After the double eliminations last week, the remaining contestants did a rock and roll tonight. But frankly, I wasn't moved. I found them boring. I found it even more boring when the judges were all in praise to all the contestant. Judges, are you sure you did the right thing?

Let's see what I saw and heard:

Jacob - I don't think this is the best for Jacob. But singing 'Man in the Mirror' is not easy either. So much so, I still think he won't go far. And telling to America of being in bottom three is not a wise idea at all.

Haley - I think she over-done the growling thing. Am still not a fan.

Casey - Not a memorable performance. I think my brother in law's version of 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain' is much better than him ;)

Lauren - Bad moves on choosing Aretha Franklin song. To sing her song, you must have big voice like Kelly Clarkson. Lauren is still immature to me. Oh please grow up!

James - He knows his game very well. When other contestants doing up-tempo songs, he chose a ballard-rock from the Beatles and he nailed it. I've been waiting for him to do other than fast number and he did it tonight!

Scotty - A Weird impersonation of Elvis and very corny too.

Pia - Relatively she rocked tonight. Vocal wise yes she nailed it but her performance wise, she did nothing. She made a safe move. I was expecting for her to move like James did in previous shows.

Stefano - "When a Man Loves a Woman" is one of my favourite songs. But I can't connect this song with Stefano. Something is missing. He is in danger unless of course all the teenage girls will vote for him like mad!

Paul - Jerky, Cocky, Corny and Crazy. But I think America loves him.

J-Lo & Steven - I'm getting tired of your 'amazing' and 'beautiful' comments. Get an idea!

My bottom three will be:


with Stefano leaving the Idol. I really wanted to choose Haley to go home but if this is happen, then we only have two females left and we don't want that to happen, yet!

Whatever it is, let's see who is going home tomorrow night.

2 Responses to "American Idol 10 - Rock the House"

  1. swity Says:

    hmmm..Pia mhrapkn Haley or jacob out dlu, xpa..Yg ptg james still da greatssssss..;p

  2. SciaS Says:

    saya x kesah siapa yg keluar...jangan saja si James hehehe

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