Konsert AF yang pertama dan kedua telah berlalu. Konsert ketiga menjelang tiba.

Konsert pertama telah mendapat kritikan yang paling hebat. Bukan sahaja daripada pengkritik tetap AF malah daripada local newspapers, majalah-majalah, bloggers dan individu-individu yang cukup prihatin dengan perkembangan AF ini.

Diikutkan memang malas mo buat ulasan AF ini. Tapi selepas menonton konsert kedua saya teruja untuk memblogkan di sini.

Berikut adalah komen peribadi saya:

Saya begitu bosan mendengar Pengacara 'memberi mood' kepada para pelajar sebelum buat persembahan. Was it necessary?

Saya geli hati mendengar pujian yang melambung daripada pengkritik tetap. Seolah-olah mereka ini telah diberi amaran oleh 'pihak berkuasa' untuk tidak memberi kritikan yang pedas. I remembered Adlin. I enjoyed to hear his comments on the first concert but later on sudah kurang kaw-kaw. Tidak best langsung! To me, kalo dah persembahan ada yang kureng, belasah sajalah, apa mo takut. Puji bila betul-betul perlu puji.

Saya juga bosan apabila pengkritik ketiga membaca balik lirik lagu pelajar. Then sekali sekala she tried to sing it out but suara dia hampeh!

Sakit telinga saya masa Aswad menyanyi. Seketul-ketul suara dia kedengaran. It wasn't smooth. Could it be the music? The music was too soft for Aswad dynamic vocal.

AND MOST OF ALL saya terlalu marah tahap cipan bila konsert dihentikan untuk memberi laluan kepada BERITA ASTRO! Kalo setakat berita ringkas, ok lah juga tapi berita penuh 30 minit pula tu! Hilang mood terus ohhh! Apa salahnya, diorang bagi saja the last two pelajar teruskan persembahan then barulah siarkan berita sementara menunggu keputusan. Koman betul lah! I hope Astro should do something on this matter. Potong stim lah beb! But this week, since konsert buat Ahad, harap-harap tiada berita Astro ke udara tepat jam 3.00 petang!!

Mau komen lagi? Tidak apalah. Cukuplah tu. Reda sikit kemarahan saya. No wonderlah orang selalu cakap, kalo ada masalah dan ada yang tidak memuaskan hati, LUAHKAN! Ringan sudah di dada :)

Shawal & Candy
Mr Yamada :)

gambar saya cari di Astro

Bila Rob & Amber sudah out macam tiada semangat saya mengikuti TAR lagi. Apa-apa pun, minat saya memang tebal. Sanggup ni tidak tinguk diari AF sebab mo tinguk TAR :P

Anyway, I still have Charla & Mirna and the Beauty Queens in the Race. I want one of the teams to win this race to make it the the first ever - all female team to win the US Amazing Race.

What's with the Guidos team? Why were they so mad at Eric & Danielle? Was it because Eric was trying to overtake the Guidos? That's it? Freaks! I'm not a fan of the Guidos team since TAR1 - weird team!

Smart rat! hahaha! In Roadblock, teams had to use a rat to find a race marker. I was so amazed of the rat's ability - well, they are trained rats actually. The cousins were the last team to leave from this Roadblock.

Colour or Coal was the Detour of this Race. If I were the team, I'll definitely choose colour. They were scared that the Africans might not interested to get their fingernails coloured. But they were wrong. This is a recorded Race. Everyone if possible wants to be on TV. They don't care if they have to pay for it. Remember Andrew & Syeon (TARA1) doing the shoe-shining in India? They had no problem shining seven pairs of shoes :) So, I must give credit to Charla & Mirna for choosing the painting nails. Well, I don't think they can the do the Coal task anyway :P

Upon completing the Detour, Charla & Mirna proceeded to the Pit Stop and they were ecstatic to learn that they were the first team to arrive. They won a holiday trip to Aruba. Beauty Queens and married couple who did the Colour task, arrived second and third respectively.

Uchenna & Joyce were the last team to arrive. I was already happy to see this team came in last. I don't mind if they were eliminated coz they already won the millions dollars in season 7. But to my dismay, it was a non-elimination leg of the Race. Urgghh! they were spared but they will be marked for the next race. They must come first otherwise a 30 minute penalty would be assessed on them.

