In this leg, teams enjoying themselves in riding. One is Sled Dog on Roadblock, where they go for a ride which is pulled by a bunch of dogs, to collect five different flags and the other one is in Detour where they have to race down a mountain using TechSled.

Kevin and his dad had to do Speed Bump before they can continue their Race. They were asked to sit on chairs made of ice for 10 minutes! Lucky for them, it's the easiest Speed Bump I've ever seen. But I think it was cool :)

Jill and Thomas decided to use their Express Pass in this leg. I think it was a wise decision from them as they were the last team to arrive at the Detour. With that, they became the 5th team to arrive at the pit stop.

Connor and Jonathan were eliminated in this leg. And they dedicated an acappella rendition entitled "Amazing Race" in Amazing Grace tune.

The all girls teams so far were doing good. Could they make a history by winning this season? We have to wait and see.

Kevin with his dad

As usual, I enjoy watching The Amazing Race! Love this show very much ;)

Teams were still in Ghana. Again, teams do not read their clue properly. This is always happen in every season. One good example was during the Supply Depot. The clue clearly stated what or how many things you should bring but due to carelessness, they have to return again to get their missing supplies. Only one or two teams got it correct.

In the Detour, all teams except one couldn't find the decoder key on the Language Arts tasks and it was actually right around the corner! I was so pissed off for their ignorant. The other task which is Bicycle Parts is not new to me. I was proudly telling my son that I used to play that game during my childhood :)

The task I like most is the Geography class! Oh yes, this is my favourite. What I mean is I like this kind of tasks not that I'm good in Geography though LoL

Kevin and Michael were the last to arrive at the Pit Stop. Michael needed some medical assistance before he completed his task. I think it was due to the heat. He was dehydrated. I was like, oh no! not Kevin. I don't want him to go yet! And thank goodness, it was a non-elimination leg and they are safe. I like the way he encouraged his dad to go. He is a good son! I'm a fan of Kevin! He is a YouTube hero! I first came to know him when I watched YouTube by Ryan Higa. Search him on YouTube. He is popularly known as KevJumba.

Nobody is eliminated. It means, somebody must go tonight! Hopefully not Kevin as they have to do Speed Bump tonight.

Stay tuned people!

Usually when teams were doing task of selling something, it would always be easy because people like to be on TV so sometimes they are generous. They buy because they would appear on TV! But it was a different case in Ghana!. It was not that easy. Was it due to poverty in Ghana? But nonetheless, teams made it at last.

I like the Detour. A choice between to install a TV antenna or to bring a fantasy coffin! I would definitely choose the fantasy coffin. It was so unreal but unique. I could always choose my favourite coffin. If there is a guitar, I might choose it LoL!

Too bad for mother and daughter team, Andie and Jenna. They were eliminated in this leg. I'm not so sure where they did wrong. I think it's easy to blame the traffic in Ghana :)

Who would be the next victim? Stay tuned tonight, only on AXN!

The Amazing Race is back!! My life will be back to normal again LoL!!!! Tonight is the second leg of the Race. They had so far, eliminated a best friends couple, Ron and Tony.

In the first leg, I noticed that they introduced 'The Express Pass' - a winning gift to the team who arrived first. And it was won by a dating couple, Jill and Thomas. This pass can be used during the Race if they want to skip any task that they don't want to do. And it can only be used once during the Race which is only valid before Leg 8. Nice improvement TAR!!

Oh! one more thing, there is no married couple this season. Why oh why? But they have three dating couples, wow! And also they have a father/daughter, a father/son and a mother/daughter teams. I hope they do well in this Race. And speaking of the father/daughter team, the daughter was one of the contestants in Miss America 2010. Not only her, but they have two more beauty queens! Wow, amazing personalities in this season!

part of the Windsor Castle

Last but not least, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time ever they went to London! Oh yeah, London, I like it best. Been there last May! How I wish I met the teams there! They went to the Eastnor Castle, and I visited the Windsor Castle. Opps!, wrong castle ;) Well, who knows, one day, I may stumble with the TAR teams! Fingers crossed :D

So, who is going home tonight? Let's watch and find out. Stay tuned!