A Blessed Christmas to everyone!
May God Bless us all today and always!

From New Zealand teams flew to Singapore. When Singapore was mentioned, my thoughts goes for Melody and Sharon. Too bad they were already eliminated. If not, they should be proud of coming home!

But what a stop at Singapore! They only had a brief stop there just to wash a car!

From Singapore, teams proceeded to Bangkok, Thailand. From my point of view, unless it was stated in their clue which airlines they should go, teams should know that they've to take Air Asia :D That was why they were instructed to go to Terminal 2. JZ team nearly missed the flight just because of the misunderstanding.

In Thailand, JZ helped Andrew and Syeon where to find the clue box - how helpful the Malaysian were but of course they were only helping their fellow Malaysians :P And gosh Syeon! What a bad timing to go to the toilet :)

Why did the producers chose the Pig Memorial Monument when it is not even popular among the local? I was growing tired when teams kept on 'oink oink' asking the locals for the direction to this monument.

This is the first time, I feel so relieft to hear that it was another a non-elimination leg. Why? Because JZ team were the last one to arrive at the Pit Stop. Lucky for the girls. I hope they won't be eliminated so soon as they are the only two females team left. As for Andrew & Syeon - keep it up guyz. Go for final 3!

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The Birthday boy - Xander
(22nd December 2006)

Xander on cutting his 1 year birthday cake with his cousins
of course

Xander's Birthday Cake - yummy..delicious
sempat sia tapau bawa pulang :)

May God Bless you always Xander and be a good boy, ok
'tut tut tut tut ut'

The remaining teams were still in New Zealand.

How glad I was when Andy was caught speeding! I wonder how much they paid their fine. It was heard Andy tried to negotiate the fine. Did he pay for it?

In Detour, one of the tasks was doing a ledge swing. Again, Sahran was the focus! I'm beginning to get bored with this man. Melody is ten times better than him. I am getting fed up with Sahran's fear of heights. What's the use of joining TARA if he doesn't dare to overcome his fear!

It was heard M&M telling Andrew & Syeon not to do the ledge as it was scary (described by M&M). Luckily Andrew & Syeon ignored their warning and went ahead for the swing. Later in the car, M&M heard saying "luckily we did the ledge coz it was faster to finish" I smell fishy here!

In Roadblock - another bungee jumping! I just can't believe it. Nevermind. At least we can see how Melody overcome her fear. Bravo Melody! You were out of the Race with pride!

JZ teams (the only 2 females team) came in third with Andrew & Syeon in fourth place. Go Malaysia Go!

I want to see the SaHo team going home in the next Race...hopefully :) Stay tuned on AXN tomorrow nite!

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Opening their clue, the final 3 teams realized that their next destination was Paris, France. The final Roadblock of the race was a skydiving and a Detour which was between Art and Fashion. All teams chose Fashion. I had a good laughed when the Designer said 'No, no, no, no' to all teams. The models finished first at the Detour. Art seemed to be a better task to do but maybe they were afraid to get lost in the streets of Paris.

And that's it. Apart from the roadblock and detour, the rest of the show was all about airport, train station and taxi. If you are lucky you will get the earliest flight and also get a good taxi driver. The Single moms hope to win the race was shattered when they couldn't get seats to New York. And it was because one single mistake they made - poor decision!

When Tyler said "say your deepest prayers ever" I can really see James praying! And with that prayer, they managed to get the last seats to the Big Apple. So you see, prayer is very helpful too :) If I have the chance to interview these models, I'll probably ask James what was he asked in his prayers :D

And from there onwards, luck was with the models. Their driver had an E-Z Pass which made them in a lead. The final PIT STOP of the Race was at St. Basil's Academy in Garrison, New York where Phil crowned Tyler Denk and James Branaman the official winners of The Amazing Race season 10 and won themselves a million dollars! And this is the first time ever happened in TAR where the winners were allowed to call their families at the finish line. This is where we heard Tyler's mom exclaimed "It's a miracle!" Yes, it's a miracle indeed!
Rob and Kimberly crossed the finish line in second place. Lyn & Karlyn claimed the third place.

Facts of TAR10:
The first ever in final 3 where we have 3 gender combinations, two men, a man & a woman and two women.
The Models arrived first in the 1st leg and in the final leg.