Stay tuned on AXN!

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I put Phil, Sanjaya and Stephanie at the bottom 3. And I didn't make any prediction who is going home coz to be honest each of them has done their best. But after watching the result show tonight, we saw bottom 2 contestants. Phil and Sanjaya were safe. It's just their luck I think :) I just can't believe Sanjaya is still in. I've predicted he maybe voted out the first week in the final 12. I remember last year's American Idol contestant - Kevin Covais. He was voted out the 2nd week. To refresh just click here. But now, look at Sanjaya. He still survive :) Go Sanjaya! don't give up! Saya ni suka sokong 'underdog' atau yang dibenci orang hahahaha

But I was shocked to see Chris R at the bottom 2. No way man! It can't be. Chris has done a good job last night. And I definitely very sure that Chris R received many votes from the youngsters. So it was easy to predict Stephanie would be booted out.

Back to Chris R. I think the producers have hidden agendas to put him at the bottom 2. Who knows what but I am sure there must be a reason of it. But whatever it is, I know Chris R will stay longer. Stay tuned for their next show on Star World.

More stories and pics at Idol6


Linda sedang memperagakan kain sarong :) Sumandak tolumis!
(yg duduk di belakang tu siapa? boypren Linda ka? jeng jeng jeng)

I would like to wish a Very Happy Birthday to the one and only Linda Nanuwil who is celebrating her birthday today. Sonong-sonongon kio umandak. I just hope whatever you wish will come true. Pray and it would be answered. Miss you so much!

Birthday wish also goes to relatives and friends who celebrate their birthday this month:

Rayner (5 March)
Russilah (10 March)
Esther (26 March)
Elter (27 March)
Myron (27 March)
Hasmah (28 March)

May God bless all of you and may your dream came true juga. Siapa-siapa yang buat birthday party, jangan lupa jemput saya :p

American Idol chose British Invasion as their theme tonight. With the help of this week's guest mentors, Peter Noone and Lulu, each contestant performed a 1960's song. But not one of them chose Beatles. How I wish!

Haley began the show. And I just couldn't concentrate her singing :p I was looking at her legs! Then my eyes rolled to see her back. Naughty girl! But nice song she got there.

Chris R took the stage. Wow! I give him A+. He is my choice for tonight's show. Just take a look at this
(contributed by OhMyPadalecki in YouTube)

Stephanie's 'You don't have to say you love me' didn't impress me.

Blake Lewis was not bad. But Lakisha disappoint me this time. Phil was like imitating Chris Daughtry (AI5) but Phil is nothing compared to Daughtry.

I love Jordin. Infact she's the best for tonight's show. Oh dear Sanjaya. It's so easy to put you at the bottom 3. I just hope the little girl tears can move America to vote for you.

Gina rocks! But please, no more rock song next week if you are still around. Chris S also good. I enjoyed his 'She's Not There'. As usual, Melinda was the choice of the judges but not me. There's nothing special of this girl except her vocals. Her choice of song also boring. Frankly, I can't even remember her past performances :) And her 'naive-pretending' looks irritate me.

My bottom 3 would be Phil, Sanjaya & Stephanie. Let's find out the result tomorrow night on Star World!

Oh dear. Romber was eliminated! I'm gonna miss them.

Crucial Mistakes by Romber:
During the Detour, they've chosen the Sign It task. All went well except the spell check. The spelling is 'Philippines' my dear Rob and Amber! They switched to do the other task - Navigate It.

A bad instinct by Rob when he told Amber to just follow the path a Bahia La Pataia.

They were also playing dirty to Charla and Mirna:
Romber stole the taxi called by the cousins. What I didn't get was, why Romber failed to get a taxi upon exiting from the airport. They were supposed to be a good player.

Romber also lied to the cousins by having found the clue at Bahia La Pataia.

To me, if you do good you'll get a good result in the end. If you play dirty then 'dirty' you will get. That's what happened to Romber. And they paid what they did to the cousins - they were eliminated.

