The girls took the stage tonight with Classics of the 70's.

If I have a problem of choosing who is eliminated among the guys, it's different story with the girls. Based on tonight's performance, if I may, I wanted to send half of the girls home. I totally agree with the judges, all of them can really sing but it's their bad song choices.

The best performance tonight shared by Brooke and Kristy. These two were my choice of going home last week as their performance was disastrous. Watching Brooke with her guitar made me think of Linda Nanuwil (AF2) ;)

And I thought, Amanda is the only rocker in this group but I thought wrong. Carly is the girl. She out-shined Amanda tonight. Amanda is so off-pitch. Honestly, I dare not to watch her. I wanted her to finish her song very quickly.

I was so disappointed with Kady. Being a recording artist before, off-pitch shouldn't happen. Gosh, pitching ke-laut all the way. I just hope she is not leaving tomorrow as I really want to see more of her. I haven't seen the real Kady yet. America, give her another chance.

Something wasn't right with Alexandrea tonight. From the song choice to her sense of dressing. It didn't work at all.

Nothing outstanding happened tonight. I thought A'siah being the last one to perform will make up for the rest of the girls but she too was just ok. To pick a Celine Dion's song is very risky. So far, only Leona Lewis can do it.

After watching twice of the show, I think Amanda and Alexandrea will leave. Kady too is in danger but I hope she is safe.


There's no doubt about it. This boy will be in the final 12. His made 'Imagine' like his own. There's no John Lennon in it. Oh and his video on 'what you didn't know about David' - he was 11 at that time and he sang infront of Kelly Clarkson? That's awesome!

I was looking forward for Jason Castro to sing without the guitar but he did it again this time and it was no great compared to his last week's performance.

Chikezie turned into a 'pro' tonight. I quickly forgot his disastrous performance last week.

I had enough of Danny Noriega. I think it's time to send him home.

Too bad, I didn't get to watch David Hernandez sing. That stupid weather! No service! That stupid satellite! All I get was the judges were giving positive comments on him. So I presume he is safe this week.

David Cook was looking for trouble when he tried to 'battle' with Cowell. As far as I learnt from the show, usually the American votes sometimes based on Cowell's comments. Cook should know Cowell very well by now (I mean, after 6 seasons). He is the type of a person giving direct but constructive critiques. So just take and swallow them!

And by the way, they always say Luke Menard looks like Hugh Jackman. But to me, he looks like Orlando Bloom ;)

After tonight's performance, I think Jason Yeager and Danny Noriega will leave. But who knows it could be David Cook leaving. We will wait and see. Stay tuned!

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Garrette Haley & Amy Davis

Joanne Borgella & Colton Berry

I thought Garrette Haley could stay another week but then I was wrong. I know his vocal is forgettable but not his 'girlish' looks :). Amy Davis is expected to leave as she sounded so dull last night. She just doesn't have the x-factor.

Joanne Borgella was much better compare to Brooke White last night but she got the axed instead. Maybe Americans has different taste this year. As for Colton Berry, I kinda enjoyed his Suspicious Mind and thinking he is safe for another week or two. And again, Americans voted and they said goodbye to him.

20 contestants left and they will perform again next week. Stay tuned on Star World! Oops and by the way, I love Paula Abdul's new videoclip. She sounded like Britney Spears :)

In the meantime, check this link out for your leisure reading.

Here's an update of the One in a Million season 2:

Ab has just been eliminated. The Sabahans left the show one by one. We only now have Ayu - the last standing Sabahan. And guess what? She's competing with 2 professional singers. No wonder she was so nervous tonight. The Ramlah Ram and Siti Nurhaliza's song were not for her. Based on her performanced tonight she's out of the league. But votes can definitely change her fate. So people, vote for her as she is our last hope!

The guys sang last night and the ladies just finished theirs just now. They did songs from the 60's. After watching 24 of them took the stage, I predict the winner of this season would be a guy. Opps too early to judge right :) Well, it's only my prediction. Most of the contestants can sing. But only the outstanding ones would be remembered. But then, it's up to the Americans to vote.

I like David Archuleta but it was Jason Castro caught my attention last night. Singing while playing guitar was something new in this season. Jason Yeager's Moon River also touched me. Is Jason a single parent? I'll search for the info next time. But his son looks like Leonardo Di Caprio when he was young.
Danny Noriega reminds me of Sanjaya Malakar :) But their difference is their attitude. Danny was making faces upon hearing Cowell's comments. He couldn't take his comments positively. He can leave the American Idol for all I care.

I think Luke Menard can try acting if he fails to be a singer. He has the looks. And his eyes are sexy...yummy! Jason Castro's eyes too :)
Is Michael Johns really good? To me it was just a so-so performance. Nothing outstanding about him except that he was Australian before.

The girls' performances were a little bit dull and boring. Except one or two the rest are forgettable. I thought Kady Malloy did a very good job but to my surprise all the three judges didn't agree with my thoughts. But I think she will through to the next round. Ramiele Malubay and Asia'h Epperson were okay and I am really looking forward for their next performance.

