Joshua is the first called by Ryan.  Iovine agreed with me.  There shouldn't be a standing ovation to his first performance.

Then, we saw a segment of Ice Age.  Followed by a boring performance from Lisa Marie Presley.  

Jessica is the next one.  Iovine admitted her first and third song were a mistake.  And who picked them?  The very professional people themselves!

Adam performed his new song, "Never Close Our Eyes".  A superb performance.  Can't get enough.  How nice if he sang two songs just like Coldplay did before.  I was very much disappointed too coz Ryan didn't interview him!

It was Phillip's turn being called to the centre stage.  Jimmy liked his own song choice for Phillip.  That lullaby song??  Oh no!

After the commercial break, it was time for the result.  I don't care who the other one, but all I want is Jessica.  And what a relieved when Ryan announced Jessica is in the final!  The other one is Phillip.  Not so surprising coz I know the girls love him.

There you are, the results revealed.  It would be Jessica versus Phillip.

I am hoping for an entertaining finale!

3 Responses to "American Idol 11 - Top 3 Eliminations"

  1. dBOS-fm Says:

    Quite surprising indeed that jesica is in the final (based on her ethnic background)...but later I found out Philipinos all over the world had been voting for her..yupp you can vote online and it's free (Global Free ka the website name)..the filipinos are actively campaigning I won't b surprised if she wins AI this season.

  2. SciaS Says:

    can we vote? hehehe

    I really want her to win. She has amazing voice for a girl who is just 16!

  3. dBOS-fm Says:

    Not sure...never try..teda masa (mesti complicated kali registration dia tu). Di website AI pun ada channel to vote.

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