The Cha-Cha team became the first team to arrive and won a holiday trip to Maui. The show is getting interesting. Tonight, I want to root for Charla and Mirna. I like their determination.

First and foremost I am so disappointed for not being able to blog for the past few days. Firstly, my pc wasn't working properly. Secondly, I had a bad streamyx connections and finally I was not feeling very well :( Even though, I am way behind I'm still going to give my comments on last American Idol show.

Let's get back to American Idol then. I've watched all the 12 contestants performed a Diana Ross songs. I definitely picked Lakisha this first round. Between her and Melinda, I go for Lakisha. I am not sure why but Melinda irks me a little bit. Not sure if she's being honest, shy or naive. Macam mengada-ngada pun ada. Saya tidak suka tengok muka dia semasa judges buat kritikan or pujian. "Oh my god, really? thank you, thank you so much" that kind of attitude. I think she over do it and I was bored seeing her every week doing like that. Then, Tiba-tiba pula Paula Abdul menangis ishhh apahal pulak tu?? Tangisan yang dibuat-buat. No! no! no! no more tears please, Ms Abdul. Be professional and don't get too emotional. Cukup-cukuplah tengok tangisan di AF saja :)

Actually I put Brandon, Haley and Sanjaya at the bottom 3 and choose Brandon to go home. But when the result came, I was surprised to see Phil instead of Haley. But then again, when Ryan asked Phil to take his seat I was a little bit relief. Between Brandon and Sanjaya? It would be 100% Brandon. This guy forgot his words and America couldn't forgive him for that.

Well it's ok for me. Sanjaya, dislike him or not will be still performing next week :) Good luck to you Sanjaya! In the meantime, piece of advise here - let's just not focus only to Lakisha and Melinda. Please watch out for Blake and Chris R too. These two, despite their average performances, are very popular among the teenagers in America. This is a reality show remember. Votes count!

Can't wait for their next show. Stay tuned on Star World!

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Walaupun saya tidak teruja sangat tapi saya tetap akan menonton konsert AF5 setiap Sabtu. Dan jika keadaan mengizinkan saya akan mengikuti diari harian mereka tapi ianya bukanlah satu kemestian :)

Sejak AF2, peserta dari Sabah lah yang paling ramai dipilih untuk menjadi pelajar AF. Adakah di Semenanjung dan Sarawak kurang yang berbakat? Atau Sabah menjadi 'target' atau 'lubuk' kewangan pihak penganjur? Ya ampunnnn! Maaf kerana mengeluarkan kenyataan sedemikian. This is my personal opinion and observation sepanjang AF ini diadakan.

Tahun ini, empat lagi pelajar dari Sabah telah dipilih berbanding di Sarawak hanya seorang. Heran bukan? Apa-apapun, saya harap orang-orang Sabah tidak terlalu fanatik. Sokonglah pelajar kegemaran anda dengan seadanya dan jangan sampai muflis semasa afundi :)

Sabah akan diwakili oleh:

Candra Clement @ Candy & Firdaus Yaimal @ Ebi

Mohd Farha Jasmen @ Farha & Nonny Nadirah Zainuddin @ Noni

Biodata pelajar & gambar boleh didapati di sini AF5.

Rob and Amber (a.k.a. Romber) proved to the other teams that they are the team to watch! Departing from their Pit Stop, Romber found a small travel agency and secured a flight to Puerto Montt.

The Roadblock of this Race was to transfer fish from it's breeding tank to the other tank. Their clue revealed at the bottom of the tank. The Guido team didn't get the whole clue. Lucky for them cousins, Charla & Mirna told them the remaining clue, to which the Guido team was so grateful of their help.

Their Detour was between Vertical Limit or River Wild. All teams chose River Wild where teams had to complete a water rafting course.

Once again, for the third time, Rob and Amber stepped in first and won a home gym for each. David and Mary who missed their alliance, the Cho Brothers, had been eliminated from the Race as they lost their way to Petrohue.

I found out that the teams still having problem in navigating their ways. One team even carelessly didn't get the whole clue at Roadblock. Beauty Queens missed their Detour clue. Even Romber had a wrong turn to their Roadblock. All-stars shouldn't make such mistakes.

