want to Break Free [Queen]
What I Have Done [Linkin Park] - most awaited!

The best part is, they will perform with the original band. Looking foward for Estranged but most probably without Rich. Aril and Akim will become their lead singer [this is only my guess]. Hanya Claudia sorang dapat lagu lelaki. I hope she will take it as a challenge!

Looking forward to this concert ^-^

Tahniah kepada
yang telah memenangi
Artis Baru Wanita Popular 2008

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Esther was in the bottom 3?? Whether she is really in the bottom 3 or OIAM just creating drama!! I don't think she deserved to be in the bottom at all

Guys! do your job - VOTE FOR ESTHER!!

Dato' Sheila Majid is my all-time favourite. She is Malaysia's Queen of Jazz. I know most of her hits songs ;)

Here's my says according to my favourite ~

Esther - Lagenda
To begin your song without music is very risky. Silap sikit boleh sumbang. But for Esther, she nailed it! I don't quite like the arrangement though but overall she is the best of the night!

Amylea - Dia
My favourite song! But a simple presentation from Amylea. I could say, it was quite forgettable!

Aweera - Antara Anyer dan Jakarta
Love it there! He could do more but he was like 'terlampau berhati-hati'

Tomok - Aku Cinta Padamu
Now I'm getting bored of his performance - the same every week! He was like Lil Round of AI8.

Nine - Pengemis Muda
The worst of all! Pengemis Muda is not an easy song to deliver. His vocals was in a mess here and there!

Group Singing - Jatuh Cinta
I love their performance!

For this week performance, we are invited to vote a song for our favourite contestant. I've voted and would love to see Esther to sing BETTER IN TIME again! Guys! please do the same! Click here

Happy Birthday to Esther
Happy Easter to all!

I got it right again!
Scott was sent packing
no doubt he can sing but not as good as the rest

I was surprised to see Anoop at the bottom 3
He sang well last night but still, he was at the bottom
It means, his fan-base is not strong enough

It also mean - it doesn't matter how good he sings or perform
he would be the next going home!

How I'm glad to see Lil Rounds at the bottom 3
I'm not being cruel here
but I only want her to be warned

We seldom heard Paula Abdul condemned a contestant
but Paula said last night, she was tired of repeating the same advice to Lil'
and people listened to Paula
hence her bottom 3 position

As for myself
I am getting bored with Lil's performance
nothing to shout about!

5 more to go
before we have our final 2

Stay tuned!!

The top 8 Idols did songs from the year they were born

'Mad World'
from Adam Lambert!

Did Simon really gave him a standing ovation?
Yes he did
but I think, part of it because of they were running out of time ;)
and the other part is
Adam Lambert did really good! Awesome!

My bottom three for the night are

Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Scott MacIntyre

with Scott going home

Ada orang komplen ni, kenapa saya buat ulasan AF7 dalam English. Bagus kalo pandai muahahaha. Mungkin terbawa-bawa bah ni kan - well, you know - American Idol, The Amazing Race ;)

Ok bah. Tulis dalam BM pun no problem. Dalam KadazanDusun pun ok kalo mau hahaha

Ah yo yo. Satu persembahan 'plastik'. Tidak natural dan dibuat-buat.

Panjang betul 'hayat' budak ni. Selalu di bawah tapi tidak juga terkeluar. Statik bah persembahan dia ni.

Terbaik pada malam itu. [Wonder why, she didn't get the award]

He can dance but his singing is not as good as his dance.

Ya ampun!! Budak ni lagi. Bila lah dia keluar ni. Banyak peluang sudah diberikan tapi tiada peningkatan.

Sungguh terkejut bila dia dipilih sebagai pelajar cemerlang. Sudut mana ek diorang nampak dia cemerlang?

Another plastic performance! Saya tertekan tengok tangan dia asyik pegang kepala dan mengurai rambut dan buat suara ala-ala rock hehehe

No doubt she can sing. Tapi masalah dia, dia tidak improvise lagu tu. She's out so no further comments.

Saya suka terma yang Adlin bagi sama budak ni. Tarian dia macam lap gajah hahahaha. Kalo persembahan asyik sama, kita akan 'terbosan' menontonnya. Suara pun tiada peningkatan.

Dia antara pelajar yang saya tunggu-tunggu tersingkir. Jahat kah saya ni? hehehe

Oh-oh. Masa dia nyanyi 'Aku dah Bosan', saya sambung dengan ayat "Bah! pulanglah". Betul-betul pula dia pulang. Masin betul mulut ni kan hehehe

For the first time, AF7 telah mencipta sejarah. Tenaga pengajar boleh mengkritik pengkritik. Which is to me very un-professional. Kalo iyapun ada benda yang hendak dipertikaikan, buatlah di tempat yang sesuai. Pejabat Astro kan besar!! Give briefing to the Pengkritik. Tapi to me, kalo diorang buat macam ni, no point having Pengkritik lagi lah. Bagus diorang buat transformasi - biar tenaga pengajar yang menjadi pengkritik. Kita tengok apa diorang kritik. Asyik puji saja mengkali kan? If I'm not mistaken, Siti Hajar pernah menjadi pengkritik sebelum ini. Apa dia cakap masa tu? Dia kritik tahap gaban juga kan?? Tepuk dada tanya selera!