My personal findings:
I was expecting a 2-hour finale like previous seasons but then, it was only an hour show.
The finale was lack of challenge and it was nearly boring.
My favourite finales were TAR8 & 9.
The teams raced neck to nect but the only made difference was who will catch the earliest flight or available seats.

We already have winners of TAR10. Let's just wait for The Amazing Race - All Stars! Be Real - ciao!

The teams proceeded to Auckland, New Zealand. The hometown of Sandy. I thought at first this could be advantage for the HongKong team. But then, I was wrong :) They just couldn't locate the child in a swing. I must give credit to Syeon who found the child first. Lucky for them!

I hate to see Andrew & Syeon quitting the first task they chose in Detour - Rigging. This was the second time they were quitting. Come on guyz it will cost you if you keep on doing that! At least JZ team continued doing theirs - and they did it!

When Andrew & Syeon decided to do the Rugby they nearly made a mistake by not reading their clue properly which is - they had to wear jersey.

I just can't believe it Andy & Laura, the injured one, came in first at the Pit Stop. Andrew & Syeon were team number two and JZ in third place. Go Malaysia! :)

As for Sahil & Prashant who broke the rules by taking a ride from private cars - you deserved to be eliminated men! You just can't pretend that you didn't know the rules. How come other teams know the rules and you weren't. I still think that this team deliberately broke the rules as they were too tired to walk! They even heard saying to the Singaporeans "don't tell". Crazy! The crews were with them all the time. How do you think Allan knows that they didn't follow the rules?!!

I thought this Indian team can make it to the finals but watching their performance from leg to leg they actually made many mistakes and ignorant too. Just as I blogged before the Race started, in the Race it's not only physical, but intelligence is important too. Now the Indian team, whom I thought the strongest in the first place, is gone I hope the Malaysian teams can make it to the finals. I am still rooting for Andrew & Syeon and of course JZ too.

The editing of the show still made me dizzy! Allan is getting better. Again no prize for the winner of the leg. Howard and Sahran were the fortunate so far. Hmm I hope this team will be the next to go :p Whoever is going home let's just sit tight and watch The Amazing Race Asia on AXN tomorrow nite!

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Bestnya dapat coklat! Bukan calang-calang coklat. Chocolate made from Swiss. Brand dia Lindt. Nama dia mirip-mirip nama Linda :D Linda bukan sebarang Linda but the one and only Linda Nanuwil!

Thank you Cath for the chocolates! Because of you...... sehari semalam saya miring. Tidur tidak lena, mandi tak basah & makan tak kenyang hahahaha. Do I have to mention the reason I miring? No need lah bah kan. You know I know saja lah :)

You gave us the best 'Christmas present'. Macam santarina pula :) I will treasure them forever and ever. Eh, bukan tu coklat, itu coklat sudah habis pun kami makan. Mana boleh simpan coklat tu forever hehehe But you know what I meant bah kan.

Thanks once again Cath! You are the best!

The teams were in Barcelona, Spain.

At the Roadblock, the Beauty Queens told thier local guide not to tell Rob the location of the cooking stall. I remember the last time when the Single Moms did the same when they were in Kuwait which made the BQ pissed off. Dustin comments were "It's tough when you've the sistas who are being big pigs & taking all the help. I want to kick their butts"

The BQ had a heart asking the models team to let them step on the mat before them, to which Tyler replied "you don't have enough faith in your game?" Wowww..I'm speechless :)

Kandice heard saying "everyone is against us". It was so unmistakeable that all teams don't like the BQ. Because they are competitive, that's why.

The BQ also heard saying "copycats. they do whatever we do something". Well, I think everyone has brains too!

Rob & Kimberly didn't know how to have fun while doing their Detour. But I had a good laugh. I enjoyed seeing the locals throwing tomatoes unto Rob & Kim.

I also laughed to see the models doing the other Detour. Especially when Tyler said "I'm such a hot giant chick right now" :D

Rob and Kimberly won this leg. And of course the BQ has been eliminated. They tried hard but other teams also did well. No luck you two!

The finale will be on monday night. Who will win the million dollars? I hope the remaining 6 packs will win in honour of their other alliance who has been eliminated earlier. The models second and dating couple in third. If the single moms win, they would make the first all female team winning the Race. Whoever it is, let's just sit and watch. I just can't wait!

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Good news!