Eric and Danielle's low profile could be their advantage of moving on and who knows might win the Race. Charla and Mirna shouldn't act as they did at the ticket counter. I like both of them but please have a respect to other teams. First come first serves. Arguing with Teri and Ian was uncalled for.

Who will be eliminated next? Don't forget to stay tuned on AXN tomorrow night!

more stories and pics on CBS

Melinda, Stephanie, Gina

Haley, Jordin, Lakisha

Sanjaya, Blake, Brandon

Chris R, Chris S, Phil

I was so close! When they first performed, I've already picked my top 12 out of 24. Click to this links AI6Male and AI6Female

I got it 9 out of 12. Well in fact it could be 10 coz I really want Sanjaya to go through. This boy definitely can sing but his choice of song sucks! I'll be rooting for him until his journey ends.

Antonella finally voted out. I think if they still keep her they won't leave her in peace. So it's good that she's gone home. What happened to Sabrina? If I were to choose between her and Haley, I'll pick Sabrina. But what do you expect? This is a reality show. Same goes to Sundance and Jared. America doesn't love them.

I can't wait for their next show. Do they really doing Diana Ross? Let's just wait and see!

more pix at Idol

Yesss Goku menang lawan King Piccolo hehehe. Sanggup ni x tidak tengok Live AI6 sbb sia mo tinguk Dragon Ball. Selepas lebih dari seminggu Goku bertarung baru hari ini dia berjaya menewaskan King Piccolo @ Junior Ma hahahaha. Best!

I watched the repeat of AI6 at 8.00pm. Wow! Kalo tengok performance diorang macam boleh pick siapa yang akan pulang bisuk. Tapi kadang-kadang ramalan saya meleset coz this is a reality show. They don't care how bad you sing if they want to vote you more then you'll be cruising through.

I like Jordin's Heartbreaker. Sabrina and Jennifer over-sang, in fact I could hear them shouting or could it be like 'pressing' their vocals. I just don't know how to describe it. Gina rocks! Lakisha & Melinda nailed it. Antonella & Haley should go home. That's all I can say :)

OK now. Let's hear from Lakisha's 'I Have Nothing'. This song is one of my favourites from Whitney Houston.

And check this one out. This is Leona Lewis' version of 'I Have Nothing'. Leona is the winner of X-Factor 2006 in UK. (Thanks to dBosFM for introducing Leona to me)

Lastly, the one and only Whitney Houston doing her own song Live in Chile.

Pick your choice :)

Oppps...don't forget for the result tomorrow night only on Star World!

Video credit from YouTube famousgrl2, stevemcguinness, gregorybui

The show started with Blake. I missed his performance as I just came home from clinic. Oh well. I said to myself, I'll search later on the net. And here it goes. Ladies & gentlemen, I present you - Blake Lewis with his 'All Mixed Up' by 311.

You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret
You've got to bet on yourself now star, cause that's your best bet
Watch me now with a wicked and wild and I said
We come with the funky style that gets us known for the show
And we'll mix the hip hop reggae if we say it is so
and f*** the naysayers cause they don't mean a thing
this is what style we bring

Now it's morning but last night's on my mind
There's something I need to get off my chest
And no matter what may come to shine
The dream will always be mine

All mixed up you don't know what to do
Next thing you turn around and find the person is you
Thought a freak might be the thing
But the first could be the last, so just get off your a**

keep me coming, that is a gal that'll kill them stunning

And why did I try when I knew it was no end
Why did I try when I say it was so end
But save it for late we should just let it skate
Cause the waiting feel is fine

Who the heck is 311? I've never heard of them. Well, thanks to google. I searched their image.

Not really a good vocal but Blake was the only one who can make me move :) The rest of the contestants? Oh dear, what can I say. They were almost boring. Phil Stacey even picked a LeAnn Rimes' song and he sounded so weird. Sundance was out of pitch. Sanjaya still pick a boring song. Chris Richardson a little bit shaky. Jared was like singing at fun fair. Brandon and Chris S did just above par.