Alaina (L) Carrie (R)

Alaina Whitaker, the youngest contestant will celebrate her birthday, tomorrow with a special gift - which is, she won't be eliminated, I hope hehe. She looks like Carrie Underwood. Anyone agree with me?

So, who will be eliminated? My guess are, David Hernandez (there are too many David hehe) and Chikezie. But who knows, it could be Garrett Haley.
As for the girls, I'm guessing it would be Amy Davis and Brooke White. Kristy Lee Cook wasn't good but I hope she's staying.

They have revealed the Top 24 last week. We will see them perform this week (I hope) and I will choose whom I will root for after they performed

But my instinct, this boy aged 17, David Archuleta will through to final 12

I am also waiting for Kady Malloy's (18), performance. I like her since her audition.

Being an Asian, I am also going for Ramiele Malubay, 20

But what saddened me was the elimination of a very talented young boy Josiah Leming. Cowell said, over confident isn't good for him. But I think this boy can go far, now that he's been exposed in American Idol

The Champion of The Amazing Race Asia Season 2, Adrian & Collin of Singapore - Congratulations boys!

Vanessa & Pamela Chong of Malaysia took the second place - Bravo girls!

Marc & Rovilson of the Philippines were in third place, good job guys!

The proud teams of Amazing Race Asia Season 2 with Allan

To all TARA fans, see you in Season 3!!

Who will win The Amazing Race Asia Season 2? Who will bring home the USD100,000.00? Would it be the Philippines, or maybe the Singaporeans or the underdog Malaysians' team? Well, whoever it might be, we will find out tomorrow's night on AXN.

Being at the top three is good enough for Pamela and Vanessa Chong. If they can come on second, it would be a bonus. But if they can win the Race, it would be extra-ordinary amazing! Although, racing underdog, I'm still counting on them - Go Malaysians team! Go Pam! Go Van! Make us proud of you!

pic credit to : Raggededge (a forummer on TARA-AXN)

Vanessa & Rovilson are currently racing on The Amazing Race Asia 2. Catch them on AXN.

Wishing everybody a very
Happy & Prosperous New Year!!

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I've been waiting patiently of Linda Nanuwil's Official Website. She should have her own website since she graduated from AF2 but maybe during that time nobody dare to create one for her. I love to do it but unfortunately I don't have the talent (sigh).

End of last year, I heard rumours that Linda will have a new website which is under constructions. And then, Linda confirmed this when she was a guest at HotFM last few weeks.

So, check it out. It will definitely coming out soon! Click Linda

  • "Please, don't eliminate us!" Paula & Natasha begged. If it was another a non-elimination leg I would be pissed off! But I knew that they would be eliminated. How? I actually checked the Astro Guide :) Somebody is also going home next week as February 14th (Valentine's Day) is the finale.
  • Luckily the Singaporeans didn't give up counting the vertical bars at the bridge. They won the Fast Forward and proceeded to the Pit Stop. And the best part was, they wrote something in Chinese to which the Filipinos couldn't understand. Well it's an advantage. Just like Christina on TAR12 who speaks Japanese fluently. It's a bonus actually.

  • The winning numbers at the Fast Forward was 2377. The Filipinos guys keyed-in 2376. Almost there guys!
  • If I were Pam & Van, I wouldn't dream of doing the Fast Forward especially if you are not the first team to leave. Fortunately they saw the sign "Fast Forward has been taken'. They moved on.

  • "You looked confuse, I better do it" said Pam to Van on who was going for the Roadblock. Good decision Pam!
  • Why was Van looked so surprised when they found the rabbit? Could it be, they didn't read their clue properly (again!) that they need to find a rabbit in exchanged of their clue?? (sigh)
  • I'll definitely choose the Rubix Cube if I was in the Race :) It's kacang one! Well, as expected, Vanessa doesn't know how to do the cube. So, they went to the other Detour - Say It. Well it looked fun and fortunately there were a group of tourist around and helped the sisters in pronouncing the Hungarian names.

  • True to what Rovilson predicted, Diane was so angry that they were yielded by the boys. And Ann kept on saying "it's okay, it's okay, we will make it".
  • Look at Ann's necklace. It's Quantum Pendant. I also have one. Bought it around RM700.00. By wearing the pendant, it is believe that it increases energy, enhances immune and endocrine systems, helps to fight cancer cells and will have a better focus and concentration. Malek Noor (Body Builder), Shalin Zulkifli (Bowling) and Foo Kok Keong (Badminton) are among those who are wearing this pendant. Opps! out of topic hehe. Anyone who is interested, just let me know ;)

  • The Result are, Singaporeans, Filipinos, Malaysians, Malaysians. Who will be eliminated next? And who will be in the final 3? One thing for sure, ONE Malaysians team is confirm in the final 3 :) Who it might be? Stay tuned on AXN next Thursday at 9.00pm.