Melinda, Stephanie, Gina

Haley, Jordin, Lakisha

Sanjaya, Blake, Brandon

Chris R, Chris S, Phil

I was so close! When they first performed, I've already picked my top 12 out of 24. Click to this links AI6Male and AI6Female

I got it 9 out of 12. Well in fact it could be 10 coz I really want Sanjaya to go through. This boy definitely can sing but his choice of song sucks! I'll be rooting for him until his journey ends.

Antonella finally voted out. I think if they still keep her they won't leave her in peace. So it's good that she's gone home. What happened to Sabrina? If I were to choose between her and Haley, I'll pick Sabrina. But what do you expect? This is a reality show. Same goes to Sundance and Jared. America doesn't love them.

I can't wait for their next show. Do they really doing Diana Ross? Let's just wait and see!

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