For the first time, I'm satisfied and relief! After 16 seasons, The American version of The Amazing Race finally created history where, all female team won the Race. Big applause to Doctors, Nat Strand and Kat Chang!

To make it more memorable, second place is also won by an all female team, Brook and Claire. Good job girls! I predicted them to take the third place. Jill and Thomas took the third placing instead. In the beginning of the Race, this team (Jill and Thomas) did a good job but they flopped when they took an un-corporating taxi driver. What the heck! They are in the United States and it seemed that the driver couldn't understand English!! In this case, Asian taxi drivers like in Hong Kong and South Korea are better than them. All Jill and Thomas wanted were an internet service. and the driver kept on saying that his taxi has GPS! What a joke! From here, I knew Jill and Thomas would be left behind. A few minutes behind from the other teams could make a lot of different. Anyhow, Jill and Thomas already created history where they were the first team to win the Express Pass which is first introduced by the production in this season's race.

In this final leg, I LOVE the Identify the Greeters challenge. This challenge is to test your knowledge and memory in a crucial time. At least, the Greeters were there (Pit Stop) for nothing. Racers should acknowledged them too. I'm glad Nat and Kat made notes on every leg of the race and that's why they don't have problem to identify the greeters. A lesson to learn for all the would-be racers!

The Amazing Race 17th season officially closed. Can't wait for the next one. I found out that the next season will be filmed in High Definition! Bravo! Love to see the race around the world in high-tech!

This is the place I almost visited early November. Last minutes, I was informed the tour group is fully-booked. My friend went and I was left behind. To my consolation, my friend bought me a Korean key-chain ;) Hopefully, I can visit South Korea in the future, well, after their 'war' ended I suppose :)

Ok, back to the Amazing Race! The four remaining teams were instructed to fly to South Korea. Due to their 6-hour penalty, Nick and Vicki were left far behind and they didn't catch up the flight which took the other teams to South Korea.

In the Roadblock, one team member must look for a similar headband worn by hundreds of soldiers who were training taekwondo to get their next clue.

In Detour, it was a choice between Full Throttle or Full Bottle. Between this tasks, I would definitely chose Full Bottle coz in Full Throttle, teams were asked to skate 24 laps!! I never skate in my life and how could I possibly do the task. In Full Bottle, teams were asked to deliver 6 glass bottles to a designated place without breaking any of them and later drink a bottle of ginseng. I'm sure ginseng would energize the teams LoL

There were almost no show of Nick and Vicki throughout the race. They were only seen doing their Speed Bump which was to clean a big army truck. I don't even know whether they completed the rest of the tasks. After the Speed Bump, they appeared in the Pit Stop. And as expected, they were eliminated from the Race.

The final three teams are Jill and Thomas, the first team announced to be in the finals. Brook and Claire, who were initially arrived first at the Pit Stop but were penalized for taking a cab to their Detour location and this made them taking the second place. And finally, the Doctors Kat and Nat.

Who would win the million dollars??

My prediction are:

1st - Kat and Nat

2nd - Jill and Thomas

3rd - Brook and Claire

I hope this time, the Amazing Race would finally making a history - an all females team to win the Race! Fingers-crossed!

one of my favourite food

Oh yes. All the remaining teams went to Hong Kong. I've been there last March this year. This is the second place after London they went which I visited this year. And how come I didn't stumble with them :(

Bruce Lee!

My first stop at Hong Kong was at the Avenue of Stars. When teams were instructed to go there, I'm sure they will pass Bruce Lee's statue. It's not only they passed, the clue box was actually put near the statue. I was there! I was there!

this one too, yummy!!

How could Vicki hates the food. To my experience, Hong Kong has the best food. Expensive but delicious ;) That's what they did in Roadblock. Teams must identify fake foods to get their next clue. Vicki had problem in here. I was just thinking, if she hates Chinese food that much, then how come she volunteered doing the task?

In Detour, it was choice between Ding Ding or Sampan. Both tasks are tough especially if are you doing it in night time. In Ding Ding, teams must ride a Tram and and look for signs 'Pit Stop', 'Statue' and 'Square'. Only Jill and Thomas tried this but eventually failed to spot the signs. In Sampan, teams must use Sampan (boat) and look for registration number matching to the number on their bird cage. Nick and Vicki abandoned this task. This made them the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop. But lucky for them, it was a non-elimination leg and they were safe.

Although Nick and Vicki are safe, I'm sure they will be the next team to be eliminated. They were penalized for 6 hours which to be incurred in the beginning of the next leg. Furthermore, they need to do a Speed Bump too. So, I'm almost certain, it's time to say goodbye to this team.

By the way, I forgot to mention Nick's rudeness to Vicki. When Vicki told him she had an asthma, Nick was not helpful at all. All he cares was the race. Sorry to tell you Nick, but the most important thing in the Amazing Race is team work and unity!