Round 1 (Judges Selections)

Joshua (I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James - picked by Randy)
- Surprise! Surprise!  He got another standing ovation from the judges.  I saw JLo reluctant to stand though.  To me, it was just okay.  Nothing to wow about.

Jessica (My All by Mariah Carey - picked by JLo)
- I think JLo is trying to murder her by choosing this song for her.  I heard Jessica out of breath and she was munching her words.

Phillip (Beggin' by Madcon - picked by Steven)
- Not bad at all.

Round 2 (Idols Own Choice)

Joshua (Imagine by John Lennon)
- I prefer David Archuleta's.

Jessica (I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith)
- She got standing ovation from Steven himself.  It means, she did well.  

Phillip (Disease by Matchbox Twenty)
- I can't differentiate between the first song and this one.  It's the same to me.  But this one is boring.

Round 3 (Jimmy Iovine's Choice)

Joshua (No More Drama by Mary J. Blige)
- He had fun means he went all out with this song.  He should get standing ovation for this one and not the first song!

Jessica (I'll Be There by Jackson 5)
- Poor Jessica.  I didn't like it especially the low note.  Oh Jimmy, you really let me down.  Why oh why did you choose this song for her.  First, JLo with her choice and now Jimmy!  Is there no justice?  Or is this conspiracy??

Phillip (We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger)
- I agree with JLo.  It was a lullaby song and truthfully, I dozed off.  I was so nervous looking for him rubbing his leg.  Weird!  Is he so nervous??  

So, who is going to the finale?  Do you want a girl to win this time?  Then it would be Jessica.  Do you want another David Cook, Kris Allen or Scotty McCreery?  Then it would be Phillip. Or do you want another Taylor Hicks?  Then it would be Joshua.

My predictions is Joshua and Jessica.  Phillip can leave the competition anytime as they always say, many records would sign him up.

Tomorrow, we have Adam Lambert.  Oh yeah!  Go Adam!

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