Rob and Amber (a.k.a. Romber) proved to the other teams that they are the team to watch! Departing from their Pit Stop, Romber found a small travel agency and secured a flight to Puerto Montt.

The Roadblock of this Race was to transfer fish from it's breeding tank to the other tank. Their clue revealed at the bottom of the tank. The Guido team didn't get the whole clue. Lucky for them cousins, Charla & Mirna told them the remaining clue, to which the Guido team was so grateful of their help.

Their Detour was between Vertical Limit or River Wild. All teams chose River Wild where teams had to complete a water rafting course.

Once again, for the third time, Rob and Amber stepped in first and won a home gym for each. David and Mary who missed their alliance, the Cho Brothers, had been eliminated from the Race as they lost their way to Petrohue.

I found out that the teams still having problem in navigating their ways. One team even carelessly didn't get the whole clue at Roadblock. Beauty Queens missed their Detour clue. Even Romber had a wrong turn to their Roadblock. All-stars shouldn't make such mistakes.

Eric and Danielle's low profile could be their advantage of moving on and who knows might win the Race. Charla and Mirna shouldn't act as they did at the ticket counter. I like both of them but please have a respect to other teams. First come first serves. Arguing with Teri and Ian was uncalled for.

Who will be eliminated next? Don't forget to stay tuned on AXN tomorrow night!

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