Bila Rob & Amber sudah out macam tiada semangat saya mengikuti TAR lagi. Apa-apa pun, minat saya memang tebal. Sanggup ni tidak tinguk diari AF sebab mo tinguk TAR :P

Anyway, I still have Charla & Mirna and the Beauty Queens in the Race. I want one of the teams to win this race to make it the the first ever - all female team to win the US Amazing Race.

What's with the Guidos team? Why were they so mad at Eric & Danielle? Was it because Eric was trying to overtake the Guidos? That's it? Freaks! I'm not a fan of the Guidos team since TAR1 - weird team!

Smart rat! hahaha! In Roadblock, teams had to use a rat to find a race marker. I was so amazed of the rat's ability - well, they are trained rats actually. The cousins were the last team to leave from this Roadblock.

Colour or Coal was the Detour of this Race. If I were the team, I'll definitely choose colour. They were scared that the Africans might not interested to get their fingernails coloured. But they were wrong. This is a recorded Race. Everyone if possible wants to be on TV. They don't care if they have to pay for it. Remember Andrew & Syeon (TARA1) doing the shoe-shining in India? They had no problem shining seven pairs of shoes :) So, I must give credit to Charla & Mirna for choosing the painting nails. Well, I don't think they can the do the Coal task anyway :P

Upon completing the Detour, Charla & Mirna proceeded to the Pit Stop and they were ecstatic to learn that they were the first team to arrive. They won a holiday trip to Aruba. Beauty Queens and married couple who did the Colour task, arrived second and third respectively.

Uchenna & Joyce were the last team to arrive. I was already happy to see this team came in last. I don't mind if they were eliminated coz they already won the millions dollars in season 7. But to my dismay, it was a non-elimination leg of the Race. Urgghh! they were spared but they will be marked for the next race. They must come first otherwise a 30 minute penalty would be assessed on them.

Stay tuned on AXN!

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6 Responses to "The Amazing Race - All Stars Episode 5"

  1. ziah Says:

    hai scias...
    sayapun boring romber xde..saya sangka diorang boleh pegi final..
    BQpun macam boring je this season..
    i can feel charla n mirna will dominated lepas ni...boring..saya x suka diorang 2...
    masa season 10 rasa x sabar nak tunggu AR...malam ni rasa macam nak tengok diari af5 plak..ahaks...

  2. scias Says:

    helllu Ziah...lama ko x muncul..saya merindui komen ko pasal TAR hehehe

    saya rooting kedua2 team perempuan..tak kisah long as diorg menang dan bukan si joyce & uchenna

  3. ziah Says:

    hik..hik..x sangka ada yg rindu..
    ntahlah scias...x bersemangat plak nak komen2 pasal TA kali ni..
    kenapa ko x suka c unchenna n joyce?

  4. scias Says:

    i need ur comments on TAR juga bah..TARA season 2 offer dah tu..mari kita apply..ada berani? hehehe

    bukan benci sama joyce & uchenna...tapi kalo boleh sia x mo diorang menang lagi..diorg sudah menang di season 7 bah..kali peluang sama orang lain pulak dahh

  5. ziah Says:

    hiks...baik ko cari patner yg lain bah..saya x pandai swimming..2 kelemahan besar 2..kalo ko masuk aku akan sokong habis2an..AFUNDI SCIAS...
    ok saya akan comment dekat rvw ko di atas 2..

  6. scias Says:

    kelemahan saya pulak..tak pandai kayuh basikal..hahaha..camana tu?

    passport tu nggak ada..hehehe

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