Who is going home? and who will be in the top 12? Based on their performance tonight, Sundance, Sanjaya or Phil might be going home. Well, let's just leave them to the Americans!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's female top 8 only on Star World.

video taken from www.youtube.com/ fansitejunkie

This is the best episode so far. Why? Because Kevin & Drew has been eliminated. I know I choose this team to be included in the All Stars. That's because I like them in Season 1. But now they have changed especially Drew.

All teams were instructed to fly to Santiago, Chile. Mirna & Charla got stuck in a muddy road. Lucky for them when Mary & David decided to help. When Kevin & Drew got stuck in the same place as Mirna & Charla had earlier, Kevin decided to pull the truck out of the mud by towing a rope around him. They succeeded but what happened next was Drew almost ran over Kevin while he was still attached to the truck! What a jerk!

When they boarded their flight, Drew again made a chaos. He threw Mary & David's bags on the floor. He said they shouldn't put their bags on first class cabin. But to me, if it was not allowed, the cabin crews should tell David & Mary and not Drew!!

When Romber's flight was delayed I thought that's the end of them. Then I was shocked as they showed up at the Roadblock when other teams were still doing the task. Go Romber!

The Detour of this leg was By Hand or By Machine. Glad to hear when Rob said he had ten years experience in construction. True enough, Romber team finished first doing the Detour. And that made them the first team to arrive and won themselves a pair of motorcycles.

Kevin & Drew were eliminated from the Race as they were the last team to arrive. Even in their last moment in the Race, Drew still not behaving himself by wandering away from the mat, complaining his back and feet are hurting him. Shame on you Drew! At least give some respect to Phil.

What I can see from this episode, most of the teams still make mistake by not reading their clue properly and they are all stars! I hope they can do better in the next Race.

Stay tuned for tonight's 3rd episode. Only on AXN.

For more info CBS

The result was out last Friday. Surprise? Definitely!

If we judged their performances it shouldn't be Nick or AJ going home. Tapi nama pun reality show. Siapa yang rajin undi selamat lah favourite dia.

Alaina was voted out. But Antonella survive? This girl can't sing. There's nothing special about this girl. But I think American Idol keeping her because of 'marketing strategy'. Well, it's up to the Americans who they want to be in the finals.

Nicholas Pedro & Alaina Alexandra

AJ Tabaldo & Leslie Hunt

Sanjaya also survived. I was surprised and Sanjaya even shocked to find out that he's still in. It's maybe because they want him to prove himself and give him another chance. He sang old songs two weeks in a row. I hope he would make a quick recovery. Choose a song that suit to his age. Hopefully!

Let's see what happen next. More surprises? Stay tuned!

pix taken from AI6

What can I say. After watching superb performances from the boys last night, I was a bit disappointed with the girls. Well, sometimes they do have their ups and downs. Last week they were good and this week they were not so good. It's normal I think. Not even Lakisha or Melinda impressed me. Actually I was hoping something different from this two. I grew tired of them always doing the 'big song'.

Most of the contestants tonight were 'pitchy' here and there especially when they were trying to reach higher note. When they do, I heard them like 'yelling' or 'shouting'. Try and listen again to Gina, Stephanie & Sabrina. They sounded weird to me :(

BUT, I'm still keeping my top 6 - Gina, Lakisha, Melinda, Jodin, Stephanie & Sabrina. Maybe tonight wasn't their best but who knows next week they can do a lot better.

So, who is going home? Alaina was awful and Antonella even worst. It could be both of them. Whoever it might be let's just wait for the result, tomorrow at Star World. Stay tuned!

Tough! The top 10 AI male contestants performed last night. All of them did well except one or two. Who will be eliminated? I am not sure. It could be Sanjaya Malakar coz he didn't impress me with his choice of song. And the other one, could be Brandon Rogers who sang 'Time after Time'. Brandon has a good vocals but in this song, he sounds a little bit boring to me :)

My choice for last night's performances are Chris Richardson who sang 'Geek in the Pink'. His performance was a refreshing one :)

and also Blake Lewis with his 'Virtual Insanity'. I like his beat boxing. That made him unique from other contestant.

Stay tuned for the top 10 female contestants, tonight at Star World!

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Video at YouTube(by fansitejunkie)