American Idol chose British Invasion as their theme tonight. With the help of this week's guest mentors, Peter Noone and Lulu, each contestant performed a 1960's song. But not one of them chose Beatles. How I wish!

Haley began the show. And I just couldn't concentrate her singing :p I was looking at her legs! Then my eyes rolled to see her back. Naughty girl! But nice song she got there.

Chris R took the stage. Wow! I give him A+. He is my choice for tonight's show. Just take a look at this
(contributed by OhMyPadalecki in YouTube)

Stephanie's 'You don't have to say you love me' didn't impress me.

Blake Lewis was not bad. But Lakisha disappoint me this time. Phil was like imitating Chris Daughtry (AI5) but Phil is nothing compared to Daughtry.

I love Jordin. Infact she's the best for tonight's show. Oh dear Sanjaya. It's so easy to put you at the bottom 3. I just hope the little girl tears can move America to vote for you.

Gina rocks! But please, no more rock song next week if you are still around. Chris S also good. I enjoyed his 'She's Not There'. As usual, Melinda was the choice of the judges but not me. There's nothing special of this girl except her vocals. Her choice of song also boring. Frankly, I can't even remember her past performances :) And her 'naive-pretending' looks irritate me.

My bottom 3 would be Phil, Sanjaya & Stephanie. Let's find out the result tomorrow night on Star World!

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