CBS has confirmed that The Amazing Race's 11th edition will be an all-stars. Teams were selected from earlier seasons. It was speculated on the net that they've began production and expected to premiere early 2007. I can't wait hehehe

But CBS has not revealed who and who are in. I am hoping a few of my favourite teams will be chosen. They should choose those who didn't win the million dollars. The winners of the previous seasons had their chance. So give chance to other teams!

If I were to ask to choose which team should be in, this would be my list:

Kevin & Drew (fraternity brothers) or Nancy & Emily (mother & daughter) from Season 1

Blake & Paige (brother & sister) from Season 2

Derek & Drew (models & twin brothers) from Season 3

Jon & Al (best friends & clowns) or Kelly & Jon (engaged) from Season 4

Charla & Mirna (cousins) from Season 5

Lori & Bolo (married & pro wrestlers) or Lena & Kristy (sisters) from Season 6

Rob & Amber (married) from Season 7

Bill & Tammy (of the Gaghan family) from Season 8

Wanda & Desiree (mother & daughter) from Season 9

Erwin & Godwin (brothers) from Season 10

Whoever are chosen, let's just wait and see and enjoy the show. It will definitely entertain me as all faces are familiar. :)

I won't waste time to do recap on the last Race as it can be found anywhere in the net. So what I want to do is just to give my own findings on the recent Race.

All teams who didn't complete their Roadblock in episode 3 were penalised and started the Race four hours later from the first team. Sri Lankan team departed first and yet arrived last at the Pit Stop. Andrew & Syeon were the last team to depart and they became the first team to arrive in this leg.

Who knocked JJ at the airport? What so funny about that Mr Prashant? Maybe it was you who pushed her!

If I was to choose the Detour, I'll definitely go for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was more fun than the shrimp :)

JZ team thought they were only need to peel off 14 prawns. Next time, read your clue girls!

By the way, who is Mrs McQuarie? She must be somebody famous in Australia.

'Click Go the Shears' seemed interesting. Australian people were helpful including one briton :)

No prize to the winner of this leg? Ohh dear Andrew & Syeon should get one!

Howard forfeited the Roadblock task and penalised but in the end, his team is still in the Race as it was ANOTHER a non-elimination leg. To me, it was unacceptable. They should be eliminated unless of course if they completed all tasks. But they failed and given a chance to continue the Race? This is my worst nightmare. It's spoiled my mood!

Last but not the least, I was supposed to be rooting my favourite team, Andrew & Syeon but since the filming of the show was not properly done and with a very poor editing, it gave me headache!

Anyway, let's see if there's any improvement in the next Race! Somebody is definitely going home next week!

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From Ukraine, teams need to fly to Morocco. Arrived there, they had to search for an antique shop where they had to choose a good luck charms and received their next clue.

Their next clue was a Roadblock where teams were to do a gladiators by racing horse chariots. While racing, they had to pull two flags that match the colour of their horse. There was also a yield in this Race. And as expected, the Beauty Queens yielded the single moms. Upon completing the Roadblock, teams then instructed to drive to Idelssan and search for Cafe La Pirgola.

Teams then received their Detour clue, a Throw It or Grind It. In Throw It, teams need to do clay pots. In Grind It, teams had to grind olives. All teams chose to do Grind It. At least one team from The Amazing Race Asia took the challenge and did the pottery :) Well, the single moms was heard quoted "I did pottery before and it's tough!"

After completing their Detour, teams then drove to Marrakech the Pit Stop of the Race. Tyler & James who is getting stronger and stronger arrived first and won themselves Sprint Treos with a free year of service. The single moms came in second, followed by Rob & Kim. The Beauty Queens arrived in last place and as I expected it was another a non-elimination leg. The BQ are safe for now as they are marked for elimination in the next Race! Which I think will be tough for them.
My findings:
Bad omen began for the BQ when they missed their connecting flight.

They were also felt threat when locals surrounded them when the taxi they paid stopped asking for directions.

They yielded the single moms which I think unnecessary. In TAR9 BJ & Tyler yielded MoJo team, ended last team to arrive. Which was also unnecessary during that time.

The BQ noticed Rob & Kim had a flat tyre but chose not to tell them. To me, it was no harm just to tell them that they had a flat and proceeded to where they are going. They were not forced to lend a hand unless you are the Cho brothers :)

The BQ in this Race had a bad navigation & decision. Everything seemed wrong for them. Were they too confident?

With all that, I think that's the reason for them to come in last place. I know it was a Race but don't be too mean just for the sake of winning.