Tugasan baru ~

AISHAH - Dua Hati Menjadi Satu (Gita Gutawa & Dafi)
[ramalan saya : duet with Dafi]

AKIM - Jika Kau Tiada (Erra Fazira & Yusry)
[ramalan saya : duet with Farah AF2]

ARIL - Aku Dan Dirimu (Ari Lasso & Bunga Citra Lestari)
[ramalan saya : duet with Mila]

CLAUDIA - Kau Muzik Di Hatiku (Jacyln Victor & Vince)
[ramalan saya : duet with Vince]

HAFIZ - Terlanjur Cinta (Rossa & Pasha Ungu)
[ramalan saya : duet with Stacy]

ISMA - Kau Mawarku (Siti Nurhaliza & 2 By 2)
[ramalan saya : duet with Zahid]

QHAUD - Dibius Cinta (Yusry & Melly Goeslow)
[ramalan saya untuk up kan undi dia : duet with Mas hehehe]

SIDI - Cinta Yang Sempurna (6ixth Sense & Noe Letto)
[ramalan saya : duet with Ebi]

YAZID - Terharu (Jamal Abdillah & Mawi)
[ramalan saya untuk up kan undi dia : duet with Mawi]

Lagu Bonus : Lucky (Jason Mraz & Colbie Callait)
[Saya cuma tertunggu-tunggu persembahan yang ini]

Kita tunggu dan lihat apa kejutan yang diorang buat. Kalo setakat duet sesama pelajar, awal-awal saya cakap di sini - better jangan. Buang karan saja!

Last Friday, I had another session of 'Earth Hour'
Well I don't mind doing it again
BUT NOT on Friday night - if I could have controlled it!

There was a BLACKOUT in my area
started from 9pm until 12.00 midnight!!

Having said that ~ I MISSED THE OIAM TOP 6 CONCERT!!!
so, there will be no review from me this week

After blog-hopping here and there
I found out that
RIZU was eliminated

Am I disappointed?
of course I am coz I know Rizu has a good vocal
Am I really sad?
Not really coz I didn't vote for him :)

My vote goes for Esther
I've checked the Tube
and she was really outstanding with the "Sweet About Me"

Come on peeps - VOTE for ESTHER please...!
All the best to you Rizu!

I'll be missing her
she is my choice besides Adam Lambert

She looked fine when Ryan announced she's leaving Idol
maybe because it's too stressful in there
she has nothing to lose coz she'll be touring during the Summer

Once again, the judges didn't use their 'Save Vote'
(Cowell sarcastically told Megan they don't bother to save her
in replying to Megan's quote "She doesn't care")

3 more to go
and the judges won't be able to use the 'Save Vote' anymore
earlier of this season, Ryan had announced that
when it comes to Top 5
no more 'Save Vote'

Two girls are left - Lil and Allison
like the OIAM3, they are in danger
especially Allison who had been in bottom 3 twice!

I'm hoping Adam Lambert will be in the finals
who is accompanying him, is yet to be known
It could be Danny or Matt ;)

I miss his Joe Jonas' look (I mean the hairstyle)
stop the Kurt Russel's looks :(
and he should slim down a bit ;)

No mentor this week. They chose their own favourite songs from The iTunes Downloads. Is this wise? Never mind. They want to make a change a bit.

Anoop Desai (Caught Up - Usher)
Whether it's because I never heard this song or maybe Anoop made this song so boring. Either one, he is in danger!

Megan Joy Corkrey (Turn the Lights Down Low - Bob Marley)
Oh dear. The shaky and cracky vocals again :(

Danny Gokey (What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts)
He sounded just nice.

Allison Iraheta (Don't Speak - No Doubt)
Which one did better? Stacy AF6 or Allison? LoL

Scott MacIntyre (Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel)
Good but not outstanding.

Matt Giraud (You Found Me - The Frays)
Nice. He performed with his keyboard surrounded by the young girls.

Lil Rounds (I Surrender - Celine Dion)
Something wrong somewhere. I don't like the sound of her. I think she's in danger too.

Adam Lambert (Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry)
Now Kara is with me :) We are looking foward of Lambert's performance every week!

Kris Allen (Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers)
Very good but not 'shine' enough.

My bottom three would be Anoop, Megan & Lil. And I think Megan will leave :(