Almost 70 millions voted.  Crazy!

Ryan called the remaining four one by one to the centre of the stage.  First, it was Phillips.  Jimmy Iovine was all in praise of him.  He was sent back to the couch which Phillips misunderstood for a while.  He thought he was already safe but actually not.  Ryan, your game is sucks!

Then, it was Hollie's turn.  Iovine said, she was crashed and burned!

David Cook performed "The Last Song I'll Write for You".  Funny, Ryan didn't interview him.

After Cook's performance, Ryan called Joshua.  Iovine didn't like his first song but thought his second song was something special.

Finally, Ryan called Jessica.  Again, Iovine didn't like her first song but said it was flawless and she murdered it on her second song.

JLO performed "Dance Again".  Did you all see her toy boy?  Trying to be romantic eh?

And then, the results.  Top three will be going home as hero and one is going home for good.  The first one who is safe is Jessica, followed by Joshua and Phillips.  That's the end of the road for Hollie.

We would be able to watch the top three homecoming.  I like this part.  And if they still using the same method, the three judges will choose songs for the top three to perform.  Let's see what would they be.

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