This is the first Majalah Nona (September edidition) I bought hehehe. I've been receiving many emails about this edition. What attract me to buy this magazine was the messages written by Tg Z's sons for their mother.

But I'm not reviewing the contents of this magazine. What I want to share here is the prize of this magazine. I was shocked to learn that this magazine cost me RM18.00!! To my dismay, when I checked the prize printed on the cover it was only RM11.90. I assumed this is Semenanjung's prize. But why it is sold RM18.00 here in Sabah??

Who should I blame? Myself, for buying it ignoring the prize? The supermarket, who is taking the advantage? or the Karangkraf who failed to print the suggested prize in Sabah/Sarawak?

Do I have to make a report? or just keep quiet and enjoy reading the magazine?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    u should check costing for sending to sabah n distribution for all shop in sabah n sarawak since their company is not in sabah or sarawak

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