After watching last night's performances
I think Jasmine Murray screwed it up

My choice would be

Adam Lambert (definitely)
Megan Joy Corkrey (i'm just putting my fingers cross)


Allison Iraheta (thanks to her back-up singers!!)

Oh and by the way, I'm also giving suggestions here

Jeanine Vailes

(Please go and see Tyra Banks. You really have nice legs and lips, I think you will success in modelling and who knows, you could be the America's Next Top Model)

Nick Mitchell

(Ohh purrlizzz...go and audition yourself at Last Comic Standing
or America's Got Talent)

Results will be tonight
only on Star World

Adam Lambert is singing tomorrow night

same goes to Megan Corkrey

I hope both of them perform well
and also to Jasmine too

Let's watch at Star World!!

ps. Have a Blessed Ash Wednesday

Where have I been?
What did I do?
How come I didn't know that the Race is on?

Well, actually
I don't watch TV nowadays
been busy! tired! sleepy! ~ beat me!!

While waiting for my washing machine
spinning doing the work
I 'played' with the TV's remote
I 'info' here and there, and guess what I found?
It's the Amazing Race 14 on AXN!!!
I missed the first episode, oh well!

So far, they've eliminated

Jennifer & Preston


Linda & Steve

when I checked CBS
I think I'll follow

Margie Adams and her son Luke


Tammy Jih and her brother Victor

I'll definitely won't miss next week!


As I didn't have any program last night
I watched the final of My Starz LG on TV3

there was something lacked on this show
I didn't get excited
could it be the final 4 contestants lacked of aura?
or the judges maybe?
or perhaps the presenter? especially Nas ~ he was so boring :(
or was it me?
well, to tell you the truth, I didn't follow this show LOL
so blame it on me!!

The reason I stayed and watched was because of Hairi
he is from Sabah, so to support Sabahan is a must :)
unfortunately, he did a 'so-so' performance
but I did enjoy Fiq though hehehe

The winner
Wana from Johor

2nd place
Nashrin from Penang

3rd place
Cassie from Kuching

and our Hairi took the last spot

pic above was taken from NST Online

I'm a fan! I'm a fan! ;)
Elizabeth A. Chin @ Esther

during the first concert last night
she sang Better in Time
it's a BIG song from Leona Lewis
but Esther nailed it with her own style!

for the first time (I think)
they awarded immunity to Esther
it means, she is safe!
she is through to the next concert
keep your money guys for the next round :)

more about Esther
click here

pic above taken from mstar

The first 12 contestants
performed live for the first time

The theme for the night was
Hits from Billboard

America will choose 3 contestants
to move to the next round

I hope they will choose

Alexis Grace

Danny Gokey

Ricky Braddy

I missed the show. Noey sms'ed me to inform me about the show. When I turned on the TV, it was Fitri with his fashion.

Again, the repeat on Saturday, Noey sms'ed me but I was in Donggongon having breakfast :) What a bad luck.

Fortunately, dBos had it videoed. Thanks dB for making my day. So to those of you who missed this show click dBos-fm. Enjoy!



Sogoh tagged me :)
I nearly forgot to do this
sorry Sogoh for the delay

Here it goes ~~

1. Write your name, username, nickname...
2. Write anything using either your right or left hand (I'm a right-handed person)
3. Tell us your most favourite alphabets
4. What's your less favourite alphabets
5. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
6. Tag anyone you like


Saya orang Sabah tapi kenapa saya posting pasal kejayaan budak dari Kedah dalam sukan Squash? Pelik? hehehe

Sebenarnya, artikel di atas telah menarik perhatian saya kerana salah seorang budak yang bermain cemerlang iaitu Aika Azman, adalah anak kepada seorang kawan saya, Puan Anis Haniza yang berasal dari Kedah. Anak-anak beliau cemerlang dalam sukan Squash. Malah semua anaknya berkecimpung dalam sukan ini. Apa yang penting, kawan saya ini adalah seorang ibu yang cekal dan sabar menemani anak-anaknya yang sering bermain Squash di seluruh negeri. Beliau sanggup mengambil cuti beberapa hari untuk menghantar anak-anaknya sambil memberi semangat kepada mereka.

Mereka ini adalah pelapis kepada Pemain Squash Nombor 1 di Dunia iaitu Datuk Nicole David yang berasal dari Pulau Pinang. Dari Sabah bila lagi?

Semoga anak-anak Puan Anis kekalkan prestasi cemerlang dan sentiasa berjaya!

ps. will blog on American Idol 8 soon.....

Alexis Cohen in the house :)
she never gives up
she came again this year to try her luck
she is still OFF KEY!
I think, her main reason to go for the audition is
to be

there's a girl in Puerto Rico
I didn't get her name and I couldn't find her pics in Idol
she is 16 years old
she came with her little brother
Randy and Kara dismissed her
but Paula and Simon
gave her another chance
I like this girl!

Let's find out how she did in Hollywood!

"Hello...good evening everybody"
that was Nadal's first line during his acceptance speech

Roger Federer
7-5, 3-6, 7-6, 3-6, 6-2

to claim
The Australian Open Championship

congrats to you RAFA!


RF was in tears. He said he was too emotional. Maybe he was so disappointed he didn't make history! Rafa comforted him by saying, he still has chances to claim his 14th grand slams and wishes him good luck. That should be the way, Melbourne is not the end. There is still French, Wimbledon and USA open.

Serena Williams back to World No. 1 rank
after beating Dinara Safina 6-0, 6-3
in Women's Single Final

Twins, Bob and Mike Bryan of the USA
claimed the Men's Doubles title

Mixed Doubles title belongs to
Sania Mirza & Mahesh Bhupati of India

The Williams sister with their trophy
they won the Women's Doubles title

After showing a quality tennis game
during the semi-finals against Fernando Verdasco
Rafael Nadal of Spain
will now face
Roger Federer of Switzerland
in the
Men's Single Final

The best man will win!