Two finalists took the Nokia Theater's stage.  With 7000 live fans cheering for their idols.  I was as nervous as the contestants :)

Jessica Sanchez (16) and Phillip Phillips (21) performed three songs each.  The first songs chosen by Simon Fuller, the second songs were the idols' favourites and the third songs were original songs written for them.

Round One

Jessica (I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston)
- I have no idea why Fuller chose this song.  This song has been done over and over again in Idol.  But Jessica nailed it, no doubt.

Phillip (Stand By Me by Ben E. King)
- Ridiculous!  Fuller chose a hard song for Jessica and a simple song for Phillip.  But never mind.  This song sounds boring by Phillip.  He was done less than two minutes!

WINNER : Jessica

Round Two

Jessica (The Prayer by Celine Dion)
- I almost forgot that this song belongs to Celine Dion!  This means, how good Jessica is.  Flawless!

Phillip (Moving Out by Billy Joel)
- If I'm telling you the truth, I am done with Phillip with his guitar!  I can't even remember how he sounded.  All I know is, he was performing with his guitar with gray or brown or black shirts.

WINNER : Jessica

Round Three

Jessica (Change Nothing)
- There's nothing wrong with this song!  I like it.  Of course when we first heard it as it is the first time performed live, it sounds weird but I tell you, in no time, everyone will like it. By the way, they didn't reveal who wrote this song, or did they?

Phillip (Home)
- I know why they give this song to him.  They probably predict him to win this competition and next year, this song would become the contestants goodbye song.  But like I said, there was nothing change in his performance.  Same old Phillip!  

WINNER : Jessica

There you go.  Am I bias? No.  Look again their performances and you will agree with me.  Jessica won it all.  BUT, I know they love Phillip ~ the producers, the judges, the mentor.

Fingers crossed, hopefully, I won't get disappointed again this year.  I'm done with contestants who depend too much with their guitar (David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McNeery to name a few).  And one of the most disappointing finale was in season 8.  It should be won by Adam Lambert!

So, once and for all, let it be a GIRL this time, please.  And that would be JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

My last note
I hope the producers forbid the judges to make a standing ovation during the finale next time.  It doesn't seem right.  They should forbid the judges to make prediction too.  I hate it.

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